Monkey Island : LeChuck’s Revenge Part 6

Not so sure how much more we have to do but by god are we going to do our best to beat LeChuck once more, save the day and find Elaine!

I hope.

Or at least win custody of mini-Guybrush.

Well Wally is in danger! WALLY!

We go to Wally and give him the Lighthouse Lens in place of his Monocle which Captain Dread has and then give him our map pieces. He’s going to mend our map whilst we go and get his Love Potion from the Voodoo Lady. As you can tell when we visit the Voodoo Lady she gets a disturbance in the “force” from a “tiny voice” and we just know that Wally is in trouble.

When you head back to Wally’s, notice the giant crate on the shore which wasn’t there before but just ignore it because you can’t do anything till you get back to Wally’s. As you can guess Wally has disappeared and left a scrawled note saying simply “LeChuck” in his table. We need to go back to the crate and climb for….


Keep walking to the right and you’ll find the entrance to the fortress. If you carry on to the right you’ll find Wally! WALLY! Still alive and… Hanging…. But cheerful… Or at least a little bit… He wants us to save him!!! Though even though I think I can see the door to the office we aren’t allowed. Why not? Wally is wonderful.

Back in the room with the signs and just in front of the signs is a back tunnel.

Now remember these guys?

Remember that you wrote down a song that they’d sung? Well you can read it on the spit encrusted paper. Obviously it relates to the strange boney type things on the back wall. So a Hip Bone connected to a Head Bone means that the ribs are at the top and a skull is underneath. Push whichever one matches the verse (4 verses, 4 rooms) go right into the next room if there isn’t anything that matches, and finally you’ll come to a locked door.

If you have been paying attention you’ll know that these are the rooms that Lechuck has spent the last Act having a rant at Largo in.

Now after a lot more moaning, ranting and generally being angry about life itself because I had no idea how to open the door I realised that all you have to do is push it and a doggy door opens.


Inside is LeChucks Voodoo throne and the key to Wally’s jail cell! YAY we CAN save Wally!!!

Just its all a trap. Oh dear oh DEAR. You end up dangling over a vat of acid with Wally. LeChuck tells you that he’s set up a rather stupid trap to kill you and its your turn to get out of it. You do get to ask LeChuck questions and there are some dozy’s in there so its worth not just going past the dialogue options. Not sure how happy he is being asked inane questions and he soon cuts it out when he realises that you aren’t going to ask him anything of importance!

They really don’t like to make things easy for us right? I mean I had to actually tap everything one more before it works. In the end you have to spit so take a drink at the green stuff and spit at the bottom of the shield (or anywhere on the shield for the heck of it) till you hit the candle. You end up in the dark, two little eyes blinking ready for us to light the matches.


And then there be dynamite and for some reason we drop the match and get blown to…


Dinky Island lives up to its name. There isn’t much too it and you end up on a beach with a strange old fella that you might recognise.

Yes Herman is back! Wooo Herman! You can talk to him but he isn’t much help, though if you sit for a good few minutes trying to answer his philospohy question you learn… Not to bother. Thanks Herman!

Once more this is all about clicking madly till something makes sense. There is a crowbar on the floor so we pick that up. Crowbar and crates = disaster but the barrel works well! Oh look a cracker! I wonder what feathered friend wants a cracker! Oh look stupid bird gives us stupid clue. I can’t go any further East then Herman, oh look if I go West I find a entrance into a jungle and can go East. Look the Dinosaur and the BIRD is here too. Wait I have no more crackers.


That is the exact thought process of anyone playing Click-and-Points. You then back track. Well there is a extra path just as you walk into the jungle maybe that way? Oh look a bag which you would have completely missed if you hadn’t seen the other path and just followed the birds route. What’s in the bag…. Cracker mix? Ohh goody now…. I need water.

The thing is the background of all the scenes are so detailed that its easy to miss certain clues. In this case its a glass below the Still which you then fill with sea water to poor into the Still and get normal water which you can then use with the cracker mix to make two new crackers. Yes you’ve guessed it there are two more parts to the Parrot saga, though its as easy as giving him a cracker then moving on. FINALLY you find a Big X.

Yes that darned Herman has a short cut not that it’ll bother you much as with your handy shovel you’ll be digging this bad boy up! You’ll also be blowing it up with dynamite.

That then leaves you hanging in a hole where you began. Suddenly your rope breaks and you fall down into a tunnel inhabited by LeChuck who informs you that duh duh dummmmmmm  he’s your brother!

The next bit is simple yet frustrating.

You are in a tunnel. There are about three or four rooms going along and three attached to them. Just walk into the different rooms and pick up everything you can to begin with. You’ll find in a store room a Voodoo doll so it is pretty obvious we’ll be fighting LeChuck’s Voodoo doll with our very own. So what was it? A bit of thread, the dead, the body and head?

The dead is easy, with the announcement of him being our brother go to the skelebones and just pick up to get a part of a dead ancestor. The rest is a bit more difficult.

For the Thread in one room you have the destroyed Grog machine from the first Monkey Island game. Fiddle with the return change slot and a penny will fall out. LeChuck will enter and bend over to grab it, just pick up pants whilst he’s bent over. You need to be quick (as you do with all these) but you’ll get his pants.

For the head go into the elevator (you need to press the button on the wall next to it) and when inside the Elevator wait for LeChuck to show up before pushing the lever and shutting the doors.

For body be quick when he corners you and give him the complimentary hankie that Stan gave us.

And there you have it. You should have also picked up a needle in the infirmary so that is the pin you’ll need to stab the doll with. To make it just shove the Voodoo Doll and the ingredients into the JuJu bag that Wally’s Love Potion came in and viola!

Now when LeChuck, who suddenly takes a lifetime to show up, corners you quickly use the needle with the doll and bam!!!

Game complete. There is quite a funny ending AND a ending after the credits worth waiting for but that is the game done and over.

And that is it for Monkey Island LeChuck’s Revenge! Next week I’ll have my final review on it and then we’ll be onto Curse of Monkey Island! See you next week.

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