TLC 2015 Review

I’m back after having to spend some time in hospital. My first job is to review TLC.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

New Day (c) vs Lucha Dragons vs The Usos
Winner : NEW DAY

Rusev vs Ryback
Winner : RUSEV

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger

Team ECW vs The Wyatt Family

Kevin Owens (c) vs Dean Ambrose

Paige vs Charlotte (c)

Sheamus (c) vs Roman Reigns
Winner : SHEAMUS

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks wins by submission

I have missed Team BAD and was happy to see on the Kickoff Show that they got to have a bit of a sing-a-long for us who appreciate good Christmas songs.

For all of the commentators protests of Sasha dominating the match it was actually pretty equally fought. Becky has been going strength to strength recently and after a while of not seeing her wrestle I have to say I’m very impressed by where she is now.

The crowd fell asleep though the match though which didn’t really bode well.

I honestly don’t see why they needed Team BAD to cheat I think they’d be much better just having them dominate, all three of them are good enough to do it without having to cheat, especially Sasha. It kind of ruined the ending of a really good match.

Possibly better then half the matches we’ll see on the main card of the event. Go figure.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs The Usos
New Day win by grabbing the title belts

If we hadn’t had the Usos it would have been something else completely! In fact the Usos didn’t do anything for the majority of the match. New Day dominated to begin with and were really the team to watch. The battle of Big E vs both Lucha Dragons was something wonderful. The way he pushed both into the corner using the ladder and bench pressed them both off a ladder later on just proved once more that, even though New Day are a great team, Big E is wasted being in the tag team.

There were great uses of the tables, smaller tables being used as well as the bigger ones. Some great time for all the teams to show off their skills.

Lucha Dragons really make me feel like they need to reinvent the Usos a little bit, the way the commentators talk about the Usos even when they are in the ring with a real fast paced and inventive team just makes you shake your head.

The Lucha Dragons are insane. The Costa del Sol (who knows how to spell it) off the top of the ladder was fucking mind boggling. I’ll give them all credit, they had some bloody guts and I really don’t think any match will top that.

Happy to see New Day walk out with their belts though.

Rusev vs Ryback
Rusev wins by submission

Didn’t need to bother with showing me a catch up on what their feud was about, its a even shitter version of everything Rusev has been doing since his feud with Cena ended.

What I like is the ruthless Rusev was back and in charge. When Rusev was in charge the match was extremely interesting. He’s a much better wrestler then recent months have portrayed him and another guy who its a shame he won’t be in the main event picture at the moment. When Ryback took control it just looked messy.

Anna told me that I might as well have watched RAW the last two weeks because the match was pretty much a carbon copy.

Shame they aren’t doing anything with Rusev. Ryback really needs to be taken off air for a while.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Alberto Del Rio wins by pin fall

The chair match is the stupidest thing in the world. There was just no point to it. Swagger and Del Rio had a great match, they have such great energy in the ring together.

I like seeing Swagger back and getting good TV time.

The match might as well have been a no DQ match and would have gotten the same effect.

The big boots in the corner onto the chairs look vicious and a good way to have Del Rio win but it is still one move that I just don’t get. I get Sasha’s knees in the corner but why would anyone keep themselves at a 90 degree angle just to be stamped on?

Match looked brutal though and that is what counts. Good match from both.

Team ECW vs The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family win by Surviving

Well the Wyatt’s dominated in the early part. Braun Strowman really did look like a monster and it took all four of Team ECW to really put Strowman out before Rowan took over. It was some good TV time for Rowan before being the first person eliminated after finding himself outnumbered whilst about to put D-Von through the table with Rowan’s name on it.


Obviously with Rowan out we get the “number games” speech whilst the Wyatts stage a fightback with Harper, Wyatt and Strowman appearing out of nowhere.

Harper and Wyatt got Rhyno separated from the others in the ring, who knows what actually happened to make the other guys in the match completely disappear but they did. Amazingly Rhyno actually managed to hold his own against Wyatt and Harper until a failed attempt at a Gore and being put through a table from Luke Harper.


Well I felt like I looked away for two seconds, D-Von was on the top rope doing something and then suddenly I looked back and Strowman had put him through a table. Probably should have been paying more attention.


Well…. Bubba and Tommy Dreamer hardly are two people that give up and they don’t. They fight back as well as they can and even get Strowman on the floor buried under some tables. Back in the ring though and Harper manages to throw Dreamer off the ring apron into a table to make the numbers even more uneven.


Bubba isn’t going to give up. He manages to get the Wyatts down before going to set a table on fire and getting a superkick from Harper before Strowman chokeslammed him through a table.


A dominant win for the Wyatt family but at the same time a rather short match which was a shame as I was looking forward to it.

