RAW 30/11/15 Review

It feels like we haven’t yet got over the PPV in fact it might as well be the night after Survivor Series the way WWE books the shows as we’ll be listening to the same thing about Reigns being screwed that we’ve been listening to for the last few months…….

Matches Quick Overlook :

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

Rusev vs Ryback
Winner : RYBACK

The Dudley Boys / Tommy Dreamer vs The Wyatt Family
Winner : DOUBLE DQ

Goldust vs Alberto Del Rio

The Lucha Dragons vs The Usos
Winner :  DOUBLE DQ

Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Roman Reigns / Dean Ambrose / The Usos vs League of Nations / New Day

New Day / Sheamus

I guess this is WWE trying to keep people entertained? Both New Day and Sheamus are hilarious and do well to make the fans boo. All in a effort to make Roman Reigns cheered.

Honestly it felt so forced to get some cheers for Roman and people booing Sheamus but the crowd just didn’t care, when Sheamus stopped in the places were for anyone else the crowd would start cheering his opponents name the crowd were silent. The problem is it felt in the end like the people booing him were booing him because they knew that was the reaction that was meant to happen and there were just as many people cheering him as boooing him. When Roman came down it was the weakest “pop” in the history of pops and no one seemed to care that Roman was walking out with the belt.

WWE would be silly to give Roman the belt until they’ve built up Sheamus. Neither of them are getting the reaction the WWE want and especially not Roman. If they won’t turn him or stop his buddy romance with Dean/The Usos then people just WON’T change their minds on him.

Then again I also don’t want him win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania again either so maybe lets not have that….

The Authority / Roman Reigns

So after stealing the belt Reigns, Ambrose and The Usos are so proud of themselves. Hunter and Stephanie tell Roman that he has his match tonight but he has to beat Sheamus in under 5 minutes and whatever seconds.

You see making Sheamus a fighting champion would be a brilliant way to play this, Sheamus is big enough to beat Roman senseless if they play him serious and not as a joke Heel. Sheamus had some of the most brutal looking matches of the year against Randy Orton and with Orton out Sheamus is the perfect person to slip into that gap regardless of how people react to his look.

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall (eventually)

Another story line that has been pointless since the beginning. Breeze would have been better without Summer Rae when he came up to the main roster.

I’ll have to be honest that I was bored senseless from the moment they started with a load of roll ups to the end. I couldn’t even be bothered to watch the majority of the match. It was slow and I hadn’t been given a reason to care about it. I only saw it at Survivor Series (good match) and seen a much better match with them on both RAW and SmackDown of last week. There was no more build up for us to care they were wrestling again, they haven’t actually done anything with Breeze to make this seem important.


So Rusev and Lana are on MizTV.

Why do we need a MizTV to bring back Lana? Can’t we just have Rusev and Lana go back to doing what they used to do? Just forget the majority of this year and have Rusev and Lana back together? Because its all just stupid.

I did throw up a little bit in my mouth though good for Miz for trying to get some “answers” out of this shitty storyline.

The Big Guy seemed to be as bored with this shit as us but he seems now to be more the guy they send out to beat people up for no reason….

This week though apparently he does have a match so I’m not sure why Rusev or Lana were surprised.

Rusev vs Ryback
Ryback wins by Count out

It was like two mountains colliding. And about as interesting.

We came back from the break with Rusev in charge of the match just for them to ACTUALLY collide and Ryback coming out the better of it. I then took my eyes off the TV for like three seconds to open a bottle of coke to find Ryback throwing Rusev into the steps which then hit Lana and gave Ryback the count out victory as Rusev went to check on Lana.

More pointlessness.

Hunter / Dean Ambrose

SOOO happy to see Randy Orton on a poster for Condemned on the wall behind Hunter. My little baby. I miss him.

Hunter called Dean to congratulate him on his win on SmackDown to be number one contender for the IC title and also to let him know that if Roman doesn’t beat Sheamus tonight then neither get their title shot at TLC (though if Roman wins surely he won’t NEED a title shot at TLC as he’ll BE the champion?)

The Dudley Boys / The Wyatt Family

Its nice to hear from Bubba, it was only the other day that me and Alexx were talking about how we hadn’t really HEARD from the Dudleys since they returned which is a waste because both are great fun.

They even had a extra large table with Strowman’s name on it.

