Still Open All Hours : Episode 2

What a treat! Another new episode. What will Granville and co have in store for us tonight?!

Sorry but Mrs Featherstone and her trying to get her next husband just stole the show. It was way too funny as well as Gastric roaring like a lion. Stephanie Cole though is perfect, her face during the scene in the store was perfect. Granville’s face when she told her to imagine her in bedroom clothes or whatever it was (short memory, sorry) just had me in stitches. The fact that she kind of just acquires someone and starts training him is brilliant. Mr Newbold doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself in for! Though I’m sure Granville is breathing a sigh of relief!

Then Β again if Arkwright was alive he’d be dead at the sight of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and her brand new weapon of choice as a lollipop lady! Man handling people with that lollipop would be a dream come true for poor Arkwright.

Its the small moments like the Free Range Eggs and all the boiled ham stories that make this such a treasure. It does it perfectly like the original series did and has all the charm and love that it did too. The characters are so wonderful its like they never stopped playing them. Subtle little jokes delivered perfectly.

I kind of love the Agnews. Kath seems to be a little less cold to Eric this series and I kind of want to see something sweet happen for them.

Granville’s sale went very well what with nearly everything being taken off the table. Unfortunately for Granville it was him taking everything off the table and not his customers.

Poor, dear Gastric. When will Granville stop torturing him? The inflatable trousers are possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen though he had more confidence and a much better posture with them, maybe they need to find something better then the inflatable trousers?

A complete treat for a Sunday evening!

Oh and Leroy in arpons and merrigolds…. I preferred the elf but that’ll do!


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