One Piece : Roko

Chapter 811

I don’t want you to get excited. But this is the time to get excited about the manga… I think.

The reason I think this is all of a sudden the story seems to actually be starting to gear up! We finally find out what the Straw Hats did when they got to Zou, Sanji made Caesar clean up the poison gas and afterwards Chopper went all Doctor Chopper on everyone and saved every last Mink on Zou.

That part of the story finally finishes and we are now only two days in the past.

Its starting to feel a little more like One Piece now. They let the story flow and it was nice to see the guys helping and being happy to help, making friends all over just like always.

What it does do is give us a little teaser that we’re closer to finding out what happened to Sanji. Its still really mysterious and really is starting to grate on me but I can deal with it now knowing that we’ll hopefully be closer to knowing the truth.

Robin does not look happy to hear that it looks like Sanji might never be able to rejoin them after he said he would in his letter, the letter we the audience still don’t know anything about other then its existence. It now looks like it’ll be tied into Big Mam as her ship finds its way to Zou and its apparently one of her crews home.

Every time I think that I’m going to understand what happened it throws a curve ball at me but the problem is that the beginning of the story zapped any real interest in it all for me and now it has to rebuild interest but I’m also slowly getting fed up of having curve balls. I guess we aren’t always meant to be looking for “what happened to Sanji” but everything that they say just gets twisted in my head to this could be something about Sanji. I mean the mystery is starting to wind me the hell up because I just want to know what happened to Sanji.

A good chapter though and I’m happy to see how they saved Zou. It was also nice to see the guys doing the normal Straw Hat thing.

I’m just kind of bored of being told stories and kind of want to see something happen.

Though it is also nice to see that the Minks don’t believe that Jack is dead either. They pretty much said what I said last time which was that after seeing what Β he could do and what he did do I don’t see why he’d go down so easily to the Marines even with the amount of fire power the Marines had with them. I mean you saw what Whitebeards crew were like and how they fought the Marines so I just really can’t see Kaido’s crew, specially one that can turn into a Mammoth/Elephant going down easy.

So much of what is going on is getting me excited but its taking way too long to get anywhere.


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