Kevin Owens (c) vs Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

So I like Dean Ambrose but lets be honest Kevin Owens by far is the most entertaining and talented guy they have on the rota. Unless they plan on taking Roman away from the main event and replace him with Owens then having him lose the IC belt is stupid. Ambrose has kind of had his wings clipped a little bit in recent months playing second fiddle to his “brother”. I want the unpredictable Ambrose back.

Another really good match, Owens and Ambrose are two of their best guys right now and the match was pretty awesome.

The only thing I guess that I don’t like about it was the ending. I thought it was brilliant that the Dirty Deeds wasn’t the three count because Owens managed to get two fingers on the rope but then it ended on a really boring roll up which kind of meant nothing.

Would have been more interesting if it had gone on a little longer.

Still think Owens is the greatest specially when he talks shit whilst beating people up.

Paige vs Charlotte (c)
Charlotte wins by submission

Once more, and not for the first time in my life, I’m completely confused in life.

So Paige turns on Charlotte, we’re meant to feel sorry for Charlotte because Paige has turned on her once best friend and we’re meant to be behind Charlotte who is the good guy and be angry because Paige keeps claiming that Charlotte is only here because of her dad.

Cue bringing in Ric Flair, having her turn more and more into Ric with every show, make her everything Paige says she is whilst…. Keeping Paige a bad guy?

So once more women can only be bitches? No good guys vs bad guys? So other then longer matches the Divas Revolution didn’t really do much right?

Charlotte dominated the match, the crowd didn’t care even though apparently we’re meant to believe they did. Charlotte was at her most unlikable since coming to the main roster and the messages in the match were completely off. It didn’t mean the match wasn’t good because it was a good match but it was also stupid story telling. Anna has said a million times that they should have turned Charlotte when she won the championship and that is true, it would have worked much better then Paige turning on PCB.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns
Sheamus wins by grabbing the belt

Match was better then I thought it would be. Sheamus was just as brutal as he’s been in matches against Orton earlier in the year. Reigns was on the back foot for a whole long part of the match and Sheamus easily looked like he’d be able to beat him.

The commentators said that they were trying to destroy each other and that was exactly what they were doing. Sheamus doing White Noise through a table was probably the second coolest move of the night behind Kalisto’s Costa Del Sol onto the ladder.

One thing I have to say is that powerbomb or whatever it is of Roman’s which we’re meant to believe makes him look so strong is actually very poorly executed. He can’t lift people as big as Sheamus and it makes him look silly. Reigns isn’t the strong guy they want him to be and they need to think about reinventing him a little bit. His move set is uninspiring, having him forced on fandom makes us angrier then more willing to cheer him, having sob story forced on us bores us. Reigns is capable of a lot more but his Superman punch is stupid and WWE just won’t learn. Its insanity. How many times do they have to do the same thing before they realize they aren’t going to get the reaction they want? Their best bet is really to make Sheamus a strong champion, and the TLC match went a long way to doing that.

It also broke most of that by having the League of Nations come out and help Sheamus win.

It was a good main event destroyed by the ending and I didn’t even bother watching after Sheamus won.

My Thoughts :

Well it isn’t really fair to say too much as I’ve been out of the loop for a while now.

Its one of the better PPVs I’ve seen this year though and every match was strong. Maybe I enjoyed it more because I hadn’t seen the build up to it but I honestly feel the matches were just generally a better quality then they’ve been most of the year.

Going forward they need to book Sheamus better, he’s the Champion now and he needs to be booked strong. He can be a leader of a cheating group of heels but he needs to be dominant.

League of Nations could be extremely brutal as a team. Have them dominate, have them truly kick some ass. Don’t have them lose, Del Rio and Rusev (kind of) didn’t cheat and looked great. Make them a force to be reckoned with and not a comedy group.

The Divas just need to be sorted out.

They need to think what they are going to do next with the Tag Teams because just doing the same thing isn’t going to work.

I enjoyed the PPV though. Wasn’t too bad.

3 thoughts on “TLC 2015 Review”

  1. Sasha v Becky
    Not a bad match at all. Sasha was in fine form but you kind of want to see more of them three then you get. I love Becky and think she was fantastic but also hope nothing comes of it in the end as I want to see her vs Charlotte next, not particularly for the title but for story.

    Great match, shame it was on the kick off.

    Tag Team Match
    Match of the night (no I’m not biased to tag teams, shut yer dirty word hole!) I thought all three teams put so much into it. Some crazy shit going down like Kalistos Costa del sol off the top of the ladder, Big E bench pressing the Dragons on the ladder and whichever Uce it was splashing Big E (?) On the outside.

    Loved the timing of the match and use of ladders. It didn’t feel too much, didn’t feel like there was too much setting up of ladders or too much stalling.

    Great match for the Dragons who really stole the show.

