Best of… Male Wrestlers 2015

There was a lot of fighting over who to put in the top 10 and where they go. We think we came up with the best top 10 for us and guess who won the fight to name number 1 spot?

10. Neville

Neville has had a great year. Every time he’s in the ring he’s a sight to be seen. His high risk style makes him the most interesting person to watch right now. Seeing him wrestling in slow motion, flying through the air with such ease is one of the greatest joys of 2015.

Its a shame that after making such a great debut in the company and being so over with fans nothing really came of him in 2015. His feud with Stardust gave us the fun of seeing him team up with the Green Arrow at Summerslam in one of my favorite matches of 2015 but other then that there hasn’t been much on the plate of the young British wrestler.

Personally I really thought now is the time more then ever to push him on TV with so many big stars out but they still haven’t. Its sad but the impression his wrestling has made means that he’s always gonna be in our top 10.

9. Seth Rollins

He held the belt for the majority of 2015, he didn’t get anything to really sink his teeth into yet the second he gets injured I feel the loss of him on the roster more then any we’ve had at the end of the year.

And we’ve had many.

The reason he’s so low down is that as much as I enjoyed him as Champion his championship run was bogged down by the story of Roman Reigns, by half hearted story lines, by a glut of PPVs in the middle of the year and fans never really getting the Rollins in the ring we wanted to see.

Still his first run with the belt was a thing of beauty and he held his spot at the top of the company well. I miss him greatly and he’s a good heel. Hoping he comes back strong when he’s fully healed up.

8. Jay Lethal

He isn’t the only non-WWE guy in the list but the only one that more then a handful of people will know. Even though we don’t review ROH and haven’t mentioned Lethal at all during the year its hard to write a top 10 without putting him in there.

I do like a bit of Lethal and for one moment he was the only champion anyone was talking about as TNA and WWE were left without champions (Anna, who I read this to so she can edit parts in and out disagreed and said that Plymouth had Danny Walsh so kudos to him too) but he’s just been great all year.

7. Finn Balor

Its hard not to like Finn. I mean who doesn’t like the cool face paint at the Take Over events?

He’s been NXT champion for a while now and has had some great matches against guys like Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. His championship winning match in Japan was a highlight of 2015 and he’s gone from strength to strength since.

Again its hard not to like him. His social media presence just makes him look like the adorable dork you want as a best friend and he comes across as a real humble guy. They don’t try to force something he isn’t down your throat so you get a feel of having a real person fighting in front of you for his dream.

Aesthetically how many people haven’t tried to paint themselves up to look like Finn at least once this year? I still have facepaint on my back from trying his Take Over London look. He’s been a great champion and a great guy to get behind.

6. Damien Sandow

I miss him on the TV. I enjoyed everything he’s done when he’s been on TV.

Again one of the most over guys at a certain point this year and they did nothing with him. I can’t help but like the guy therefore he is there at number 6 and I won’t have my mind changed.

5. Big E

New Day has been one of the best things to happen to wrestling in a long time. They are hilarious.

Big E though is a future champion on his own. The guy is by far one of the most charismatic guys on the roster but he’s also one of the most interesting to watch wrestle. His strength as part of New Day is what sets them apart from the rest of the Tag division but WWE could do with both his charm and his ability in the main event.

That dancing though and giving us a reason to shout booty for no reason has made him one of the heroes of the page this year. Guy is seriously talented, amazingly fun and very deserving of a main event spot in the future.

4. Stardust

Yeah shoot us.

Fans might not like the Stardust gimmick but we personally allΒ love it and respect the work he’s putting into bringing the character alive. His promos all year have been highlights and he’s brought the best out of any feud he’s been given.

Thing is when he’s in the ring, talking backstage or doing whatever you want to cheer Cody at him or whatever. The guys presence is felt from the moment he walks out of the curtain or appears on screen. His promos are some of the most entertaining even if you don’t understand what he’s talking about. He’s a wonderful mix of his dad and his brother and you find yourself just enjoying having him around.

We kind of hope for bigger and better things for Stardust and his Cosmic Wasteland in 2016.