The first time we’ve heard “Thou Shall Not Mess with the Dudleys” since coming back right? I loved that, it used to make me laugh! And Bubba calls down the Wyatts. THAT is why you just let Bubba talk.

Bray comes down and does his spooky shit but its nothing compared to TOMMY DREAMER BEING ON RAW!!!!

The Dudley Boys / Tommy Dreamer vs The Wyatt Family
Double Count Out

I don’t care what anyone says about Dreamer I love him. I always have. He’s just like the most loveable character ever to exist in wrestling. You always wanted him to win because it couldn’t happen to a lovelier man.

After we came back from the break (why are we not seeing the beginning of matches tonight?!) Tommy gets tagged in and ends up dominated in the middle of the ring by the Wyatts.

The match ended up in a Double DQ when the official lost control of the match. The Wyatts set up a table for one of their opponents just for Bubba to come from nowhere and push Bray off the ring apron into a table himself. It was kind of a boring end to what was a great segment, a wonderfully received introduction of Dreamer and what looked to be a interesting match.

Goldust vs Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio wins by pin fall

Well Zeb Colter is up to date with Rats in space but I don’t think that’ll help Del Rio in a match against Goldie.

Another strange match really. It felt like you blinked and missed the wrestling. In fact it felt like it had just started and then was over.

After the match Del Rio puts the cross arm breaker on Goldie just for Swagger to come down – don’t care love the music Jack Swagger can come down to the ring 10 times a night if I get to hear it! It ALWAYS makes me happy when the crowd chants “We the people” along with Swagger. I might have to turn into a #MexAmerica hater purely for Swagger.

Charlotte / Becky Lynch

Becky wants a match against Charlotte, not for the title but just for shits and giggles. To be honest I like that, I like the fact the women just want to wrestle. THAT is what they should be doing with them and small segments like that backstage need to be utilized better for both the male and female superstars.

Lucha Dragons vs The Usos
Double DQ

New Day on commentary.

The match wasn’t too bad. New Day did their “we’ll commentate on  the actual in ring stuff and get angry at Michael Cole” stuff.

Problem here is that the Lucha Dragons are much more interesting to watch then the Usos, so even though the Usos are meant to be high flying fast guys they just look sluggish up against the Lucha Dragons.

New Day attack both teams to end the match in double DQ and another match that just kind of felt like “so what?”

Stephanie / The Usos / The Lucha Dragons

Stephanie agrees that both teams will face New Day at the PPV seeing they both technically won/lost but the Usos only get the match IF Roman wins tonight.

Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks wins by submission

First off there are only EVER “We Want Sasha” chants when Sasha isn’t wrestling, its like some kind of insult to other female wrestlers, the crowd continue to be completely dead during female matches regardless of who is in them, though the We Want Sasha chants disappeared a month or so ago.

The match was alright. Sasha dominated the match, Alicia was taken out quite early by Tamina and Naomi which obviously meant Brie was never going to have a chance but it didn’t matter in the end either. The middle bit was a bit bland with Brie tangled up in the middle of the ring before she reversed it, got her kicks in, went into Brie mode, got distracted and put in the Banks Statement.

I was actually waiting for a brilliant match seeing I’d seen a lot about how the women’s wrestling saved this RAW for people. It was actually a little disappointing to the hype it received. Then again it was kind of… par for the course of the night really.

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus(c)
Roman Reigns wins by DQ

So… In a night of matches that seemed completely pointless at least we’ve got a match DESIGNED to be short.

Thing is in 5 minutes using Sheamus correctly the match could be interesting and it would build a interesting story for Roman and his pals but no. Sheamus did just about 30 seconds in roll out of the ring to bamboozle Reigns on the outside and get a little offence on the go.

I felt a bit pissed that they had to have Roman DQ’d. I feel TLC is going to see his “team” win the titles and have a power shift.

I might not bother with TLC (though I might be working the next day anyway as I have a few Mondays coming up…)

League of Nations

Well Sheamus falls into the seat next to Lillian Garcia and introduces him to his new team “The League of Nations”. I love them. I love them more then words will ever explain!

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch
Charlotte wins by pin fall

To be pretty honest I would have preferred Paige NOT to be on commentary and honestly DON’T want to hear more and more about Charlotte being Rics daughter from her. The thing is EVERY TIME Paige wrestles we have to hear about her beating her mother for her first title from Cole like its something to either be proud of or show how terrible she is (depending on whether Cole is behind her or not) yet you DON’T hear that coming about Charlotte UNLESS its part of the story. No one cares…..

