Dickensian : Episode 4

Once more we enter the world of Dickensian….

Once again we are bombarded with all the stories dangling in our faces. At least now we’re used to the stories they went us to tell so its starting to feel a little less disjointed. The two “main” stories as it feels coming to the forefront of the episode.

I actually feel like the Havisham’s stole the episode a little as did Frances Barbary.

Personally I feel sorry for both Arthur and Amelia, after all even though I know that Arthur is being a jealous, spoilt little child I understand the way he must feel being left out the way he did. I guess in those times it would have felt like people would laugh at him having to work under his sister. At the same time I love Amelia, I can see why her father wouldn’t want him in charge but her instead and I love Tuppence Middleton.

Similarly I totally understand how Frances Barbary must feel. She took it upon herself to step into the shoes of her mother, yes Honoria might be right that she didn’t have to but she did. It seems that her father then didn’t mind to burden her but treats Honoria like a sweet little child who couldn’t possibly be part of it all. No wonder Frances resents Honoria and any happiness she gets when she’s absent of all the burdens of the family. Of course it’ll get worse.

I preferred this episode, I quite enjoyed the fact that it focused more on two stories with the others being footnotes in the background. It made it easier to follow and easier to care about the stories.

The actor that really impressed this time out though was John Heffernan as Jaggers, I wanted to slap him. He really is one of the people I have my suspicions on.

Which I guess leaves us with the question of who do we think killed Marley?

I think it would be too easy to have it be as simple as either Bill Sykes/Fagin or Scrooge. For a start just from what you’ve seen of Scrooge and what you know of the original character it doesn’t feel like the kind of thing he’d do. Skyes and Fagin I wouldn’t put it past them but it feels like such a easy way to go with it all. I don’t know who else it could be but at the same time I don’t know who wouldn’t want to take a swing at him! I’m kind of leaning towards Jaggers or Edward Barbary, Barbary is still having his problems with Scrooge and has a bad temper as seen when he takes his temper out on Frances.

Who do you think killed Marley? Is it even really that important?

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