Game of Thrones : The Ice Dragon

I know this was released a while back, don’t know why its taken so long to play it! I was off the day it came out and even the day before put a reminder in my phone to play it and never did.

Today I did and I remember why but I’ll get to that point later (much later… Like maybe in the final review?)

Where were we? Rodrik died to protect Asher, Mira was in so much trouble its unbelievable and basically everything is going down the drain for House Forrester.

Where do we end up?

Hehehe. I’m sorry House Forrester, I screwed up.

Asher is half dead and our House has fallen, I only have Talia and Ser Royland to my name. Ryon is safe with Beska and Lord Whitehill rules. Oh and mummy died too but she died outside because I wanted to save everyone so stopped her drinking the poison that would have killed Whitehill.


Mira was loyal to the end, I always wanted her to be loyal to Lady Margaery and to her friend and I played her that way. I made her go on about standing tall and she…. Died…. That…. Way…..


Then there is Gared. All his friends are now dead other then Sylvi who I am doing my best to protect and make happy whilst I find Lord Forrester (that would be Gregor Forrester, I know we’ve had a few Lord Forresters this year!) bastards who are at the North Grove. One is a cool assed warg Josera (with his bloody bear Shadow!) and the other is a blood witch called Elsera. You either go along with Elsera to save the North Grove (like you were told) or go along with Josera who is sure that his father wouldn’t want his two children to die in the North Grove and wants to go south to help the family. Of course I’ve been honourable and followed the words of those I respect all the way through as Gared…

So when I realised that Elsera was using blood magic and her brother IS BASICALLY A BEAR OMG HE’S BLOODY AWESOME! I went with… Her brother? Plus by this time I knew the Forrester’s were doomed so sending Gared back with A BEAR!!! A BEAR I TELL YOU!!! STARKS YOU KNOW NOTHING WITH YOUR PIDDLYASSED DIRE WOLVES THIS DUDE IS A BEAR!


I was so angry that Asher was failing, that I thought I could save the day one way or the other that I wanted to replay all over again.

I then stopped. Looked at the title. Nodded my head and said good show. Man isn’t that just what Game of Thrones has been doing from book 1? Damnit!

The graphics were still on and off, I had a lot of stuttering and for the first time I had a lot of waiting times for screens to load up. I felt like at some points there was very little point in making me keep my finger pressed on the W button just for the game itself to make sure I was walking in the right direction and would have preferred they just moved me to the spot earlier then making me do it myself. That sounds lazy but I basically mean instead of stopping (have to wait for it to figure out that I’m controlling it) me then pressing W and slowly trudging forward for 10 seconds just for the next cut scene to kick in (usually having to load for 3 or 4 seconds with a bad transaction between in game and cut scene) I’d have preferred for that few seconds of slow trudging to not be there and instead maybe more dialogue or action. Heck if you are going to make me move at least force me to make my character move in the right direction! Just by pressing W I was able to make Gared walk around a twisty corner! For the stutter in the actual game play that it caused it wasn’t really worth it.

There was a lot more in this episode that made me feel like I need to go back and see what happens, it wasn’t until now about 30 minutes after playing it that I don’t doubt that the outcomes will be similar (I’m thinking maybe Mira not dying would be a good outcome…) but there was so much more that you could do. Whereas the rest it was pretty much the same outcome no matter what sassy comeback you came back with this time I feel like actually I could possibly do something better then what I did.

The graphic problems have been there since day one and its not a unplayable degree it just takes you out of the moment from time to time.

Perfect end to the series really!

I feel like a complete git for killing Mira but I really wanted my Forresters to be brave, loyal, upstanding…. Then I got like 27.something whatever it was and I kind of now want them to all be bastards!

I’m so happy that Asher will get over Gwen hopefully when his wound from her STABBING HIM IN THE BACK clears up, hated that character and the thought of a stupid Romeo and Juliette thing going on. I’ve also realised that I kind of have a thing for guys that look like Asher so no wonder I would never be able to choose Rodrik over him! He’s like a tiny little bear cub and I just want to cuddle him to death.

I also thought it was testimony to how well they brought the world to life in the game that they didn’t need any of the TV stars in the episode other then Margaery (who was kind of important to Miras plot full stop) and yet it still gave me goosebumps at every given second.

Plus that ending. Man its worth it just for the ending!

End of the week look out for a final overall review and I might even update you after I’ve played it through a few times too!

As it stands?

I can not bloody wait for season 2! Give it to me now!!!

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