Best of… Female Wrestlers 2015

We have a male list and we have a female list. As simple as that. Again like the matches, like the male list this is pretty much made up soley of WWE wrestlers as its all we review on the site. Next year as long as plans go well we’ll be a bit more organised but we thought it would make more sense, again, to just stick to what we’ve been talking about all year.

We already know the second we talk about the women wrestlers no one agrees with us so keep your comments civil and reply in the comments.

10. Brie Bella

Well it is a personal top ten and we love the Bella twins.

Brie is actually our favorite of the Bella twins and one of the most under rated female talents in WWE. People like to look no further then her husband but she’s a great female wrestler in her own right.

She’s had some of the best matches and the best moments of 2016 and to be honest we’d quite like to see her in the mix at the top of the division sooner rather then later. Her and Alicia right now are a great tag team and actually once more proving that a female tag title could actually be a great idea for the division.

We love Brie though.

9. Nia Jax

The only reason Nia isn’t higher is because Anna hasn’t seen that much of her. It might sound a strange reason when you pop down a few and we haven’t even seen the wrestler that Anna nominated but its all about being fair.

Nia Jax is the future. She’s going to dominate, she’s going to be the Chyna/Kong of the next few years in so much that she’ll be the female WWE can turn to when they need to get baby faces over or when they need a bit more bite to the stories. She’s a fabulous wrestler, she’s got great presence and I love watching her kill her opponents.

We’d hate for WWE to drop the ball with her because she could be a very big part of the division and a real revolution in the next coming years. I feel 2016 is going to be a good year for her in NXT and the next wave of NXT female wrestlers are going to be all the more better for having her as a opponent.

8. Bayley

Bayley is Bayley. She’s had her dream come true story this year which has been lovely to see but she’s Bayley. How can someone not like Bayley?

No she isn’t a Sasha Banks or a Charlotte and I doubt she’s going to set the world alight like they and some others will but she doesn’t need to.

Bayley is the underdog, Bayley is the everyday girl who works hard to achieve her dream. Bayley is the one person that EVERYONE no matter how old you are, no matter who you are you just can’t help but sit there and cheer her.

She’s a great champion for NXT and someone the whole of the WWE/NXT universe want to get behind. She’s going to be a great addition to the main roster in her own time and I can’t wait to see what she does in 2016.

7. Adira

I have never seen her wrestle so I’ll leave it to Anna to explain why she’s in the top ten.

Anna :
“I was given the chance to nominate one male and female wrestler that I’ve seen down here in the West-Country to go into the top ten. There were a good five or six male wrestlers that I wanted to nominate but only one female.

Adira is bloody awesome. She’s a great in ring competitor either against guys or other women. OK to be fair I haven’t seen as many females this year but I honestly think she’d have still won even out for my nomination even if I had.

Her match against Johnny Sicko was one of my favourite of the night back in April and she had a great tag team match in October. She’s the wrestler I’m looking most to seeing in 2016 and I do believe she’s going to go from strength to strength. I have no doubt if we’re organised to do this again next year she’ll still be my one nomination for the women’s list!”

6. Asuka

For some reason when it comes to the women wrestlers I can’t help but feel like saying well duh. So many of the top women in WWE and NXT are just brilliant and its obvious in the most obvious way WHY they deserve to be in a top ten.

Asuka is one of those.

Her style is different, she’s colorful and interesting. Her character is bizarre and she doesn’t have to say much to get her point across. Her wrestling does her talking for her and you always feel like you don’t know what you’ll get from her. That’s a good thing though. With WWE creative too often male and female stars tend to become rather samey, NXT doesn’t have that and I feel like Asuka is just someone you could never make, no matter how you try, to be paint by numbers. She brought a sense of freshness to the NXT women’s division and is just a joy to watch.

I really want to see her vs Jax.

5. Charlotte

Charlotte was someone who we kind of always knew was going to be in the top 10 and yet still kept managing to forget her whilst talking about it. It feels like Charlotte has ALWAYS been there. I don’t know if its her confidence or just her presence and whether she inherited both from her father but the second she debuted on the main roster it was like she’d been there our whole lives anyway.

She’s made waves and made fans out of us all on here. She’s been a great champion so far and I can see her having some really good stories in the future with all the women.

4. Nikki Bella

One of those choices everyone will complain about but I don’t care.

