Doctor Who : The Husbands of River Song

We have the return of River Song which for many fans is a Christmas present all in itself.

Its time for Christmas with the Doctor!

What does a Doctor Who Christmas Special need to do?

It needs to keep a load of people who have been excited, had lots of presents, ate too much and maybe drunk too much (depending on age) happy. Christmas is one of those times when whole families, three or four generations worth of people, will sit down and maybe watch Doctor Who for the first time since last year… And usually just because they’ve lost the remote and had it on for Brave.

To a point that is exactly what this one did.

We didn’t have anything too hard to wrap our heads around and we didn’t have to sit through the last season to care for what was going on. The Doctor was at his grumpy best and he had River Song by his side.

The guest cast were all hilarious, especially the wonderful pair of Greg Davies and Matt Lucas. It was how the whole cast came together to just have a fun time that I loved about it though.

My biggest complaint was that the Doctor might as well not have been there. Oh sure there were hilarious moments with him and the ending needed him but this episode was a showcase for River Song. For most of the episode she didn’t even know who he was and by the time she figured it out fans knew exactly where the plot was going.

Where did it go?

To Rivers final night with the Doctor. The sad thing is I kind of only wanted her story to be with Matt, I don’t know why but seeing this moment with Peter just made me long even more for Eleven to be back. I still have yet to bother with last Christmas’s special because Eleven just did Christmas perfect. I didn’t mind Capaldi’s scrooging about the place but there was something magical about Eleven at Christmas that was just missing in this episode.

It was a fun episode but carried on the trend of me just not caring about it at the moment. I felt like we were given River to try and ground Twelve a little more but it didn’t work. I feel we need to see him with his own companion and not being such a wet blanket before I’ll truly buy him as the Doctor. He’s had his moments but mostly the stories then go right back to being all about Clara and it got tiresome. This didn’t happen this time and it made me semi excited for any other chance encounters he might have with River as they did go well together.

In all though I loved the opening part, tuned off during the restaurant scene and cried tears for Matt Smith and his wonderful Doctor at the end. Most of it went over the top of my head though.

Still…. I quite liked it.


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