3. Cesaro

Was it at the beginning of the year or the end of last year when Cesaro made his heartfelt speech about creative not thinking he connects with the WWE Universe enough?

Because what a difference a year makes?

I wasn’t really buying the he doesn’t connect rubbish anyway. He made a splash with Tyson Kidd in the tag division during the beginning and middle of the year before Kidd was injured, people worried he’d be buried or would lose momentum but instead he became one of the most over guys in the WWE Universe with Cesaro Section signs all over the place.

The guy has had some incredible matches and its a shame his 2015 ended in injury as he could be a force right now. Looking forward to him coming back better then ever in 2016.

2. Kevin Owens

The only reason that Kevin Owens isn’t at number one is that in another Life Anna was a public speaker or something and when she gets real passionate about a cause its hard to say no to her. Not that she didn’t want Owens at number one herself but it won’t surprise you who we ended up putting at number one if you follow Anna’s blogs in any shape or form.

All through 2015 Owens has been the man to watch either in NXT or on the main roster. His matches against Cena were some of the best wrestling matches we’ve seen all year round, he’s a delight to see either in the ring, at the commentary table or in a interview backstage. You want to see Owens Fight, you wanna see him destroy his opponent and you don’t care that he doesn’t care because you love him for not caring.

Sure when you think of Wrestling you don’t think of guys like Kevin Owens but maybe you should because he’s by far one of the most talented guys in the world, every match he’s in is made better purely by his presence and you can just see how much he loves the business in everything he does. Why he isn’t the number one guy right now is beyond me because fans have taken to him like you wouldn’t believe. He might have only debuted earlier in the year but you can tell that he belongs right at the top of the mountain.

2016 I really do think will be the year of Owens and if it isn’t then they’ve missed out because every year should be the year of Owens.

1. Eddie Ryan

All joking aside, during the whole of the discussion for the top 10 there hasn’t been a single voice more passionate then Anna’s to put Eddie Ryan in the top 10.Β Anyone who actually reads anything she’s actually wrote about him in the five reviews she’s put up about him will see beyond the jokes and see that she actually appreciates his wrestling much more then the jokes about his boots or any of us poking fun at her because he’s good looking. As I’ve never seen him wrestle before I’ll give her the final words on him.

Anna :
“I said back in April, before any of the jokes or me being a fan of his, that his match vs Danny Walsh was worth the price of the ticket alone. I haven’t been to MANY shows this year but seeing I buy tickets for myself and my friend I’ve spent well over Β£50 this year to go see wrestling and every single event he’s been worth the money to go see alone. That is why by the third time I’d gone to see him wrestle I was a fan and its why I’m so vocal about being his fan.

The guy is awesome in the ring as both a singles competitor and a tag team wrestler. I’ve actually seen him more in tag team action then I have in singles action and usually that’s a six man tag match which is great because the fact he stands out as much as he does proves what I say about him. He’s been in some brilliant matches though his one against Danny is still probably my favourite, and I managed to get to November without anyone actually noticing I was a fan of his. After this one last bit I’m gonna have to pretend not to be his fan just to balance the last month out better.

I’ve had a shitty year but the knowledge at the end of the year that there is only x amount of days till I get to see PWA or PWP again and Eddie Ryan is gonna be there has made life much easier to handle. The guy is seriously one of the best wrestlers in the world and EVERY wrestling fan from all over the world I’ve talked to this year from April until now I’ve ALWAYS said if you ever come to England and see a show promoted that has Eddie Ryan (along with others… It isn’t just him he’s just the only one I get to put in the top ten) on the card GO AND SEE IT! It’ll be worth the price of the ticket to this country alone.Β 

And with Pete giving me money to go to Taunton in January, and tickets already booked for PWP’s return to Plymouth (and possibly by the time this is out tickets for their next Exeter show too) there will be much more about him at the beginning of 2016. Plus I will probably spend the majority of my money in 2016 travelling across the West-Country with my lovely Lionhearts t-shirt supporting him. And from someone who HATES spending money or travelling by train that is saying A LOT.”

