Best of… Anime 2015

2015 saw a whole load of really good anime hit our screens. I feel ashamed to have started a few just to end up never finishing them.

So what was our top 10 for the year?

10. Owari no Serafu

Synopsis : Set in a world after a virus killed most of the human population, some humans are free whilst others are used like cattle by vampires. We follow Yuichiro, a boy who has escaped a Vampire group and joined a army set on fighting back. Lots of action, slightly supernatural and lots of mysteries….

The anime was something that I enjoyed but hated at the same time. Sadly I never watched the second season which came on during the fall season, something I should probably review now and along with the Winter season.

It got off to a slow start, I didn’t like Yuichiro much which didn’t help seeing he was the main character but the story was interesting and nearer the end of the season the cast of characters together, and some of the ones we’d just met on the Vampire side, were really cool and interesting.

By slow burner I mean this literally got interesting when it ended.

Hopefully I will watch the second season but it was a good anime, not the best though.

9. Arslan Senki

Synopsis : Based on stories about a young King called Arslan the anime shows the trouble he goes through after his father is killed in battle to find supporters and win back his nation. A really great story, beautiful animation and charming characters.

Another slow burner but it only took about two episodes to get into it. By the time the actual story had began and not the backstory the whole thing was brilliant.

Great characters, lovely animation and lots of action, humour and messages of what it takes to be a good leader. Again I feel bad I never got around to finishing it, I did see a few more episodes then I actually reviewed on here. Another one that I’ll finish reviews for at some point because the series is worth it.

I couldn’t recommend this series more, its just wonderful.

8. Yurikuma Arashi

Synopsis : In a world where bears and humans don’t get along their worlds have been split apart. Its up to one young bear to find the friend she found when she entered the humans world long ago….

I did watch this series though it was Anna that reviewed it. There was something so strange about it that it made you instantly hooked on the whole thing. I mean I don’t have a clue what was going on but it was bloody fun all the same.

Anna :
“The gay bear anime. Man did it confuse the hell out of me! I wouldn’t like to read any hidden messages into it because it was so bloody insane that it would terrify me to learn if I was right or wrong!

Yet every week I came back because it was that insane. Its one of the highest viewed series we’ve done this year as well when it comes to views with people still visiting the page now just for these reviews.

Wasn’t this the one done in part by someone who worked on Penguindrum? It should never have surprised me after learning that! I still have never actually finished Penguindrum all the way through but boy would I watch this one millions of times!

Recommended just for its WTF?! factor!”

7. Gate

Synopsis : A gate to another world opens in Japan and it is up to Itami and his unit to enter the gate and find out as much as they can about the world and its people. A fantasy, military anime that warms the heart.

Another that I feel bloody terrible never finishing and the second series is coming soon so will have to binge watch the last few episodes before then.

I enjoyed the series greatly from the first episode until the moment I stopped watching. It has to be said that I really loved the characters and they are what make it for me. From Itami and his squad to the characters we meet past the gate. The reason I never got through it was more a time issue on my part then anything to do with the anime which was brilliant all the way through and had just gotten to the best bits too!

6. Assassination Classroom

Synopsis : Big yellow thing is going to destroy the world but first he’ll give a class of underachievers at one of the top schools the chance to kill him before the end of year and he’ll spare the world. Funny. Brilliant characters. Wonderful animation.

We are doing well. Most of our top 10, or at least below the top 5, we’ve watched most of but for one reason or the other never completed.

I think my main problem with Assassination Classroom was that I did my best to catch up with the manga and just as I’d finished that and was going along nicely I got ill, missed a few episodes and chapters and then gave up.

Again though the actual anime, and the manga, are brilliant. I love Koro-Sensei and the way he brings meaning into the lives of kids who were being treated as second class citizens in some kind of social experiment to make the other kids better. I loved how the kids started off being shy but grew in confidence, strength and passion as it went along.

I loved the jokes, its a very funny anime.

Koro-sensei is one of my favourite characters from 2015 and again the second season of that is starting soon and I really should catch up from where I left off.

5. Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

Synopsis : Second series following Alice, a girl who moved from England to Japan to be with her friend Shino who visited her in England once. A nice heart warming look into the lives of a group of friends.

Anna :
“I never thought I’d like the first season when I read about it and fell in love with it. The second series wasn’t as good as the first but was still brilliant. I loved it! It makes me sad that I never did anything with my life.

