Pride Promotions Christmas Chaos 2

Santa runs, broken buses and anxiety attacks honestly couldn’t stop me from getting to Exeter to see PWP’s Christmas show featuring Rhino last night (or hopefully last night depending on how long this takes me to write!)

I’ll also get it out of the way. I did get my photo taken with Eddie Ryan (and Jason Larusso…) so I think I win.

Full album of photos on our Facebook Page : Album

WARNING : As always the end is rather photo heavy, I kind of forget that not everyone has fast internet so just be warned.

The UK Dominator – Rhino – Eddie Ryan Q&A

I brought tickets to the Q&A session purely because I wanted to hear from Rhino, didn’t realise that the other two would be there which was a bonus really. It was possibly one of the most interesting things I’ve gone to in my life, the only other thing I think I found as interesting was going to a Q&A session with Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) at a Sci-Fi thing years back.

I ain’t even going to pretend that I remember half of what was said but I don’t tend to go to these kind of things and when I do I always enjoy it. I’ve spent over half my life watching Rhino wrestle and it was interesting to get to hear him talking about his career. He was a proper gentleman too and engaged with the crowd as much as he could. I liked how he always had something positive to say and seemed really happy to talk about just about anything.

Similarly it was interesting to hear what the UK Dominator had to say as well as Eddie Ryan. The UK Dominator was hilarious as he always is and Ryan was interesting. Which kind of sounds weak I know.

Was nice to hear what Rhino had to say and it made me appreciate Eddie Ryan’s fingers much more.

Gideon & Lomax vs Samie Sahin & Panda Cub
Winners : Gideon & Lomax

I can not even explain the happiness that Samie Sahin brings to my life. I’ve seen him twice and both times he’s lost but he’s like a little (OK pretty giant compared to me) ball of happiness.

Samie held his own to start the match up, some great moments when he got to wiggling his booty at his opponents to their distaste.  The Panda’s mask was brilliant but I can’t really remember him doing much other then get beat up a lot.

Gideon and Lomax worked well as a team and they had the outside support of both the UK Dominator and Vixxen, the other members of House of Bones, which didn’t go well for Vixxen who, OK, did cause enough of a distraction twice for her team to get the upper hand and the win but also got a kiss from Samie….

Actually what am I saying she’s probably pretty lucky to get a kiss from Samie.

It was a great opening match. Gideon and Lomax are a great team, Samie was just awesome and watching all of them (well other then Panda) was like watching titans go at it. I mean even from a distance they just look giant. Gideon’s outfit is possibly the coolest thing I saw all night, actually he was pretty damned cool.

Robbie Caine vs Darren Saviour
Winner : Robbie Caine (DQ)

First off I would like to say this about Mr Blue Trunks. I STILL don’t have a photo of him. I mean I have blurs, I have a half decent photo of him but someone put their hand in front of his face, I honestly feel like the fates don’t want me to ever have a photo of him. Seriously it was a joke after I failed to get one at the PWA anniversary show AND the Hurricane show but after some of the photos I got last night I’m 100% sure for some reason I will just never get a good photo of him.

I only want a good photo of him now purely because in three events I’ve managed to never get a good one, though I guess some from the ending were not too bad.

Robbie Caine is brilliant, I do like assholes though and Welsh people amazingly. Which is funny because the instant they realised he was Welsh both my mum and Ros hated him, I didn’t realise we were meant to hate the Welsh I think they are adorable!

I’ve written all this and not mentioned the match at all. It was pretty brilliant, I’ve liked Saviour every time I’ve seen him but I bloody loved watching Caine beat him up. Funnily enough though it was Saviour who got a yellow card for hitting Caine with a water bottle and then a red card for using the exposed turnbuckle that not only did Caine expose but the ref instead of fixing it just threw the cover away in confusion. It was a odd few moments at the end of a good match.

Caine is actually pretty scary and looks like he could take your head off in a second and Saviour can be extremely fast (like a blur.) Saviour wasn’t too pleased about being DQ’d, ref got dropped for the decision. Not that I wasn’t cheering on Saviour or anything. … Poor ref.

