One Piece : The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive

Chapter 810

Well apparently that is the title of the manga and guess who got really excited thinking that we might actually get to see a whole load of Sanji at long last?!

Not me because I’m not stupid.

Then again I’m not upset either by the fact that it ended where the Straw Hats came in.


Because it was a bloody gruesome chapter that made me want to do very nasty things to Jack. It had my hooked from the first page to the last page, it made me squirm in my seat at just how… Cruel it was and was only ruined a little bit by a return to narrating in the present.

We see what happened on those crosses, we find out that the Straw Hats did and didn’t help the Mink Tribe and all the others and we end with the ghastly vision of Inuarashi and Nekomamushi tied to them with limbs cut off and all sorts of nasty wounds after being tortured by Jack and crew to find out the whereabouts of this warrior that no one knows anything about.

I tell you this, if there is one hidden away in the forest or something, even if he didn’t know what was happening, I’ll want him dead. If they are protecting someone (though we’ve been given no indication that what they are saying is false) then I’ll love Inuarashi and Nekomamushi even more. If its someone with us then I think I’ll cry.

Thing is though I care now about Inuarashi and Nekomamushi because they are so obviously more then badass it is unbelievable. I don’t care about the Minks. Like in the Dressrosa arc just too many people are introduced at once, too many concepts and stories that I find myself thinking “well who cares?!”

That is why I’m obsessed with saying WHAT THE HELL ABOUT SANJI?! HURRY THE F UP!!! because I don’t CARE about any one else and I won’t be given a reason to care. Yes horrible things happened to them and I feel sorry for them, and I’ve grown to love Inuarashi and Nekomamushi because of how much they’d give up and still be defiant to the end. The other Minks? I mean the dog one I’m sure is meant to be one that we care about, she’ll probably be the one that goes with them on whatever journey they end up going on here on Zou but I just don’t.

Someone I do care about, Sanji, and his fate keeps getting dangled in front of me and I’ve waited patiently to find out what has happened.

So yes mixed feelings.

Much better chapter because it focused on showing us the story instead of explaining basic concepts in the most in depth way possible. Got me cringing in my seat and really got some good connection between me and the two big guys on Zou. Teased once more to let us know more about Sanji but was just really the start of their story on Zou.

I really want to know his reaction to seeing what happened, specially as one of them (Inuarashi) has had his leg cut off. I want to see what he does next.

Who actually believes Jack is dead though? I’m guessing for the Marines to say he’s dead they’d have to produce a body? OK so I can’t remember everything I’ve read in One Piece so maybe its happened before but I don’t see the point of the Marines saying they’d kill someone, or anyone saying someone died in a battle with the Marines, if they hadn’t been killed. But I don’t believe he’s dead. They’ve built him up so much to be this massive force of evil, the left hand man of Kaido (the big freakin’ beast that attempts suicide as a hobby) and someone who enjoys torture just to tell us he died off page before we even really learnt of him. I know we saw him GOING to Doffy’s aid but the fact we saw him going to Doffy’s aid and the fact that we’re now getting the story about him makes me think he’s still alive and well.

I now REALLY want to see Inuarashi and Nekomamushi back together! How could they still hate each other when they went through all that together?! I really want to know everything about them.

Again though the problem will be that they’ll try to tell us snippets about everyone, no one will get a real character development through the arc and we’ll be left thinking what could have been instead of crying that we’re leaving them *cough*Rebecca*cough*.

I have read elsewhere (and seeing Thursdays before the new year will be Christmas Eve and New Years Eve) that this is the last One Piece chapter for this year! If so then I have this to say (if not I’ll say it anyway!)

In exactly 7 days time it will mark the absolute moment a year ago that I caught up with One Piece. On the 26th of 2014 I did my first “live” One Piece Manga review (Sai, The Leader of the Happo Navy) and even though I’ve been late once or twice and maybe missed a chapter here or there I’ve done it. A whole year reviewing One Piece! I will attempt to do something to celebrate! Thanks for reading, liking, retweeting, commenting and so on during the year. We’ve shared some great moments, wonderful moments. Its the power of One Piece people!


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