Alice is a lovely character and I love following her life, there were a few missed jokes this time out but it was just as good as any of the anime’s in the top 5!

Honestly the characters will become your best friends so give it a chance!”

4. Death Parade

Synopsis : When you die you will be sent to a bar and come face to face with someone who will decide whether or not you are forgotten or sent back for reincarnation. Death Parade follows one such barman named Decim and looks at his work through the eyes of a human who has been made his assistant.

It was a nearly perfect anime. Unfortunately I had a few problems with later episodes but the concept and characters were really good. I feel like it could have another series of it as there were a lot of questions left unanswered.

It was the assistant that annoyed me, at first it was interesting seeing her side of the story as well. Looking at the problem through Decim and her eyes was great. By the end I felt like it was bogging the story down.

Still the first three quarters of the series were amazing, the last few episodes dragged a little but it was still a brilliant ending.

You can forgive it anything for the fact that it had some of the best characters in anime all year.

3. Gangsta

Synopsis : Following the Handymen we learn of life in Ergastulum. Nicolas is a Twilight, a human with advanced abilities but a short lifespan. Him and his partner Worick work for whoever asks for their help. Full of action and politics. Interesting tale with some mysteries that just never got solved.

I watched the first episode and must have been having a really slow moment because I hated it. I hated the characters, I hated the animation, I hated everything about it. I decided to give the second episode a go and suddenly it was the complete opposite! I then watched the first episode once more and fell in love with that one too.

The whole series was amazing and I was devastated when the series ended because it felt like it had only really just started. In fact it did end on quite a cliffhanger.

I don’t tend to like things about Gangsters as a rule but this was something completely different. The characters were so interesting, the world around them was hardly explored not because they hadn’t but because it was so deep and complex. If I don’t see another series soon I don’t think I will be able to contain myself.

It was tough to sort out the top three and all three of the three of them deserved to be in the top space. Gangsta misses out for no real reason other then something has to come third and something has to come first. If a second series comes and is as good as the first then this series in general could be one of the best I’ve ever seen.

2. One Punch Man

Synopsis : Saitama is a hero as a hobby. He’s trained so hard that he’s almost indestructible and can defeat any enemy in one punch. A funny superhero anime with a charming cast.

Anna :
“Well I had to start a support group because you know… Its gone and we miss him to pieces!

One Punch Man was so good for so many reasons. The stories were fun, dramatic and action packed. The characters, and there were loads of them, all had unique powers, unique looks, unique personalities and were so interesting that not a single one of them came across as being pointless as a addition to the show.

You’d think a story about a guy that can beat anything in one punch would be boring but its far from it.

Not only do you have the action and drama of battles with monsters but there is also a lot of character development and world building going on.

I’ve read half the problem with a season two is that there isn’t enough material yet to create a season two, if this is true I’m sad because I so hope that we’ll get more soon.

Honestly the world of One Punch Man is one that everyone should enjoy!”

1. Gakkou Gurashi

Synopsis : Following the life of a group of girls after the outbreak of a virus that caused the majority of the world to turn into zombies. A darkly humorous zombie anime with a adorable and loving cast.

Anna :
“Holy meatballs where do I start?

The first episode…. If you can not sit down and watch the first episode and not be like OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER then sorry… You’re a ass.

I’m not giving anything away though.

It got the number one spot because it did about 100 things at once. For its quirky loveliness and its normal cutsieness it also had characters, young characters, who suffered from PTSD. At every turn you are reminded that these characters are surviving in a zombie apolocalypse and they are YOUNG.

It left me gobsmacked. It made me cry. Its contrasting styles from scene to scene… Its character development… The whole story… Everything EVERYTHING!

If you’ve never watched anime before WATCH THIS!

If you haven’t seen it SEE THIS!

If you think anime is stupid WATCH THIS!

If you like The Walking Dead WATCH THIS!

Best Anime EVER!”

Final Thoughts :

2015 has been a good year for anime even if we didn’t get to the end of a couple of series.

We’ve had a lot of fun bringing you our reviews and as I said it was hard to pick the number one out of three really amazing animes.

After the last season ended we did say we were going to do final reviews on every anime we’d completed and start to shake up the anime section. That is still going to happen just with me buggering off it wasn’t fair that Anna did all the work.

So what anime’s were your favourites this year? Do you have a personal top 5 or 10? Out of all the anime’s we started and never finished is there one that you’d recommend us finishing?! Leave us a comment below to review your 2015 in anime.

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