JD Knight / Tommy Dean / Scotty Essex vs The Lionhearts / Ultimo Tiger
Winners : The Lionhearts / Ultimo Tiger

My biased is firmly in the washing machine with my Lionhearts t-shirt but I’m still claiming this as the joint best match of the night.

First off just how much Scotty Essex sparkled might not be good for his health. His hair also looked very much like candy floss, I was sure I was watching a Disney villain walking out to the ring. You don’t know what odd is till you see JD Knight standing next to Essex, you couldn’t get two people that contrast more really.

Secondly I loved Ultimo Tigers cape. I mean I love the Lionhearts capes too but boy was Tigers cool?!

It was a great match. It was the first time I saw the Lionhearts wrestle together, as you all know I got a Lionhearts T-Shirt in support of Ryan but Larusso is awesome. I mean I love Ultimo Tiger (Thundercat. …) but I would have been happy to see the Lionhearts on their lonesome. I liked the mixture of the two styles and it was all so very nearly seamless. I loved Larusso just sat in the corner dazed for like 3 or 4 minutes till Ryan whacked him to tag him in. Their double team finisher isn’t as good as PJ Jones and the UK Dominators though…

Wait…. Ultimo Tiger did also wrestle and was awesome. He always is. I love his energy all through the match and he worked pretty well with the Lionhearts. Plus JD Knight is always great fun to watch (when Justin Sysums Cape,  which is NOT cool like the Lionhearts/Ultimo Tigers, isn’t in the way) but it was kind of Scotty Essex that stole it for their team. Obviously the glitter gives him super powers because he was amazing. I don’t know why I’m still amazed at his style in the ring I should know what to expect but I was still pretty amazed.

(I believe I covered up my fangirling well at the end there…)

Big Grizzly(c) vs The UK Dominator vs Chris Andrews vs Rhino
Winner : Big Grizzly

Well… I wanted to see Rhino up close and personal and I was about three seats away from the action when the fight ended up going into the audience and right next to where I was sitting. I don’t think I could have gotten closer without Rhino actually beating me up instead.

It is one of those matches which was exciting because it was all over the place, everyone was on their feet because you couldn’t see unless you were and it kept splitting into two so you were spoilt for choice. Very little of the action stayed in the ring or at least I was so busy watching Rhino and Big Grizzly beating each other up right next to me that I didn’t really notice when Andrews and the UK Dominator got back in the ring. I know they did because I turned around and saw Andrews throwing Dominator around like he was a bag of air or something, he defintely earns his title as the Devon Powerhouse that one does.

I couldn’t really explain it to you. You just kind of had to be there. Rhino was hilarious with the headband thing he kept taking off someone and either putting it on himself or Grizzly. At one point House of Bones came down to help the UK Dominator but we’re sent back to the locker rooms by the Lionhearts. I was spoilt for Eddie Ryan all night really.

I wanted to see the UK Dominator gored. Sad times.

Big Grizzly won after putting Andrews through a table. Funnily a table Andrews and the ref put together… I’m sure he had his reasons!

Kiezer vs Rhino
Winner : Rhino

You can’t really call it a match. Kiezer come down and gobbed off and just after being reminded we never got a gore from Rhino we DID get a gore from Rhino.

King of Christmas Rumble
Winner : Samie Sahin

Is this the right place to do a “Eddie Ryan wuz robbed!!!11!!!!” post? I think it is. Dude was magnificent, Lomax is a ass…

Seriously though I know we all know by now I’m a Eddie Ryan fan girl, the cat was let out of that bag two months ago and I’ve been trying to cover the cracks in my demented little fangirl bubble since. This is why I’m a fan of his though.

True fact before last month I couldn’t tell you what he looked like other then he had a beard so no “you only like him because he’s attractive” shit please, in fact why the hell anyone ever brings that up I don’t bloody know (you know who you are!) I think Roman Reigns is attractive and the most boring wrestler I’ve ever had to watch.

He made the match. He was everywhere. Heck if you took your eyes off him ten seconds later he was screaming and you were looking at him again. He was the second guy in (only because Kiezer wouldn’t get out) and he kicked ass. Obviously that was the point because there ain’t no point to have someone who hid in the carnage and came out last anyway being the person to be “screwed” but Ryan was pretty magnificent.  It’s WHY I paid attention to him to become a fan. Everything about him is just brilliant to watch. He always is.