Final Thoughts :

I kept saying we’d look at TNA and ROH during the year but with illnesses and stuff we never got around to it which was unfortunate. For WWE it hasn’t been the greatest year but its been a pretty good one regardless.

So many other wrestlers we’d love to add into that list but there is only ten spots. People like King Barrett who has run with one of the worst gimmicks you could possibly get given but still make it look great, Sami Zayn who has been out for the better part of the year but was building up to be the highlight of the year in the early parts of it, The Vaudevillians who would be number one for our tag team of the year if we were doing tag teams, which we’re not unfortunately and then from Anna a list as long as her arms of British wrestlers including (this is the shorter version trust me) Ultimo Tiger, Scotty Essex, Danny Walsh (who has been mentioned more then once already) , John Harding, Krieger and something blurry that manages to look a lot like Darren Saviour.

Leave a comment below with your top 10 male wrestlers of 2015. Also if you know any of the names that Anna keeps inserting into every wrestling conversation please let me know if they are actually any good or if she’s talking out of her ass.

11 thoughts on “Best of… Male Wrestlers 2015”

  1. As long as Anna’s arms? You do realise she has freakishly long arms? How many wrestlers have you seen this year?

    Some behind the scenes if you want info on this :

    I will be called as a witness for the blood that was spilt in order to get Eddie Ryan at number one. Honestly until you heard her passionate speech about why he deserved to be in the top 10 you’d understand why Pete just put him at number one. At first he wasn’t even going to be allowed in the top 10 and they were going to stick to just WWE guys. If it hadn’t been for the fact that there were time constraints, time zone differences and we didn’t realise that Anna would probably have been able to fill more blogs just by doing it separately she might have got a whole bunch of British wrestlers in there just because you couldn’t possibly argue with her passion for them.

    Anna didn’t even know he’d been put at number 1 until Pete saved the draft for her to add photos to the blog!

    There was also no questions asked for Damien Sandow who had his name in the top 10 first. The rest changed constantly until Pete saved the final draft.

    1. I’m not sure I’m happy you fleshed this out or not.

      But yeah for all the jokes AFTER I found out he was at number one I just moaned a fucking lot until Pete said he’d put him in the top 10. I tried to get Danny Walsh in there too but was told to bugger off (more Americany then that but you get the picture.) I was thinking last night of splitting my blogs from Petes then realised I’d leave him with a top 9 and I’d have to do work.

      The list was as long as my left arm not both arms. I have monkey arms. My top 10 would (again) look pretty different though Eddie Ryan probably would have stayed at number 1.

      What surprised me was that Pete actually was very professional and admitted he hadn’t seen much iof Shelley wrestling this year and didn’t try and include him! I thought he was a sure thing for number 9 just after Ryan at 10!

      Its all personal though. Good fun making the blog too!

      1. OK so I’ll say again like on the anime blog what is your top 10?

        In fact I think I’m not alone in wanting to see you write your top ten on your left arm and share it with us.

        Next year we’ll organise ourselves better! Then again we said that last year and we’re still unorganised this year….

  2. I’ll be the first person to ask outside of Tumblr but, and I quote some of the Tumblr messages I’ve seen Anna get since the blog posted….


    Now on with your business.

    1. I’m sorry Roman Reigns fans I’ve let you all down. If only he never opened his mouth I wouldn’t mind him! And he does have a pretty smile!

      Aggressive typing at me ain’t gonna change Pete’s mind though. Or mine. Jez if these guys want Roman to be top of a list why don’t they make their own? We offer people to share their top 10 with us.

      Now imagine… I can edit this blog and put all 10 down as Ryback. THEN I’d get some hate!

  3. I’ve seen a few pwp shows over the last year and Eddie is good. Not great but good. He’s athletic which stands out on the shows. Similarly Chris Andrews is amazing and impressive to watch. Love Danny Walsh’s character and Ultimo Tiger and Tyler Hawke have both impressed with their athleticism. Other British names I’d include would be the trio who made Chikara’s king of trios this year; Dan maloney and his two moustached allies, also Ryan smile is an incredible unsung talent.

