One Punch Man : The Dominator of the Universe

Episode 11

“Zen uchū no hasha” (全宇宙の覇者)

Some ship came down from the heavens above last episode and blew the hell out of City A. All the S-Class heroes, who had been called together to predict any up coming problems and figure out ways to protect themselves, are out in force to stop a unbeatable alien (like a clay man really, not a Golem though) whilst Saitama is the only one who has boarded the ship.

AND this is the penultimate episode. So sad times all round boys and girls.

Funny thing this episode. It felt like it was over in a flash and I find it hard to really talk about what happened.

Honestly three things happened, intertwined with each other. The battle between Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, Pri-Pri Prisoner, Silver Fang and the clay guy Melzalgald. Melzalgad was talking to a psychic alien on the ship and asks for another bombardment which Tornado arrives just in time to stop and send back to the ship.

Saitama runs around the ship some more, kills the psychic alien and proceeds to the boss Boros whose story is pretty much like Saitamas – strongest thing in the universe looking for something to stimulate him after being bored for so long. Cue cliffhanger when Saitama’s punch doesn’t destroy him in one go.

Then the smaller but kind of most endearing part of the show. Mumen Rider, Stinger and Max showing up to help evacuate and find survivors from the first bombardment. If that doesn’t make them go up in rank I don’t know what will!

There was so much action that it went so fast, in fact I would have been happy with one long episode of watching Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, Pri-Pri Prisoner and Silver Fang beating up Melzalgald. Honestly their strategy was beat it up until something better showed up. Metal Bat finally realised that there were marble like things inside Melzalgald that will destroy part of him if you destroy it. Of course they were left with their own cliffhanger with Silver Fang looking dead and Melzalgald threatening Atomic Samurai.

When I realised that next week was the final episode it made me sad because this episode really got me hyped up to see more action and we get one more episode. I just want to see all of the heroes, I’m being greedy but I really do.

I quite liked Melzalgald, its a shame that he never came across Saitama because I doubt that just punching him would do the trick seeing that you had to destroy the marbles, surely the marbles would be pretty safe until they are out in the open else someone would have accidentally smashed one before Metal Bat figured it out? Its kind of a battle I’d have liked to see.

What I really liked was kind of showing that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In the Sea King story we had Mumen Rider spell it out to us but you can really see the heroes and the guys that just want the attention when these things happen. Mumen, Max and Stinger aren’t gonna be able to bring any of the aliens attacking down but that isn’t the only part of being a hero so they are there anyway, putting their life at risk to help people in need. I think that is pretty much the sweetest thing that happened.

Pretty much the most impressive thing for me when it comes to One Punch Man is how EVERYONE is different. All the heroes are heroes for different reasons, are motivated for different reasons, fight in different ways, have different strengths and weaknesses and no two heroes we’ve met are ever alike. You have ones like the Tanktops who are more like bullies that can’t really do much so bring other people down, you have people with emotional back stories like Genos and people doing it for fun like Saitama. It makes you feel like you’ll never scratch the surface of the world you’ve been put into but makes you want to explore it even more.

Honestly though its a big downer to learn that we’re on the countdown to the last episode. Next week I will organise a group hug don’t you worry!

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