One Punch Man : The Strongest Hero [FINAL]

Episode 12

“Saikyō no hīrō” (最強のヒーロー)

I… Anna… Hereby bring the first meeting of the “One Punch Man Support Group” to a open. I do so with the final review of the One Punch Man anime.

Has Saitama met his match? Will they be able to save the planet? Will Melzargard destroy Atomic Samurai like he threatened?

Will any of us last without crying at the thought of not having a episode to watch next week?

We shall see!

It was possibly the best way to end the series really. No big long boring bits, plenty of ass kicking and a load of laughs to boot! So many interesting questions surface about the Heroes from top to bottom and a new future to look forward to.

There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t like about the episode.

For a start it was nice to see Silverfang just stand up and carry on the way he had been, Atomic Samurai is probably the One Punch Mans Shanks/Guildarts for me that I just love him and don’t know why. They destroy the final Melzargard pretty easily.

Then the real battle rages and its a proper battle… To the point that its just crazy shit happening all over the place. Hell Saitama even ends up on the moon. ON THE MOON! Through it all I kind of guessed that Saitama hadn’t used his full power because he still had his bored face on most of the time but it was nice to see him fighting with Boros. I also love that in the middle of Boros’s monologue Saitama got bored and told him to shut up! Honestly I thought his big speech on how he’ll focus all his energy onto healing and speed it up was going to be the way that Saitama defeated him but in the end it came down to Boros’s strongest move against Saitama’s.

No match whatsoever.

That all happened in the first half! Lots of action, lots of fights coming to a end and the ship coming crashing to the ground.

More intrigue piled onto us in the second half.

For a start Drive Knight warns Genos about Metal Knight telling him that he is his enemy, there is something about Metal Knight I don’t like. It isn’t very heroic not giving a shit about things that happen after all, he only showed up at the comet to test something and he only showed up after the fight to salvage the wreckage. The Heroes Association need to kind of rethink their rankings because he’s more of a engineer then a actual hero.

Then you have Sweet Mask who again, though more understandably seeing he’s A-Class, showed up after the fight and had the balls to complain about the wreckage! I’d gotten the point he’s much more powerful then he lets on and his whole “I stay at the top of Rank A so that the unworthy don’t go into S-Class” was interesting but he ALSO doesn’t really seem very heroic.

My favourite is where the relationship between Saitama/Genos and Tornado is going to go from here! They truly do just ignore her. Then again she’s a grouchy person anyway! Even with Saitama punching his way out of the ship her first thought is to moan that he’s B-Rank and shouldn’t be there! Then again I kind of just want to see more of all the heroes and how they actually look at Saitama now in general.

That I guess is the one thing I’m gonna miss most is seeing people reacting to the things that Saitama does. I mean no one saw him fighting Boros and all the survivors who might have been able to pick him out as the guy that caused havock in the ship were killed by Sweet Mask so its just another great opportunity for Saitama to show his skills being hidden away. I kind of wanted to know how people felt about him after this, I mean its obvious Silverfang respects him but it would be interesting to see how someone else felt after figuring out what he’d actually done. In a way with his prissy attitude I kind of wanted to hear what Sweet Mask had to say.

Either way…..

Man was that episode good!!!

As promised I am here for all the One Punch Man fans who need a hug. Stand in line, you get a hug and a cookie and a glass of milk.

Brealche very smartly said they were going to start reading the manga and that is exactly what I’m going to do and will probably write about them on Sundays now to get over not having the anime to watch!

It has been one of my favourite animes of 2015 and it ended on such a high! Such brilliant humour, so much fun…

I’ll have a full season review out ASAP (probably tomorrow!) but man was it a good one!


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