Best of… Wrestling 2015

You’ll have us say this a lot today but the wrestling blogs are solely focusing on what we’ve REVIEWED during the year. That would be WWE and in part PWP and PWA:UK.

For the first of three blogs (we didn’t do tag teams this year for time reasons) we look at our favorite matches of 2015.

There is a top 5 for WWE and a top 5 for PWP/PWA:UK.

If I had more time I’d have done a better job. Sadly I’ve been in hospital recently and this had to be the best off the top of my head and we added Anna’s on the bottom because it made it seem better.

Next year though we hope to sort all our problems out and get it all done proper.

5. Intercontinental Championship Ladders Match @ Wrestlemania

What was Stardust’s ladder called? Starbird?

The match was just fun to watch to the point that it still is stuck in my head. Leading up to it people had kept stealing Barrett’s belt and it actually got me excited for the Intercontinental belt.

Unfortunately due to injuries the rest of the year the excitment died pretty fast but the ladder match was one of the most fun matches of the year with some brilliant moments in it including the death of a blinged up ladder.

A lot of the guys in the match haven’t really been used to their strengths this year but they are guys you can usually trust to make a good match.

4. Randy Orton vs Sheamus x100 this year

For the vast majority of the year since Sheamus returned if it looks like the PPV is going to run a little short or they don’t have enough interesting stories to tell they just seem to have decided to throw Sheamus and Orton together and have them beat the hell outta each other.

And it works.

Every time I enjoy watching them beat  each other up. Its the way Sheamus SHOULD be booked but unless its against Orton he hasn’t been booked that way which is the biggest problem.

Some of my favorite matches of the year have come from these two just being thrown together for no reason.

3. Sami Zayn vs John Cena(c)

His match against Cena would have been the springboard to a wonderful 2015 for Sami if he hadn’t gotten injured. The match was one giant Sami Zayn highlight reel and showed off exactly what he was made of.

It was a shame he got injured as I do think he would have been one of the superstars of the year this year. I’ve missed Sami and didn’t realize just how much until I saw he was returning.

Every single one of the US Open Challenges were a highlight of RAW, we got to see so many of the guys who don’t get enough credit at times showing just how good they are against Cena. Only one person did it better then Zayn.

2. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker @ Summerslam

It was Taker vs Lesnar, it was about the only story they managed to make me excited about all year and it lived up to the hype.

Come on it was a brilliant match.

1. Kevin Owens vs John Cena @ Elimination Chamber

The only Cena match better then Zayn’s was of course Kevin Owens. It saw him win on his debut on the main roster and was built up perfectly. Owens has just taken over really since his win and continued to do all the things that people loved him for in NXT just doing it even better.

His match against Cena was one of the best of the year, it showed off every single strength he has and really marked him as one of the guys to beat for the year. 2015 was the year of Owens and its a shame he’s lost his IC belt before the end of it. He can only get better for 2016.


Anna :
“I only went to a handful of events but you don’t know how hard it was to pick just 5 matches that I enjoyed. I’ve gone through all my reviews (with a very happy smile on my face) and think I’ve come up with my 5 highlights of the year.

I’m possibly going to more events just in the first three months of 2016 then I did in 2015 on the whole so next year I might need a top 20 and its own blog but for this year I’ve tried to whittle it down to 5. Underneath the top 5 I also have added other matches that I couldn’t not mention as well.” 

5. Tommy Dean / JD Knight / Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths vs Chris Andrews / Eddie Ryan / The Hurricane
(PWP Eye of the Hurricane)

Anna :
“So I’m not gonna lie this match was always going to be in my top whatever of the year. I’ve wrote a lot about how the Hurricane is and will always be one of my heroes, how I was devastated a few years back when I spent nearly every penny I had, got in trouble at work, to go to Portsmouth to see him wrestle just for him to cancel. I never thought I’d see him wrestle live and then PWP bring him to Plymouth.

Personally this is the wrestling match I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

That isn’t to say its just a personal reason because every other guy in the match are guys you all know I love. Having a short memory I didn’t remember enough of it to review it well enough (though I can relive it as they put it up online so go visit their website here : ) but it was the match that etched Eddie Ryan’s name into my brain (I’m sorry,) the first time I saw the others wrestle and the small amount of times I’ve been to see wrestling since they’ve all been just as brilliant.

