RAW 7/12/15 Review

The strain is real and I will explain why later on in the blog…Matches Quick Overlook :

League of Nations vs The Wyatt Family vs Team Extreme vs Team Reigns

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens

Team BAD vs Team Bella
Winners : TEAM BAD

New Day vs Lucha Dragons

Rusev vs Ryback
Winner :

Jack Swagger vs Stardust

Tommy Dreamer vs Braun Strowman

League of Nations / The Wyatt Family / Team Extreme / Team Reigns


I felt like they tried hard to do something and make something interesting.

It didn’t work.

No one cares that Sheamus is champion, no one cares about League of Nations or the Wyatts or Reigns and company. People kind of get behind the Team Extreme thing because… Well… You’ll always get support for returns like that. Anyone from that kind of period of wrestling will still get cheers.

I mean I was over the moon, the night before I’d been to see Rhino live in Exeter and there he is on RAW the next night. It felt unbelievable.

The Wyatts were by far the only part of the segment that worked.

League of Nations vs The Wyatt Family vs Team Extreme vs Team Reigns
Team Reigns wins by pinfall

A fatal four way 16 man elimination match?

It was as messy as it sounded. There were some cool moments, it was great to see any of Team Extreme in the ring with just about anyone else. It just felt like a waste of time in the end, it was the match you should be excited for but it was a mess and left you scratching your head about 90% of the people in the matches actual storylines right now.

Again when it comes to LoN and Team Reigns you NEED to be getting LoN over as the bad guys, you have to have them as a threat to Reigns and co, you have to have them get the upper hand. That didn’t happen.

The match was alright, loved seeing Dreamer get a pin on the Wyatts, brilliant to see Rhino on RAW but that was about it.

We really could have done without seeing Roman pin Sheamus. Way to make the champion look like a threat…. Just give Reigns the belt and get it over with because this is painful. It also wasted 16 superstars in one match.


You see a little of the Sheamus we SHOULD be getting, promising to give Reigns a lesson later on in the night. That is the Sheamus they should be pushing.

Stardust / Titus O’Neil

These get better and better. You’d think by this time they’d have gotten old but these two are way too funny! Love them both.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

I found the match to be boring. It was quite a long match as well. I guess one big problem is that it just didn’t feel like I had to care about it anymore, Ziggler and Owens were two of the only fit guys in the locker room that hadn’t just been in a match so it was a obvious pairing to go at it (specially as Ziggler/Breeze have been hovering in the IC picture) but having Breeze at ring side was pointless.

That isn’t to say the match was terrible, at this point with RAW I kind of don’t bother with using too much brain power on a match I’ve seen very recently or story lines I know are completely pointless. Owens is always great to watch and I like Ziggler too but man did I not need this match.

The Wyatts

Blah, blah, blah destruction and all that blah blah going to kill Tommy Dreamer.

Neville / The Miz

Now these two are funny, I missed SmackDown last week so have no idea what is going on but they are kind of funny.

Naomi / Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella / Alicia Fox
Naomi / Sasha Banks wins by pin fall

Possibly my favourite match of the night but again it just felt like a match for the sake of wasting time with superstars that were just “hanging about.” I know that isn’t what it is but there is something hollow about the matches in general.

Team BAD are looking just as great as ever and with Team Bella missing a member it kind of felt unbalanced. I kind of want to see something a little different from  them because right now it feels like Team BAD are just there to be the “gang” and Brie and Alicia are now the official female jobbers. End Team Bella and get Brie and Alicia doing something different and make Team BAD more threatening.

A good match and nice to see Naomi pick up the win even if it was from a distraction.


New Day come down and give Team BAD Unicorn horns and start chanting BAD Day Rocks.

Afterwards they do their usual in ring chat to the crowd and we get to see Kofi Kingston pretending to be a cat.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons
Lucha Dragons win by pin fall

Another brilliant match, it feels strange seeing New Day lose because they tend to always have the upper hand but facing two opponents means at least for now the number game has disappeared.

This is one reason why having Reigns and Sheamus in groups is annoying because you have the Usos involved in this story but also in the Reigns one and both seem to be happening without the other really being mentioned.

