Ask the team a question!!

On all the various platforms we are constantly being messaged with the strangest questions in the world from our favourite pair of socks (I think that was on Tumblr!) to Anna’s favourite penguin.

A lot of the messages, for each and every member of the team, go to Anna’s own e-mail as since Rick changed the Authors page up we haven’t had our own e-mail address on show! So we’re opening up questions! Especially as we’re starting to repeat ourselves now! Though we are happy that so many people want to know our favourite Ice Cream flavours!

If there is anything you want to know about all the authors here on then please send us a e-mail on or obviously alternately leave a comment on this post or send us one through Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook!

We are going to gather up all the questions we’ve already been asked and answered and will answer any new ones that come up in the meantime.

The questions will be posted during the last week of December and whenever we feel we have a lot of questions to answer we’ll make another blog!

Have fun!

E-Mail :
Facebook : Believe in Geek
Tumblr : GKMind
Twitter : Geek__Mind


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