One Piece : Master Nekomamushi

Chapter 809

There are many reasons why I’ve taken so long to get up to date with the latest chapter. One being that the story so far is going very slowly, the other is they seem to be coming out fortnightly therefore giving me a longer time to read them…

Of course the real answer is closer to “I forgot”.

Once more it doesn’t really get to a point. Its like we have to have something dangled in front of us every week just for nothing to really be answered. Instead of just having a flashback telling us what happens we have to go to the present and have it fully explained in the simplest terms possible. Everything that was set in the present was also then easily figured out in dialogue in the flashback.

I don’t doubt by 2017 we’ll find out what happened 10 days ago, at this rate though I’m not sure I care any more! I don’t get why the fans are being left in the dark what exactly happened to Sanji, the crew seem to be flippant about it but we haven’t even got to the point where the crew with Sanji arrive. Its like we get a little bit of story here and a little bit of story there whilst being thrown backwards further then what is happening to the crew.

That isn’t to say that I’m not enjoying it because I am. I love some of the new characters! The Musketeers are awesome and the Duke himself is pretty cool. Jack is terrifying and I kind of hope that we get to see more of him terrorising the place instead of just being told about it all the time, especially if its true he’s been taken out by Fujitora. I don’t just want to see shadowy destruction I want to actually see him be a threat.

Probably the biggest problem is that it looks like Sanji & co had a similar level problem to handle alongside the Dressrosa arc but we’re slowly seeing it instead of just embracing a whole flashback.

Really I guess it doesn’t bother me that much but at the same time I feel myself wishing that it would just get on with telling the story.

I now wanna know more about Master Nekomamushi so the faster it hurries up and tells us about him the happier I’ll be! I kind of want to see him and Duke Inuarashi interact, I guess that’ll be part of the arch, Luffy helping two old friends bury their differences and all that. Its funny that its a cat and a dog though.

Still the Musketeers are my favourite part of the Mink tribe so far and I want to see more of them in action!


2 thoughts on “One Piece : Master Nekomamushi”

  1. The pacing did get slower all of a sudden and although we are getting a lot of information, I think the Sanji thing is weighing us down. We need more information. I normally review One Piece every week but even I’m feeling the effect and will probably continue on with the next chapter now, although I might do a catchup review of the few I missed. From one One Piece Manga reviewer to another, I completely get it. It gets difficult to keep up. Great work with the review though.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I agree with what you say about Sanji. It seems odd that Luffy seems so laid back about it all and we have to have everything about the Mink tribe and Jack explained to the finest detail whilst no one cares that Sanji isn’t there! Hopefully it’ll start to pick up pace soon!

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