Of course regardless of all that I’m happy Samie won… I dunno sulky Eddie Ryan and Samie winning was probably the best result ever. Lomax cheated and it broke my heart but to be honest it was funny how a giant like him could be completely missed. Him vs Samie in the opening match was like the unmovable object meeting the unstoppable juggernaut so it was great to see it again at the end. All joking (and fangirling) aside and I do really like Lomax.

To be fair I think Darren Saviour was also screwed…. I say think because I can’t remember if it was him eliminating Caine and then Caine eliminating Saviour or if it was someone else. It’s stuck in my head with those two but it could have been someone else.

Larusso was great in there too. At one point all the big nasty ones ganged up on him and it was sad because he looked tiny compared to everyone else.

It’ll be Samie vs Grizzly for the title in February (I’m going to the event! Can’t wait!) Now that will be a clash worth watching!

It was another great night though obviously as always for people with anxiety things are always going to go wrong and even when you plan for things to go wrong its going to trigger you so just be careful when travelling (my train just didn’t work so we were 50 minutes late then walked into a crowd of people and I felt like turning back and going home before the event even started! Happy I didn’t!)

There is a whole bunch of their events I’m planning on going to at the start of next year including their return to Plymouth. It was a lot of fun.

As always their Facebook page :
Twitter :

My favourite matches of the night were the Six Man tag and the Christmas Rumble but Samie really stole the show.


Meet & Greet

Yeah the review is over this is just basically the fangirling even more section (long term followers of my blogs will be used to this from 5 years of F1 blogging!)

I’m kinda proud of myself. First off Lomax pfft my t-shirt and my comeback might have been weak and pointless but I made it. No one pffts at my Lionhearts t-shirt!

Secondly I didn’t throw up when I got close to Eddie Ryan. Maybe because I was busy laughing at Robbie Caine flirting with Ros to wind her up after he was told she’s shy… Eddie Ryan is tall… or I’m just short. .. Either way he isn’t real, I’ve stood next to him he isn’t real. I vaguely remember looking at him once and then being blinded.

I also asked Rhino on my lonesome to have have a photo with him. Why is this important? I suffer from anxiety and can’t ask for help at a supermarket! I almost cried standing next to the Lionhearts one of whom I’d only seen on that very night! Rhino, dude who I’ve supported since I was 10, just walked up to him and asked for a photo.

Honestly I’ve shaken Kurt Angles hand, asked Rhino for a photo and had a hug from Colin Baker but I can’t even look at Eddie Ryan close up without wanting to cry.

I have also just realised in a blog roughly 2,200 words long 1000 of those words are probably Eddie Ryan’s name. I have it out of my system and will never mention him again (well… other then in our end of year look back blogs, he’s made at least one top 10!)

14 thoughts on “Pride Promotions Christmas Chaos 2”

  1. “Wait…. Ultimo Tiger did also wrestle and was awesome.” – That’s some wonderful reviewing you did there. At least you remembered something other then the Lionhearts happened in their match 😛

    Did you do a word count and see how many times you put Eddie Ryans name or Lionhearts into the review? I’d be interested to know numbers 😛

    When is the next show you going to? The OH has brought you something to save your life when it comes to batteries 😉 he’s going to bring me down with it but kind of really wants to go to a show as well so would be helpful to know when you are going to one next to see if we can get down for it! I am 100% interested in seeing the boots for myself 😉 😛

    1. Whoa there… I covered my tracks well I’ll have you know!

      I believe its PWA in January, I’m not going to another Pride show until their Plymouth show in February (mainly as tickets to Taunton are horrible…) PWA is possibly the 17th? That number is in my head for some reason and its a Sunday so without checking up on Facebook I’m going with that.

      1. Oh dear…. You think ANYONE who read that didn’t realise its all about Eddie Ryan? I thought Ultimo Tiger was one of your favourites and he was just a after thought 😛 ?

        We could have a show of hands. Who thinks she covered her tracks well and who thinks she’s just obsessed with Eddie Ryan?

        Well I stupidly sent off your present (which will come sometime in the next week) thinking you’d need it as we can’t make that show then realised that you live in Plymouth and you might not need it till February when we COULD come to one of the many shows! Your Christmas pressie should be here today! It only takes three days so if it isn’t here by the end of today (Saturday 12th) let me know and I’ll complain! Christmas card should be here there by Monday!

