One Punch Man : Road to Hero

“Rōdo to~u hīrō” (ロード・トゥ・ヒーロー)

Not part of the main series but a interesting look into the early days of Saitama’s hero life.

Really I loved this and hope we get some other flashbacks at some point because it was pretty great!

So we join a tracksuit wearing, full haired Saitama beating up on a thief. He rips his trousers in the process and goes to see a tailor who is being threatened for money.

It turns out his old apartment complex is full of criminals of all kinds. To save the shop of the guy who fixes his outfits he has to go and stop them. On the way he believes his money problems will be fixed as most of them have bounties on their heads, without realising the reason the rent was so cheap was because the landlady already knew this and got most of her money from them.

Not only did Saitama lose his home but he also gained his super suit.

We then find out that Saitama has been telling Genos the story and Genos takes the story wrong and decides to go and get him a new super suit.

It was brilliantly crazy just like all One Punch Man episodes are but it had a nice little story going on there. Saitama is a great character, I love that he just wants to be a hero as a hobby and that he really doesn’t care too much about anything other then what he’s doing. I loved the guy he was helping out in the episode but have no idea how he suddenly decided the best way for Saitama to dress is in a overly large pair of bright yellow/orange overalls with a cape and red gloves! Its the strangest thing ever and I’m not surprised that at first Saitama was a little uneasy being seen in it.

I do like seeing flashbacks of Saitama when he was starting out. His whole origin was funny yet banal and it just carries on like that. He’s such a interesting hero to be watching, there is no real “truth and justice” kind of stuff going on its all “I want to be the strongest, I want to beat the strongest” which in its way isn’t very heroic itself. I mean that is usually the origin of the bad guys.

OK so I just wanna see when he starts losing his hair. Now that would be fun to watch!

A nice little treat for everyone!


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