Actually no its very personal because going to see one of my absolute heroes in wrestling since I was like 9 years old also managed to really introduce me to some of the guys who are probably gonna be the wrestlers I talk about like I talk about the Hurricane now in years to come (if that made sense.) Plus if he hadn’t been at this event I might never have gone to a PWP event which would have been a shame because man are their shows awesome! To the point that I already paid for tickets for their January show and have the tickets in my wallet safe for their return to Plymouth in February.”

4. Ultimo Tiger vs John Harding
(PWA:UK Anniversary Show)

Anna :
“The first time I saw Ultimo Tiger… He was so close to being in the top 10 wrestlers of 2015 blog but I could only pick one indie wrestler and he unfortunately missed out.

I loved this match. I actually remember the vast majority of it (or think I do) pretty clearly and it was back in April. 

It was really fun and fast paced and made me a instant fan of Ultimo Tiger… Who for some reason has in my head been nicknamed the Thundercat and I can’t remember why. 

If I’m honest most of the anniversary show was a highlight so its hard to pick just one match (and I didn’t, there are two) but this one was just amazing.”

3. UK Dominator vs Rhino vs Chris Andrews vs Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths(c)
(PWP Christmas Chaos 2)

Anna :
“Again there is probably a lot of personal reasons why I enjoyed the match. Been a fan of Rhino since I was 10(ish) and you can’t beat a match being wrestled basically inches away from you as it ended up outside the ring. The Lionhearts even made a appearance which, ya know, makes it more special.

I probably missed 50% of the match as I only had one set of eyes, I nearly completely missed the Lionhearts and didn’t understand why suddenly Eddie Ryan was in the ring at all. Still it was by far the most fun I’ve ever had.

It helped that I liked all four of the guys in the match. It tended to be whatever the UK Dominator was doing that I wasn’t watching, but I was actually bloody cheering and I don’t usually do that. I was so happy that Griffiths left with his belt and the fact that he’ll now face Saime Sahin for the belt makes me one hellva happy person.”

2. Eddie Ryan(c) vs Danny Walsh
(PWA:UK Anniversary Show) 

Anna :
“I’m not sure I need to say much more.

Already said a million times this year that for me Eddie Ryan and Danny Walsh are two of the best wrestlers I’ve had the pleasure of watching. It was the first time I saw them both and I hardly have any photos of the match because I was completely hooked on it from the moment they both came down to Danny’s speech at the end.

If I could choose anything to go back and relive this year, even if you throw in events I didn’t go to and gave me the chance to go see them too, I’d choose just this match. Other then obvious fangirling over James Storm when I’d calmed down this match really did overshadow the main event like you wouldn’t believe.

It was probably the best match of 2015.”

1. Danny Walsh(c) vs Tyler Hawke
(PWA:UK November Nightmare)

Anna :
“There are many reasons why I decided to go with this match over the one from the Anniversary show.

Mainly I guess I kind of saw the build up so waiting however long it was between the two shows to see Tyler face Danny after winning the number one contenders spot hyped it up in my mind more then the Ryan/Walsh match in April.

I can’t really say more then it was a damn good match. I think I’d only seen Hawke the month before so I guess I didn’t really know what to expect with him in a match where a good proportion of it wasn’t posing.

It was also a brilliant way to end 2015 for PWA and it was bloody brilliant.”

Final Thoughts :

Again we kind of cobbled together what we can remember. We didn’t get long to figure it all out and it isn’t really as easy as TV shows etc where you just go by the series as a whole.

We’ve seen hundreds of matches this year. Cesaro vs Cena was also another few matches worth mentioning, the big Superhero fight at Summerslam, the tag team Elimination Chamber match as well as the Tag Team Ladder match just this month at TLC. We went for the first five we could think of off the top of our heads and these were the five we came up with (the others kind of showed up whilst writing about them.)

Anna :
“I DIDN’T do that with my top 5, I haven’t been to that many events so it wasn’t too hard to look back over reviews of them. I don’t think that really helped though as my list contained a good 15 matches that I had to struggle to rank – I doubt anyone is going to understand why the match I think was the match of 2015 didn’t actually get the number one spot but there are reasons, mainly on a personal connection to the guys involved level.

Course every single match with either Eddie Ryan or Danny Walsh that I saw could be in the top 5, the Christmas Rumble I excluded as I just love Rumbles full stop but it was one of the best things in the world, the November match up against Harding and Krieger was bloody awesome as was just about any match I saw with Scotty Essex.”

I do think for 2016 we’re going to have to write notes as its obvious neither of us have a great memory……

As always leave comments below and let us know your favorite matches.


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