NXT 23/12/15 Review

The last time I wrote a review for NXT, other then Take Over London, was in August. I feel kinda bad about that but for some reasons, maybe because I saw spoilers for the shows after Take Over Brooklyn and didn’t like the result or something, but Take Over London gave me the boot I needed to start watching once more.

Sorry its late I was working the 24th and wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling on Christmas day!

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Vaudevillains vs HypeBros vs Blake & Murphy vs Jason Jordan & Chad Gable

Bull Dempsey vs Elias Samson

Tye Dillenger vs Sami Zayn
Winner : SAMI ZAYN

The Vaudevillains vs HypeBros vs Blake & Murphy vs Jason Jordan & Chad Gable
Jason Jordan & Chad Gable win by pin fall

I didn’t think it was possibly to love these tag teams if I tried but not watching them wrestle since August and then having the Vaudevillains come out dressed as Sherlock Holmes and Four reminded me I’m always wrong.

You know what? Chad Gable and Simon Gotch is a match I would die to see. I loved seeing the speed of Gable as he twirled around Gotch like he was some kind of pole, but I also have always loved the yoga inspired offence of Gotch (who… yeah… he’s still pretty much one of my number one favs of all time.)

It didn’t take long for everyone to get into the ring which as I said during the Take Over blog reminded me the one thing I do think NXT does best which is the tag team division. They have such a depth of great tag teams. You couldn’t deny it when looking at this match which was like them showing off just how good each and every one of their tag teams were.

Blake and Murphy looked great as the heel team for a change. Usually I’m distracted by how strange they can be but they looked like the bad guys and some of their moves were bloody hard.

Near the middle of the match Gable found himself stuck in the ring. First against Blake and Murphy then against the Vaudevillains and then back with Blake and Murphy. The crowd were completely with Gable and Jordan and its easy to see why. When Jordan finally got tagged in he cleared house and it looked bloody amazing. Another guy who can just throw people around with such ease. When he did a belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope to Murphy I got out of my chair and screamed it was so brilliant.

A great win for Gable and Jordan.

The tag teams in NXT are bloody awesome.

Bull Dempsey vs Elias Samson
Elias Samson wins by pin fall

I’ve missed Bull, he’s kinda funny with the Bull Fit stuff but I do kinda of prefer the angrier Bull.

I… Wasn’t that impressed with the match. It seemed to have like three moves and then end with a unimpressive elbow off the top rope. I mean I know I’ve missed a few months of stuff but there is nothing about Samson that made me feel like he’d be able to beat Bull in like ten seconds. Then him getting his guitar out afterwards and playing it after the win was kind of odd.

Something about it though actually makes me feel like that gimmick could be pretty cool with the right reactions. It was the first time there was hardly any reaction from the crowd at both Take Over and during this episode.

Kinda… Meh.

Tye Dillinger vs Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn wins by pin fall

The match started with Dillinger out wrestling Sami whilst the crowd went crazy about Sami being back.

Match was pretty slow going, it was nice to have Sami back but he didn’t really do much. It felt quite muted and even Dillinger felt a bit stop starty. I don’t know, it didn’t feel that interesting to watch and the bigger problem in general for me seemed more to be the fact that it was only one of three matches and the first match was really interesting and the other two were pretty meh.

It was worth watching for Sami’s speech at the end.

I dunno there did look to be a bit of ring rust so I can’t wait to see him back at full strength but this wasn’t it.

Final Thoughts :

Worth watching for the tag team match which was just amazing. I guess it was good for me because I’m just getting back into it so I didn’t have to engage my brain too much as 75% of the evening was just repeating time and time again what happened last week at Take Over.

I will be back next week. I’ll possibly even review them live seeing I don’t tend to sleep until the show finishes.

It was alright. At least I’m getting back into the swing of it!


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