Dickensian : Episode 1

The Christmas period wouldn’t feel right without something Dicken’s about it and the BBC this year has given us a right treat by starting their new series Dickensian on Boxing Day.

Dickensian brings together all our favourite Dicken’s character together for a majestic period drama with all the usual BBC magic.

A lot of this episode was familiarizing myself with the characters, it doesn’t signpost who they are and its kind of like a Who’s Who of Dicken’s. Putting a name to the face was fun from the Bumbles to Scrooge and Marley.

Everyone had their own little part to play, their own stories to tell and it felt like the beginning of them all.

I was rivetted to the TV the whole time but to be fair I don’t think I know what actually happened! I spent so much time trying to figure out who was who that I think I missed a great deal of the story itself!

Though I am very happy that the second episode is only a hour away because the cliffhanger!

I feel like I say it all the time but the BBC truly brought together such a wonderful cast. I liked just about every scene with Joseph Quinn and Tuppence Middleton who played Arthur and Amelia Havisham (Great Expectations.) The Cratchit family led by Robert Wilfor as Bob were everything you’d want from the underdog family and Mark Stanley is very fast becoming my favourite Bill Sykes, he was quietly scary and I’m looking forward to seeing much more of him.

Once more it felt very much like being transported into a whole new world full of a lot of old friends in a different tale. One of the most imaginative things that the BBC have done recently and it looks absolutely beautiful as always.

The first episode review is very short but the second one will go into much more detail of the story so far.

So far though it is a wonderful show and I’m so excited for the second part tonight! I hate being made to wait!

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