Dickensian : Episode 3

The story continues with all the hundreds of stories being dangled in front of us. The main mystery being what happened to Marley? Not that anyone truly cares about him.

The murder mystery part of the show was much more interesting then most of the other stories going on in the background. Inspector Bucket is perfectly cast but I couldn’t tell you why. I love when the story goes back to him going from place to place and interacting with everyone.

If they spent a little more time with Bucket and him finding out what happened to Marley I think I’d enjoy it a little more. Its a interesting Whodunnit with a great lead and some great characters for him to rub shoulders with but the other stories trying to be told at the same time stifle it out.

Once more it felt very bity. I have to say that certain characters, regardless of what they are doing, always make it worth watching. This time out it really was Mrs Gamp, played by Pauline Colins, who stole the majority of the show. Every interaction with every character was a delight. Her and Fanny Biggetywitch are funny together and I’d like to see more of them, the Bumbles (Richard Ridings and Caroline Quentin) also make me laugh. Once more as well I have to say I just adored Robert Wilfort as Bob Cratchit, it doesn’t matter what he does or how long he’s in it he is like the embodiment of Christmas, cheerfulness and good nature.

For me the show could honestly do without Honoria Barbary and Captain Hawdon. I’ve never been a fan of Bleak House anyway but they come across as thoroughly unlikable. You are meant to be behind them and their love story but I was cheering on Frances instead, I don’t know why I’ve taken a complete dislike to them, Sophie Rundle and Ben Starr are both wonderful in the parts but I guess I’m just not one for romancing!

I still enjoy the show but it really does need to start focusing better. Its a great idea though and still the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in such a long time. It relies on the cast though who are outstanding!

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