The Detectorists Christmas Special

We haven’t reviewed The Detectorists on here but all the Brits on the page watch it. Its a wonderful little comedy starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones.

At the end of series 2 at the beginning of the month Lance (Jones) found himself some gold whilst Andy (Crook) decides to leave Botswana with Baby Stan and Becky…

The Christmas special picks up a while after. Andy is back purely to pick some stuff up to take to Botswana whilst Lance is suffering from the curse of the Gold.

The curse of the gold stuff was really funny. I liked how, true to character, Lance started to think of his find like it had feelings of its own, speaking about it like it was some animal that he’d caught. The way they tried everything to reverse his fortunes, finally burying some antique coins he’d brought to “give back” to the land was a nice touch.

If you asked me to tell you why I love this show so much I couldn’t really tell you. There is a quiet charm to it that you can just relax and lose yourself in. The actors bring their characters to life in such a calm and relaxed way that it feels like you are spending time with friends. Nothing feels forced to make you laugh yet it entertains you no end.

You couldn’t honestly ask for a better show to watch then this one over Christmas. It didn’t have to be Christmassy or bang on about any real message of good will to entertain, it just got on with telling a story and a good one at that.

For me its the partnership of Crook and Jones that works so well, Andy and Lance just compliment each other so well and even though it was really Lance’s story this time out it was just beautiful how one line can bring Andy back to the picture and how everything felt like nothing had changed even though we know in the series it has.

Watching Lance stumble from one misfortune to the next was done so well. I loved the scene where he was swapping his detector for Hugh’s one. I’ve always loved the sentimentality of Lance over everything, he treats everything with the same care and respect. To be honest I’ve never really watched too much where Toby Jones plays a character you just can’t help but love because he’s so gentle and sweet, usually you love him because he’s this towering personality grabbing you from inside the TV but in this he’s so likable and the perfect gentleman.

I’ve always felt that it was a hidden gem from the BBC and the Christmas Special feels like the best Christmas Special the BBC have produced that not enough people will see. It beats half of the stuff on BBC One on Christmas Day. I couldn’t recommend the episode or the series in general any higher if I tried. It is one of the best things to come out of the BBC in years and its Christmas Special which you can watch on iPlayer at any time is worth every second its on for.



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