The match was pretty good, nice showing by Becky.

The ending of the match though was kind of the wrong time to be doing it. Right now Charlotte is MEANT to be the good guy and Paige the bad guy so having Paige now in the “right” and Charlotte in the “wrong” when Paige is STILL being a bitch is just kind of …. Pointless. Real pointless.

Matchwise it was great, Charlotte could have won it without doing the whole feigning injury thing. It would have been a brilliant end to the match AFTER Charlotte got her big win on Paige.

Charlotte / Becky Lynch / Paige

Becky goes to get the reason why Charlotte cheated… Well technically she didn’t cheat at all it is a strategy and a good one at that. Paige is just behind Charlotte to stir the pot and its a bit much really in the grand scheme of things.

Roman Reigns / Dean Ambrose / The Usos vs League of Nations / New Day
League of Nations / New Day win by pin fall

I’m guessing this is another in a long line of “screwing over Reigns” things the WWE are going to push on us to make us cheer him? A seven on four handicap match?

Reigns and his team got the early advantage but slowly League of Nations and New Day managed to dwindle their numbers down till it was only really Dean and Roman left.

The match was by far the most engaging of the evening, mainly because it was the only one that really felt like a full match with a ending that actually meant anything in the long run.

It was a good win for the League of Nations, nothing particularly cheaty went on, there was a numbers game but that is the way with handicap matches and to be fair I don’t know WHAT happened to Reigns but it looked more like he’d hurt himself then anything else.

A decent end to a better RAW.

My Thoughts :

Its been said by much wiser people then me that WWE right now seems to be stuck in a rut story wise and this RAW kind of showed that all too well.

The biggest thing we are suffering from is a lack of top talent who are out for one reason or the other, but its made worse by just sticking band aids over it until they come back. You can feel that they are missing Orton, Cena and Rollins and sooner then later you’ll feel that they are missing Cesaro too.

Thing is that the guys they have left aren’t nobodies with no fans. You might have three of the top people in WWE out but the only reason you feel that loss is because they don’t seem to have faith to just go fuck it we’ll see what the guys we have left can do.

This is the PERFECT time to be elevating Barrett, Titus O’Neil, Big E, Kevin Owens and Rusev to the top as singles competitors and running with them. Really test them because throwing them to Cena and then shrugging if it doesn’t work the way you want it to ISN’T testing them. You don’t have Cena or Orton to turn to when ratings drop so instead of being resigned to using the guys you don’t want to push PUSH THEM. If it doesn’t work Cena is back sooner then later you just shrug it off HAVE A REAL REASON TO SAY THEY DON’T WORK and carry on like normal. What can you truly lose?

A weak month long thing between Reigns and Sheamus is not going to do anything for either.

Not only that, you have a lack of male talent? Brilliant time to REALLY define the female superstars as the next generation of women’s wrestling, rebrand them and let them help fill those gaps INCLUDING GAPS AT THE TOP! Charlotte can have a match against ANYONE that would be deserving the main event spot of RAW. Heck at this rate people will be more interested in Paige/Charlotte for the Divas title at TLC then the championship match so why not make them the bloody main event of it?

Personally I’d like to see League of Nations taken seriously, no funny heel shit. Just have them as a unstoppable force. Have them beat the crap out of Roman Reigns and his little buddies. Actually for the first time this year PROPERLY make Roman Reigns the underdog because he has spent a good few weeks not being able to beat them. Make Sheamus a threat and not a comedy act. People need to buy Reigns winning at TLC if that is the way they are going with it but they won’t buy it if its the same thing as the rest of the year. Roman Reigns isn’t the only person to come THIS CLOSE and being screwed over or whatever. So has Dean Ambrose but we don’t hear about his near misses or when he was screwed over continually. The difference? Everyone WANTS to cheer Dean.

It was better then last week but that isn’t really saying much. You can really feel like its the B-Team being treated like a B-Team. Thing is I love every single guy (and nearly every single lady) on RAW this week but I couldn’t give a rats ass about any of the matches, most of which were blink and you missed the double DQ, I don’t care about Roman Reigns and sadly I don’t believe WWE will do anything truly interesting with League of Nations even though they look the part.


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