    But Darren Saviour… runs a great local promotion but no reason to put him near any top 10 list. He’s sloppy, mostly down to his conditioning it seems, and whilst he connects with the crowd his matches have little to do with that rather than him interacting constantly.

    1. I’d agree with every name that I know that you mentioned but I guess its personal taste. I actually thought about doing my own blog but didn’t think anyone would really care for it, I put forward both Ultimo Tiger and Danny Walsh’s name for the top 10 but Pete only made allowances for one! After all he’s never seen them wrestle so I guess it was fair.

      Couldn’t tell you why I like Eddie Ryan as much as I do – ignore any joke on here you’ll see about me being a fangirl because they are jokes – I’ve just enjoyed watching every single match I’ve seen of him. I also suffer from bad anxiety and depression so I tend to focus on something that makes me really happy and there is something about Ryan that makes me happy watching him wrestle (again ignore jokes it really is his wrestling I enjoy). As for Saviour I guess it could just be that he connects with the crowd that makes me like him but I like him.

      This isn’t really aimed at you but in general, in other places this blog in particular seems to have confused people. Thing is we’ve been running this site now for nearly three years and it has always been just a place for us to write our opinions. We don’t pretend to know what we’re talking about, ever, in fact most of the time we outright say we’re talking out our backsides. Our end of year blogs, all of them, were meant to be OUR highlights of 2015 no one else’s, its why we ask at the beginning and end for people (like you have done, thank you for that!) to get in touch with their own top 10s. This wasn’t meant to be held up as a list of the greatest wrestlers as voted by a group of people who knows what they are talking about, it was 10 wrestlers who entertained us during the year. It took many different paths before it ended up like this. As for Ryan being included and put at number one it was because, as just said, the point of the blog was to put the 10 wrestlers that we’ve enjoyed seeing most into some sort of order, and whether its because of my problems or just because I’m good at writing passionate statements about things Pete decided (as it was Pete that ranked them) that how much I enjoyed watching Ryan wrestle during the end part of the year just meant he deserved to be there in our own geeky way.

      If I knew I was gonna get so many fans on places like Tumblr and Facebook laugh at me or tell me I’m stupid I wouldn’t have put any names down and let Pete just pick 10 from thin air like he did with the wrestling matches (if you haven’t seen that blog it does have a top 5 of my favourite PWP and PWA matches in it) kinda made me a bit concious of even bothering in future. As I said it isn’t aimed at you but I’ve had a lot of messages in other places and I’m a bit fed up of people taking it upon themselves to not join in the conversation and give us their top wrestlers of the year but to try to make me feel bad about a list that I didn’t even actually put together! Sorry for adding it to the bottom of the comment back at you! Sorry.

  4. I must admit first of all this is the first time I have seen this blog and the only reason on seeing it is because Eddie Ryan had shared it on his FB page. I have been a fan of British Wrestling since a young lad watching the likes of “Big Daddy” and “Giant Haystacks” wrestle at Plymouth’s Guildhall.

    Last year I joined the Darren Saviours Pride team as a photographer, although some people might see this as being bias now lol.

    There is so many I could list (not in any particular order that stand out including Eddy Ryan, Jason Larusso (both as part of “The Lionhearts”) Ultimo Tiger, Chris Andrews, UK Dominator (Right said Fred as the crowd call him), Big Grizzly, Saime Sahin and Scotty Essex

    1. Same! The earliest memory I have (and I have a terrible memory anyway) was seeing the Bushwhackers in Plymouth Guild Hall. .. my mum raised me as a fan! I’m not surprised you haven’t seen the blog before though I kind of wish that Eddie Ryan would stop sharing my shameful fangirling! If I ever had something interesting to say I wouldn’t mind but alas I’m not that good! I am going to more events this year though so if you can stand my (shameful fangirling…) terrible writing then feel free to come back anytime!

      We don’t mind bias here! And again I agree with all the above names. Kinda wish I’d done a separate blog now!

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