        1. Fine. I vote that I covered my tracks well.

          Ultimo Tiger (who I still love calling Thundercat) is one of my favourites. Its why I back tracked when I realised I hadn’t mentioned how awesome HE was just how awesome his CAPE was. I would have asked for a photo with him if it wasn’t for the fact he was on the table in between Eddie Ryan and Rhino and therefore I was too terrified to even speak at that point! He’s really fun to watch and the bonus is he’s so easy to get good photos of, even though he’s fast for some reason my phone LOVES taking photos of him and so did the iPhone! Again he’s someone that if you ever saw being advertised to show up at a event you should just buy the ticket, don’t think about it just do it because you’ll get your moneys worth just in his match alone.

          To be fair you could say the same for most of the guys from this show though. Again like I said to Alexx (though you don’t need to fly down here) you should just come down here and I’ll buy a ticket for you to go see Saime wrestle because you don’t know what happiness is till you’ve seen him. My friend got her photo taken with the Lionhearts and all you really can see in the photo is Saime pulling faces photobombing in the background! Hell I get paid £400 a month but if you all wanna come down and see the February show here in Plymouth you can all stay at mine and I’ll buy you tickets 😛 .

          Hahaha I’ll let you know if anything comes 🙂 you might hear as I’ll be screaming for my life as I have both Gimli and Doodle today and neither like people coming to the door! I can’t wait for my pressies 🙂 and my card!

          1. I vote that you didn’t.

            I did vaguely remember you telling me he was your favourite at one show! Happy that I wasn’t making it up in my head! Shame he was overshadowed by both his cape and the Lionhearts 😉

            We are thinking of coming down for the February show! The OH wants to see Billy Gunn and wants to see how you actually react when Eddie Ryan comes down! He doesn’t get that kind of entertainment with me!! He was talking to me about RAW the other night and I was only half able to understand what he was saying! Can you tell us what week the Plymouth one and what week the Pride ones are? I believe even if I don’t get time off work he wants to go and see both shows. Trust me he’ll move down there with you just to go see shows AND he drives so you’ll have no trouble going to ALL the shows 😉 you just have to put up with a big grumpy Scottish hairy beastie.

            And seeing you are now officially reviewing more of the show then you did in the review I have another question! Darren Saviour – I know you’ve seen him a few times and his name always stands out for some odd reason. How highly do you rate him? Because I’m sure you talk about him to the other guys when randomly talking about wrestling but you don’t really say much about him in the reviews. His name is just one I remember and after reading (and re-checking other reviews) I’m not sure why!

            Hopefully they’ll come today as you’ll love your present and your card! The other thing we got you you’ll love but it wasn’t for Christmas it was just a general “keep on going to events OR ELSE!” plus we know the S6 has a terrible battery but a better camera and felt sorry for you that you had to have your photo with Rhino on a iPhone and it ended up blurry – am I right in thinking that the S6 has photo stablizing on it therefore the risk of that happening if your S6 was working would have been minimal? Plus even though you’re determined not to get another Lionhearts photo I want to see a better quality one with your S6 😉 so our extra pressie is to help with that!

            1. Yeah you didn’t remember wrong. I like fast guys. I guess as a kid I grew up with that becoming a big thing, my all time favs include a whole host of Cruiserweight and XDivision guys (Hurricane, Billy Kidman, Jericho, Shelley and so on) so instantly Ultimo Tiger is at a slight advantage because other then tag team wrestling which is my fav his style is already something i love to watch. Add onto that the fact that the guy makes it look so easy all the time. It’s also why I love Scotty Essex. You look at Ultimo Tiger and you know roughly what to expect but you don’t expect it from someone who looks like Scotty which just makes him so much more awesome (not then Ultimo Tiger but in general.)

              Plus he wasn’t really overshadowed. Lionhearts are a tag team and for the greater part of the match they worked as a team with Tiger coming in here and there. Yeah he worked well with them but they just worked perfectly. The problem is I don’t write anything down so by the time I get home I tend to remember the impression left in my mind then the actual nitty gritty of what happened.