    Also great to have Xavier calm and collected on commentary. He’s really good there.

    Rusev vs Ryback
    Better then their last two matches. Like the evil Lana being back with Rusev but still a waste of time.

    I love Rybacks personality but he seriously is more boring then the Big Show in the ring.

    Rusev back to having his mean streak is great.

    US Title
    Loved the match. Shame that they have no faith in Swagger for whatever reasons as he really is something to watch. Him and Del Rio made it all look so easy. Hate the idea of a chair match but they used the chairs to their advantage. Got a little bored of Swagger going for the Swagger Bomb just to have Del Rio put his legs up. Once ok but twice is pushing it.

    Real strong showing for Swagger, if they don’t build on that with so many injuries at the moment then they are idiots. I do love when people bury their opponents with chairs! Loved the rolling cross arm breaker on the ropes, the patriot lock with the chair didn’t look half as good as they wanted it to look. Shame no Colter at ringside. Real shame MexAmerica was so short lived. Hope the feud carries on.

    Team ECW vs Team Wyatt
    Was surprised only Rowan was eliminated. Might have worked better in story if it had been Wyatt or Strowman, either way it was nice to see a dominant win. After the opening bout it was pretty fast going, didn’t really show off the ECW guys and also relied heavily on Rowan and Harper.

    Loved it all the same! Still can’t believe it was only the other week I was sat next to Rhino having my photo taken! Tommy Dreamer has been confirmed for their Exeter show in Feb so will get to see him wrestle live too!

    Harper should be main eventing.

    IC Title
    I was actually a little disappointed with the match. It felt flat and seemed kind of pointless to give the belt to Ambrose. In fact everything about this feud has felt rushed.

    Kind of hoping Owens doesn’t disappear down the midcard. Way too entertaining to be lost.

    But yes the match was slightly muted. Shame as I’ve enjoyed watching most of their matches this year.

    Divas Championship
    Seriously creative have screwed up.

    Don’t feed us “evil Paige” just to make her right in the end. It’s like they don’t have someone who keeps a eye on what they’ve done a few weeks prior. Too soon or too late to have Charlotte turn. It feels more like a way to get her dad on TV more then something for Charlotte herself.

    I wasn’t much of a fan of Charlotte when she came up to the main roster. Hadn’t seen much of her but her character annoyed me. Charlotte is too good to be clowning about like her dad or having daddy save her. What was the point of bringing up the Divas the whole world think were soooo much better just to have them all act the same?

    World Title
    It was a fucking awesome match but why oh why couldn’t sheamus win it on his own steam? SERIOUSLY?!

    I mean it’s probably the only Reigns match I’ve enjoyed all year and they ruin the ending to add yet another chapter in the Roman Reigns book of being screwed. Einstein said something about insanity being someone doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result….

    I give you creative insane decision on how to book Roman Reigns.

    Reigns vs Sheamus could be brilliant. Instead they just seem scared to do anything different with Roman. I know he’s popular, I’m a fan myself! But the crowd don’t wanna get behind him so it’s a waste of his potential to keep doing the same thing hoping the crowd will change their mind. Most people I know who boo Reigns do so because they want something different because he can’t do promos or make them believe in his Superman bullshit so change it up.

    Other then the ending it was a good match.

    PPV better then it’s build up! I’ve watched less WWE in the last month then I have all year. Kind of think RAW really needs to lose a hour. Was a good PPV though!

    1. Man… you alright little buddy you gone a whole post about wrestling without mentioning Eddie Ryan. I might need to fly to England and make sure you ain’t dead.

      I agree with most of what you say. Kinda wish they’d give Roman the belt just so we can get the inevitable title reign outta the way. They seem set on never changing him up.

      I loved the IC match. Seriously how can you find Owens bland?!???

      As you like tag team wrestling what would you do going forward?

      1. Number 1 shut up. Number 2 I’ve promised not to talk about him! Number 3 shut up. Number 4 delete the cruelness. Number 5 he is better then all them other then Sheamus *grumbles*… (that’s a joke for you people with no sense of humour! I did also promise to make my jokes more obvious !)

        Well I’ve seen the RAW spoiler so at least it’s happened now. I love all three of the ex-shield boys but man do creative test my patience with how they book them. Let’s hope they actually do something original and interesting now.

        I didn’t say I found him bland. The match was bland. It was bland because the build up was bland, it was predictable and it felt uninspired (not the guys the booking.) Owens is never and will never be bland!

        This’ll surprise you but I’d send in The Ascension. Seriously Titus deserves a singles push so The Ascension are the only team, if booked right, that can be a threat. Maybe have NXT tag teams take over? But I have read a few things that the NXT guys aren’t in a rush to move up. They need to match someone’s charisma up against New day. No one on the main roster can do that unless Sheamus and Barrett start teaming again.

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