By this time though the rot had set in and I have to admit that I paid a little bit of attention towards the beginning and not much during the end.


I only put it here because it happened. I managed to miss the whole segment and couldn’t be bothered to go back and check what happened.

Ryback vs Rusev
I think Ryback by DQ but who knows?

Honestly it was just as terrible as the match the week before and probably as terrible as any match these two will have in the coming weeks. Its nice to see Lana back with Rusev though and a slightly different side to both of them.

Ryback I could do without.

Jack Swagger vs Stardust
Jack Swagger wins by submission

The only match I really paid attention to. I love Swagger and Stardust and loved having O’Neil on commentary.

It was nice to see Swagger dominate and get a win. The feud with Del Rio is still going on but again with Del Rio with Sheamus the feud has become a little more empty and hollow.

My favourite match, it was a fun one.

The Rosebush

Great segment and a wonderful way to use Rose.


Well they seem to be on the rocks. It lasted such a long LONG time this new alliance. Honestly think they’ve ruined one of the only things I thought was half interesting on the show.

Tommy Dreamer vs Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman wins by submission

Well it was a Braun Strowman match and suddenly the bear hug of death is a submission move again. Dreamer did what Dreamer always does, goes out as the underdog, entertains and then gets beaten.

Loved the spotty trousers tribute to Dream from Dreamer.

Roman Reigns / Sheamus

The whole thing was back to front. At some point Roman Reigns needs to actually be on the back foot. Yeah people enjoyed chanting Tatertot but that was about all they seemed to enjoy. They are too busy trying to make Reigns “cool” that they have failed at every opportunity to let him develop into one thing or the other.

Of course Sheamus is a wimp and Reigns is the last man standing.

My Thoughts :

Yeah the review sucked. You might think its because I wasn’t paying enough attention or something and you would be right I bloody wasn’t paying attention.

From the moment it started it just felt like it was thrown together. League of Nations were already in the ring, you have four brilliant heels stood there. One of them talks whilst the others just stand there, one of them is brilliant on the mic and he just spends the whole time hopping from foot to foot and grinning.

Everything from that moment till Sheamus went through a table at the hands of Reigns just felt like it was cobbled together because they needed to fill three hours of TV up and didn’t really know what they wanted to do.

The giant hole left by Rollins, Orton and Cena is being felt. Having Cesaro out too is hurting them. What really is hurting them though is their perceived lack of faith in their own stories.

MexAmerica? Already out the window and Del Rio/Swagger felt like a after thought.

Sheamus/Reigns? We’ll be force fed how “up against it” Reigns is and reminded time and time again how CLOSE he has been all year whilst once more seeing him just beat the shit out of people.

Rusev/Ryback? Ziggler/Breeze?

It felt like Superstars/Main Event/Whatever all cobbled together to make a filler show.

Why is this so sad? Because I was so hyped after a good indie show the night before to see RAW. Even more hyped when Rhino (who was at the show) came out. It was full of my favourite wrestlers from Sheamus, Barrett, Rhino and Dreamer all the way to Stardust, Swagger, Naomi and Brie.

Not one match felt like it had anything behind it. All the stories kind of got thrown in the air. We saw the same thing we’ve seen week in week out for a while now. No progression in stories, no real follow on, no threats to faces or big upsets to heels. Nothing.

It just happened.

RAW last week felt the same and I didn’t bother with SmackDown. I only bothered with RAW because I had to watch it after work on Tuesday and already knew Rhino was on it. I won’t be staying up for SmackDown (I was offered over time and took the option) and I won’t be staying up for TLC (again over time related) but I doubt I’m going to be in a rush to catch up either.

There are so many things that are interesting there that could, with some thought, be huge. It feels like no thought has gone into it. Heck I missed a whole segment hanging up my work clothes to dry and when I came back felt like I’d be wasting five minutes of my life going back to probably just hear the same old same old.

I’m kind of hoping that TLC will shake it up because this was just dire. To the point that I was actually reading my friends fanfiction instead of paying attention. Hopefully this will be the last of the terribleness.

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