Still Open All Hours : Christmas Special

Well I guess it actually is episode 1 of series 2 but there you go.

Still Open All Hours is back! Everyone smile our favs are back!!!

It doesn’t miss a beat does it?!

There was a scary looking Santa, Wet Eric and Cyril with their brand new trampoline and Nurse Gladys Emmanuel as a lollipop lady.

The women all think the men are daft and to be honest they have good reason to think that way as a Christmas Tree ended up driving Wet Eric and Granville home.

What has always made the old series and the new one so good is the subtleness of the jokes. I loved having the ladies standing on the pavement watching Wet Eric after getting himself injured in the private areas, the timing and wording of the whole thing was perfect. Just the small ways they connect one joke to the other it doesn’t surprise you how Granville keeps in business it flows so perfectly.

It is pretty timeless. So many laugh out loud moments from Mistletoe pies, Gastric on a trampoline or the tree in general. Its such a sweet and wonderful comedy that really doesn’t just hark back to the charm of its predecessor but revels in it.

Plus James Baxter dressed as a elf makes me very happy and I just kind of want to cuddle him to death. He plays the perfect “Granville” for our generation and I love his scenes with Stephanie Cole. I want more Leroy this year, especially in cute clothes!

I’m so happy its back. Its like a little bit of happiness that just keeps on giving!

There is just so much that you can love about the episode. The characters are all hilarious, the timing is perfect and even when they don’t do that much its still hilarious. Granvilles stories are nearly faultless and David Jason is really playing to his strengths.


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