TLC 2015 Predictions

This will be my last WWE blog as Pete will be back for the review of TLC (though I’m not sure he’s doing it live) and everything afterwards.

So lets have a look at TLC.


What a boring…… Well you can’t truly call it a feud or anything as its not really that important. They had nothing to do with two guys so made a weak story to include them both.

I really don’t think this is going to be worth watching. Their last two matches which led up to this match were boring so I don’t hold much hope for it.

I kind of feel the League of Nations have been, for lack of a better termĀ “built up” for a fall. I don’t see what winning would achieve for either or what the whole story is meant to actually mean to them or the fans.


Well at least one of the League of Nations need to win.


Now honestly I look forward to this. There is little point in betting against the ECW originals after all Bray Wyatt has lost CONSTANTLY during 2015. They haven’t even TRIED to make him look scary. He’s been wasted and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Why bring in Tommy Dreamer and Rhino just to have them lose? For all the rehyping of the unbeatable Braun Strowman he’s being beaten easier every single time.

I think it’ll be my favourite match of the night though. I like the ECW Originals (I still want to grow up to be like Tommy Dreamer) and I like the Wyatt Family so its bound to be fun.

PREDICTION : The Wyatt Family

I went against my own prediction one paragraph earlier. Mainly because if I think its obvious that the Wyatts are going to lose then I’m probably wrong. I guess they have nothing to lose having them beat Team ECW, I mean unlike Roman and Dean you can’t get Team ECW more over and no matter how much they lose they are still legends so…. Maybe just maybe they’ll give one win to the Wyatts.


This one is hard to figure out. I don’t know what they are planning on doing with MexAmerica, I can only feel they were going to turn Cesaro and have him join League of Nations because the last two weeks have been strange when it comes to Del Rio.

I feel that we’re either going to see LoN drop their belts or stay strong. Either way I don’t see why Del Rio would drop his belt to Swagger. I mean I love Jack Swagger but I’m not sure why they’d give him the belt right now.

If you haven’t guessed I just don’t know!

PREDICTION : Alberto Del Rio

I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. I don’t think they’ll give a belt to Swagger but they might reunite him with Colter (if they didn’t already on SmackDown which once again I haven’t bothered watching) and build him up to beat him at the Royal Rumble or some such.


Right. So I’m pretty certain it’ll be The Usos. I feel the way they’ve built it up on RAW (god knows with SmackDown) that we’re going to get a shift of power from LoN to Team Reigns.

The Usos, for who knows what reasons, are the super popular tag team that have just returned. I mean I don’t get the whole Uso crazy stuff and I REALLY don’t see how they are exciting when in a match against the Lucha Dragons who are much more exciting then a few super kicks and so on..

Still think they’ll win. They need something new for the New Day, they are starting to rely on them too much on RAW and SmackDown but just having them brag about being wonderful is getting old (the longer their promos run) so having them chase for a while will give them a bit of a shake up. Plus a ladder match really does play into the Usos and Dragons hands.


I honestly think the power shift to Team Reigns is happening. I mean why else have them all in title matches? Why have their fates attached to Reigns in the first place?


I’d have kinda liked it to be a ladders match or a tables match or something. Why not give the women a gimmick match? I’m sure they’d be up for it.

I haven’t liked the build up to the match. I feel like they constantly have done the wrong thing. They should have turned Charlotte to begin with instead of have Paige turn on her team. They shouldn’t have had Ric in it as the whole feud with her and Paige is that she ISN’T riding on her fathers coattails… Lots of mixed signals in the story.

Can’t see Charlotte losing, I think she’ll be holding that title for a good long while yet. Possibly building up to a big match at Wrestlemania with Sasha.

PREDICTION : Charlotte

Said it all above. Can’t see Charlotte losing.


Again like above with the tag team match I think Ambrose is going to win it. There was no need for Ambrose to be in the title picture and it would have been much more interesting to see Ziggler/Breeze/Owens in a triple threat then having Ambrose there.

They haven’t done anything really with Owens as champion, I mean they don’t have to do anything with him he’s perfectly entertaining on his own but there is so much more that you could do with Owens that its a shame.

PREDICTION : Dean Ambrose

Yeah I really do think this is happening so if it doesn’t I’ll be extremely happy.


How many times a year do we have to have a sob story for Reigns? Its extremely sad that we spend 10 minutes every RAW and SmackDown hearing every terrible thing that has happened to him.

Thing is Sheamus coming down and cashing in the Money in the Bank made people a little sad for Roman. The next night with people constantly reminding the world that Reigns had been champion for 5 minutes and 15 seconds people cared. Roman Reigns then beat the shit out of everyone, League of Nations were made to look a joke and they never really gave Sheamus a chance.

I feel like they got the reaction to Reigns losing that they wanted (though there were plenty of people that looked like they were booing Roman after he lost to Sheamus) and the first RAW they had the fans behind them that they just gave up trying to make Sheamus interesting, trying to make the story believable and just believe that people will care that Reigns is finally champion.

I don’t have any real belief that either story they do will be any good.

PREDICTION : Roman Reigns


I will try and wake up close to the end of TLC and watch it from the beginning to see as much of it as I can before I set off for work. Thing is I walk into work now so leave home at about 7am so will need to be asleep before 12am to wake up with any time to watch anything so will probably wait until I get home after work to watch it.

Let us know your predictions for the night in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “TLC 2015 Predictions”

  1. Pretty much agree but think that Swagger might just get the win. Thinking there might be a DQ in there too so that a result is the same but the belt doesn’t change. Then again how many of the matches are no DQ? Kinda thinking the Divas might end in a DQ.

    Not looking forward to it though. If Reigns doesn’t win then we’ll be stuck with at least another month of poor Reigns. They want us to cheer him yet book him in such a way that no one wants to cheer him.

    1. Yeah I hadn’t thought of DQ for a ending. I guess it was harder because a lot of them are no-DQ matches or at least I’m guessing they are! I mean I don’t exactly know or want to know what brainiac came up with a bloody chair match…. But I’m guessing its gonna be hard to get DQ’d?

      If there is any DQ I’d say Ambrose/Owens. Their feud is kind of entertaining and you don’t need the belt on Ambrose and WWE seems to like him and Reigns being the winner even if it means a DQ but its also hard to see why Owens would go for a DQ win, he’s not really the type.

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