Kings Quest : A Knight to Remember

Chapter 1

You wouldn’t believe I actually brought this game when it came out! It has taken me this long to finally sit down and play the game, then the second chapter came out! So I’ll review both.

I do vaguely remember Kings Quest from when I was a kid but I have to admit that fact didn’t hit me until I started playing the game. In fact the reason I brought the game was that I like Click-and-Points, it looked amazing in the trailers/promo photos and it had Christopher Lloyds voice in it.

The game doesn’t really have a tutorial of any sorts, the opening is easy enough to navigate and therefore the perfect tutorial. It pretty much explains the whole premise of the game in one go and completely ties you up in the splendour of the graphics, the richness of the story and the utter charm of the characters.

Unlike other episodic games I’ve played this year (and there have been many!) this one really took all my skills to complete. It isn’t just button smashing, it is anything but linear and it really does feel like you choose the person that you want Graham to be.

You have three choices. Be brave, be smart or be kind. Being one doesn’t stop you from being all three of course, you don’t have to choose kind and be a wimp! Its all about what kind of person you’ll be. Someone who will free a dragon from its chains, someone who will blind the beast completely or someone who will trick him to leave you alone. All through the game you get to choose which of those three you’d rather be, even at the end you have the choice. You can choose more then one option or stick to what you feel suits you best.

The game is easy to navigate. Puzzles range from easy to hard but mix it up all the time so you don’t end up smashing your head against the wall as one hard puzzle gets followed by another hard puzzle. Its a game that you have to constantly be checking anything that can be checked. Someone over here was picking fruit? Go back as you complete other tasks to see if they are still there or if something new can be said. You picked to go in the Smithy to get your weapon? Well what stops you going in the other shops as well?

Daventry belongs to your imagination and you can create the King YOU want to be to rule it.

Of course all this is just stories being told to Graham’s granddaughter Gwendolyn. Her choices in her day to day life are also moulded by your adventures.

The world of Daventry is full of the most charming and interesting characters in any game I think I’ve EVER played. From Graham himself as both the King telling the story and the younger version of him becoming a Knight, to the other Knight hopefuls Whisper, Acorn, Manny and Achaka, to the Kings Guard, Townsfolk and Troll Bridges have their own unique character, their own dreams and passions, their own individual way of dealing with problems and its fun to make friends with them all.

One of the saddest moments in the game for me is befriending Achaka, but more on that at the bottom.

If you are a achievement hound (I kind of am) then you’ll love it because there are so many silly (in the nice way) achievements that you’ll have to play it through at least twice just because you’d have never realised there were achievements you could get! I finished the game on the PS4 and only had the ones you can’t miss plus one or two extras, finding them all on my Steam version was one of the best times I’ve ever had playing a game. The reason for that being that its just so humorous all the time that you don’t mind looking for them.

For me Kings Quest is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. Its funny, its charming and I’ve already played it four times all the way through (chapter one of course) just to see different consequences, different dialogues and to get all the achievements.

Unlike any other episodic game it feels like a game and a half all on its own.

For anyone who doesn’t want to know story plots but might have a question scroll right down and leave us a message in the box below. Please share your favourite parts of the game with us, which characters you love and which you hated in the comments.






So this game is one of a few that actually made me cry. Its got one of the saddest moments in gaming in 2015 for me and hardly a word was said between the characters!

Achaka is a Knight hopeful from a far off land who only speaks a few words. You do learn a handful of them to help with the puzzles in the part of the game you are working with him but other then that he only really says Achaka.

The game starts after the main part of the game, there is a moment that will completely be missed on first play through when you pick up a bow and arrow from a dead person – later in the game you find out that the person was Achaka, you’d been here with him before and seen him die. Its sad because he’s the first Knight… Well was for me, that kind of cared about you. He showed you how to shoot straight and trusted you to help him. You don’t know anything about him but for some reason the small amount of time that you spend with him makes me care about him more then any other character other then Olfie.

That is my saddest moment.

Share yours below.


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