              Haha no thanks! I can live with missing shows but he’d steal all my mini haggis!!!! I’ll send you a text with the dates! See this is why you need Facebook so you can like their pages and see for yourself!

              Saviour? I rate him pretty highly. He’s brilliant in the ring and his match this time out was my favourite of his that I’ve seen. Maybe you remember his name because in the first review I couldn’t remember his name so called him Blue Trunks and I then since have been unable to get a good photo of him? I possibly have mentioned him once or twice but I’m not sure why his name would stand out to you. .. He’s one of the most talented guys there I’ve only seen him three times though. Ask me again this time next year!

              Haha you’ve given away what it is now! I physically can’t have another photo with the Lionhearts as I’ve decided Eddie Ryan is a figment of my imagination
              Maybe I can ask just for a photo with Jason, would that work?

        2. Whilst I agree with Amanda that your fangirl self was never hidden I have to stick up for Anna in saying you are both wrong. The name Eddie Ryan only appeared 16 times and Lionhearts 11. So her Twitter threat that it could have been worse is accurate.

          So for the show of hands you didn’t really cover any tracks.

          Happy you had a good time though. If you ever need a third to go to Exeter as long as I’m not working I’ll go, I will also take better photos as I have no real interest in wrestling other then the story telling therefore will not complain that someone isn’t there or not pay attention. I refuse to go anywhere near Newton Abbot though and I might have a friend (might) that can drive you to Tavi and back though I’m sure when I had to get a taxi back from Tavi it was only about £40. I’m sure you’ll be able to afford that if you can’t find someone to drive you there! Plus, to go along with the being a third and a later comment about not writing things down, I do not mind being a scribe for you so that you have better notes then “I think that happened to this guy.” Then again the Plymouth ones tend to be a little better because you do them when you get home.

  2. Good review. I have a few questions.

    First what made the two matches you highlighted the matches of the night? Second would you recommend seeing one of their shows? And last are you going to another show of theirs?

    1. Thanks!

      I like Rumble matches in general so the Rumble was always going to be a favourite. I loved the ending of the match and love that Samie won.

      The 6 man tag match? I just think it’s impossible to have Eddie Ryan, Scotty Essex or Ultimo Tiger in a bad match. All three are amazing to watch and the Lionhearts are a brilliant team.

      I will always recommend them if you can get to one if their shows. Very friendly, well organised and a great show all around.

      I’m 100% going to their return to Plymouth, will probably go to any Exeter shows during the year and I think they are doing one in Tavistock which I’ll be able to go too.

  3. Have to agree with Pete on Facebook, managed to get a decent photo of a Gore in motion unlike him who has tried his whole adult life and the best he got was a picture of his fingers.

    Out of all the US wrestlers you’ve seen this year where would you put seeing Rhino? How high up does this show rank compared to the others??

    Also I’m very happy to see you had a good time, I saw you struggling on Twitter and me and Pete were pretty worried. How the hell did you then manage to get a photo with anyone let alone the guy you’ve been obsessing over for the last month or so and fucking Rhino? Me and Pete are gonna send you some anxiety beads and a few other things to try and help with it for next time.

  4. Hehe as I said the thing was I thought I took a load of photos but my phone was dying on me and had had enough of taking photos! It was pure luck! Then again Pete can’t take photos anyway regardless! I remember the infamous picture of Alex Shelley that kind of was his chin and shoulder and we were meant to understand why all the photos after that seemed to be of his chest…….. I still claim that Pete is gay for Shelley!

    Rhino was probably the best. All four were cool though but I think it was just a better match in general. The others were all in tag team matches so it isn’t really the same.

    Yeah ha I know! I don’t know how I did it. Honestly the train broke down (I meant train not bus in the opening sentence, I ALWAYS call trains buses for some reason!) and we were 50 minutes late. I thought “good, at least now we don’t have so long to wait” but honestly I hate Exeter city centre, it was packed and unlike Plymouth where there is no roads running down the middle of it the pavements are so small that you are constantly being walked into. Also unlike Plymouth there isn’t a Subway on every corner so after hyperventilating trying to get into one I gave up!

