Dickensian : Episode 2

So the second episode starts off where we left off a hour ago….

The sun rises on Christmas day with Marley dead and the game changing.

Whereas the first episode felt like a introduction to all the characters and giving you a little look into their lives, this episode felt like it was slowly starting to weave these tiny stories into one bigger story. Still very slowly though as there were still plenty of characters to introduce and still plenty of stories to start.

Really the big story other then the death of Marley in this episode was that of the Bleak House characters. Properly being introduced to the family and their story.

Many more threads are dangled at us and not much is truly explored if I’m honest.

The whole production though is so beautiful and the acting is so good that you lose yourself in the whole thing. It throws you into the stories with such force that you find yourself glued to the TV even when not much is happening.

Inspector Bucket starts his investigation and matches the grumpiness and coldness of the world around him with his own brand of stubborn grumpiness. Stephen Rea and Ned Dennehy played off each other with such great ease as Bucket told Scrooge about the death of Marley. He also worked perfectly with Omid Djalili whose Mr Venus was probably much more interesting and exciting to watch then he possibly was meant to be! More there as someone for Bucket to converse with then to be his own character with his own story but managing to steal the early scene completely.

The Bleak House lot seem rather boring though, I’m interested to see how the Havisham’s continue but not so interested in the Barbary’s. Though it was kind of fun to see the two mix.

The whole Cratchit family still steal the show. Robert Wilfort as Bob is the singular most likable and relatable character in the whole thing. Like any good Cratchit you are completely behind him a hundred percent.

It is the acting that is making it so good though as the dangling threads of the stories are  starting to seem further and further apart and there are still so many of them. I’m hoping the further into it we get the more like one actual story it will feel and less bity.

Don’t take that as a negative though because its worth watching for the characters themselves. Every single one of them is a complete and utter dream.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

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