One Punch Man : Unparalleled Peril

Episode 10

“Katsute nai hodo no kiki” (かつてない程の危機)

Back to the actual Hero business and we need  new threat for Saitama and Genos!

Its very easy to just love how Saitama wanders through life not caring about anything other then doing what he’s set out to do.

This time out we get to meet the majority of the Class S heroes, get to see a little bit of their personalities as they sit around a table and start to discus the final prophecy of the Seer Madame Shibabawa.

It was seriously interesting to see all the S-Class heroes together, well other then Metal Knight who I truly hate and the number one hero Blast.

How could anyone not love Saitama? I mean the guy just wanders about the place doing as he pleases. He doesn’t care what others think of him, he doesn’t care what he’s ranked or anything. I loved how he sat down at the table with all the S-Class guys like he just belonged there no matter how much people questioned him being there. He was also the first person to move to defend the city, the only one that got onto the ship and the only one at the moment even making a impact.

Of course with all those S-Class heroes around I doubt he’ll get any credit for it not that he’d care if he did or didn’t.

There are so many different personalities in the S-Class but not many that are really likeable. I already kind of liked Silver Fang, will be interesting if we see his top disciple who turned to villaney instead. I also already said I liked Pri-Pri Prisoner and still think the fact that his clothes get destroyed when he bulks up is brilliant as that is what WOULD happen. Tornado is funny and I want to see more of her relationship with Saitama, the fact that he just ignores her is hilarious! Most of the S-Class heroes know how good they are and don’t seem to care about much, they were all very laid back and rather bored by the briefing. How many bloody Tanktops are there?! They all have pretty cool superhero names even if they look a bit strange! Well Watchdog Man looks stupid and has a stupid name but that isn’t the point!

With Saitama on the ship and only Tornado looking like she’s going to do anything other then try and get in touch with Metal Knight it’ll be interesting to see what happens next week when the “boss” arrives.

Thing is surely the Earth being in terrible danger doesn’t necessarily mean there is only one disaster on its way. It could possibly be getting worse and worse?!

Atomic Samurai is so cool though, I love swordsmen.

I just honestly want to see what happens next….

Is Saitama going to get any credit for being the only hero on the ship? Is he going to meet his match and need help? Roll on Sunday!


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