    We then decided the best thing for it is just to find the venue so that we don’t panic closer to the time THEN I was panicking for stupid reasons. When we found (roughly) where we were going we went off to a Co-op where I had another anxiety attack because it was like the one we have in Shallowford Road which is stupidly small and you have to walk single file down the aisles because its so crammed! Not that you know the joys of Shallowford Road Co-op! It didn’t help that my mum and Ros were determined I just KNEW where we were going so I was doing my best to navigate our way there just to have them every ten seconds asking me where we were going! When I started to panic about that they started having a go at me for being stressy even though they’d just seen me break down like 90 times in a row and as both suffer from different forms of anxiety should’ve known better then to be stressing me out.

    The show calmed me down a lot though, I was a bit nervous of taking photos though it didn’t seem to stop me doing it anyway whenever someone I liked came on! Then my friend set my anxiety off again because I was surrounded by people and she kept asking me the same questions over… and over… and over again. And then because my mum wasn’t paying attention SHE’D ask me the same question!

    90% of those problems will never happen again, trains always make me nervous, I don’t like public transport at all, but I know where I’m going, I know that it doesn’t take long to get back to the train station and I know I’ll be fine when I get inside. Leave a little later and don’t go too far into the city centre! I’m ready for the next time!!! Then again I might be going to their Newton Abbot show before then so all of the above will once more apply!

    Sorry that was a rather long reply that you never truly asked for! Short version is I don’t have a clue. I’m still surprised I was able to ask Rhino for a photo full stop let alone just after I got to stand next to Eddie Ryan! Some people do say being bombarded by the things you hate makes you stronger (though if ANYONE tries that with spiders I will fucking kill you!) so maybe I just need to be bombarded with men that look like Asher Forrester and my social anxiety will disappear?!

    1. We all know that’s the truth. He’s not subtle with his crushing over Shelley.

      I thought you were a fan of tag team wrestling? In fact you are the only person I have ever met that likes it more then singles wrestling.

      Asher who? I’m sure Amanda can figure something out to help you get over your social anxiety if all it takes is being surrounded by good looking people.

      It sounds like a nightmare yet you’ve not said a single negative thing in the review. Sometimes I’m amazed by how positive you can be even in the middle of something so personally terrible. I know some people joke about it a lot but I know how hard it must have been for you to even stand near the Lionhearts so me and Pete are both very proud. We didn’t think you’d do it. In fact Pete thought you’d stand outside and wait for the other two to come out!

      1. Haha too true!

        Yeah but it’s different. You go back to April and the match of the night was the Championship match between Danny Walsh and (no surprise) Eddie Ryan. Keep in mind I’d seen James Storm and Abyss live before anyway and the match was more being hyped about them being there then even coming close to the match before it. As for Hurricane, he’s my hero and I loved it but there were 5 other guys (including again, as if you couldn’t guess, Eddie Ryan) whereas ok this was a fatal four way match but Rhino was constantly fighting someone. The other two times it felt like “this is a big American wrestler who will now wrestle” whereas Rhino just kind’ve fit right in. Again I struggle to word it right but all four of them are guys I love and Hurricane is one of my heroes but I shall never forget seeing Rhino wrestle EVER.

        Have you not played TellTales Game of Thrones game?! You honestly don’t know my baby bear Cub?

        Haha I felt like doing just that! You two know how much I love wrestling, it’s how I met you both online! I’ll never forget mine and Petes stories (partly written as well by Leigha! ) about the Motorcity Machine Guns. I’m not gonna talk negative about something that makes me happy just because the rest of the day was negative. The ride home gave me a migraine like travelling on the train always does! It means nothing when it comes to the show though. Seriously you two need to move to the UK because you are missing out 😂 Saime Sahin Is the greatest man on this planet and to think you two will never see him wrestle…. I might need to buy you one of their DVDS! Plus you’ve never seen Eddie Ryan 😐 I know Pete might not be let in the country on fear he might die at any given point but you NEED to see him live. Honestly! All the jokes about him being pretty started last month (I’m still not as shallow as you all think I am!) Back in April he and Danny had a match I said was worth the price of the ticket alone. Man Pete would crush on him more then Alex Shelley 😂! Honestly come to the UK at any point and I’ll buy you tickets it’ll be worth the plane tickets over here I promise !!

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