As much as we get told that Paige is booked to always be in the title picture so we shouldn’t complain, why is it so hard to grasp that Nikki is booked the way Nikki is booked?! People seem to be under the delusion that Nikki wants three minute matches that don’t show off how hard she works.


Nikki rose to the challenge of the NXT women coming up to the main roster. She improved match by match till her two last fights against Charlotte for the title were a real fight for a title. As much as you won’t blame anyone else for their booking you can’t blame Nikki for hers. I can’t wait for her to come back from injury and go once more from strength to strength.

And lets get real for a second. And this isn’t me talking about Paige its about what her fans say. All this “Nikki just cares about Total Divas and being famous” which is used as a cheap shot at the Bellas in story lines just doesn’t hold up when Paige had to take time off to film a movie and is also one of the stars of Total Divas. Stop hating on one for something that another does too. Nikki isn’t from NXT she hasn’t had the longer matches and the same chances but she did rise to the occasion like a true champion and will only improve now the women are getting a better bite of the shows. Regardless of creative and what they did with her and her title reign and why they did it Nikki was a great champion.

3. Sasha Banks

2015 has been the year of the Boss.

Her NXT matches have all been highlights and deserved every single line of praise they’ve been given. If any kind of “revolution” in WWE is happening its off of the back of all the hard work she as NXT champion put in at the beginning of the year and all her opponents in making the matches highlights of every show.

Since coming to the main roster she hasn’t been used in the way I thought she would be, the brunt of the “revolution” stuff was put on Charlotte, Becky and Paige but its given her time with Team BAD to really find a spot on the roster.

In fact Team BAD are possibly the only decent thing about the women’s division at the moment. All three are being underused and all three are highlights when they get in the ring.

There is no chance that that will carry on into 2016. As much as 2015 was her year so will 2016 and any year she bloody wants because she IS the boss and she’s THE division.

2. Natalya

We won’t lie we are 100% biased to Nattie. She only didn’t make number one because she hasn’t wrestled as much as Naomi.

Personally I feel she’s actually the most under rated female wrestler in WWE and it would be nice to see more of her against people like Charlotte and Sasha. Instead of having Charlotte vs Paige 100 times she is one of the best wrestlers for Charlotte to face (one not the only and maybe not our number one pick) and fans love her.

What can I say? We want more Nattie!

1. Naomi

It won’t surprise a single person that reads this blog that number one wouldn’t be a fan favorite or someone obvious.

For us Naomi’s turn was one of the highlights of the year and the fact that WWE didn’t do anything with it, dropped the push and to this date haven’t done anything with her even though she did get over with fans as much as anyone that isn’t Sasha Banks has all year, was the most ridiculous and sad thing to happen.

Naomi has had some of the best matches on the main roster, it was a shame her push came before the “Divas Revolution” and therefore was stuck with extremely short matches. Her athleticism is better then nearly all the Divas and her Heel attitude is one of the most entertaining and genuinely believable parts of the women’s division.

For 2016 we’d like to see another push for Naomi, she’d make a wonderful champion.

Final Thoughts : 

We know everyone will hate our top 10 but we don’t care.

NXT is always the place for female wrestling when you focus on WWE products because even with a “revolution” on the main roster creative missed the point of it and is doing the same old same old just this time with longer matches. Its still a small step in the right direction but only a small one.

There are so many brilliant women wrestlers out there right now that its hard to condense it into one list. More so then the guys. I mean we focused on WWE because that is what we review on here but even with just their roster in mind it was easier to pick 10 guys then it’ll ever be to pick 10 of the women. You feel like every single one of them has a point to prove and the revolution if anything gave them a longer time frame to prove that point.

Whether creative listen is up to them but I hope they do.

Please do not moan at us if your favorite isn’t in the list. Post your own top 5 or 10 with reasons.

5 thoughts on “Best of… Female Wrestlers 2015”

  1. You know the warning at the beginning of this one woulda been helpful on the male wrestler one too. I’ve never seen so many angry Roman Reigns fans…. Wait actually yes I have… All…Year…Long….

    Regardless MY QUEEN IS AT NUMBER ONE (not that I didn’t already know that having added the photo) AND NATTIE!!!!

  2. Oh dear. Its been a couple months since our favourite Paige fan commented on anything. Hope he doesn’t see you cretins leaving out Paige in your top 10 else he might come back!

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