Month in Photos : November

I guess this month felt a little longer for me because I had a eye on this blog the whole time. Then again its felt longer then usual because I’ve had two weeks off on holiday and the two weeks before that I was doing full time hours! So it sped by for two weeks then dragged for another two.

I’ve had some fun this month though, it was Bonfire night and I got to walk a excited 6 year old all the way home whilst watching a load of them in our area (it wasn’t actually Bonfire night at the time!) I went to see the Christmas lights get switched on and obviously went to another wrestling show.

My favourite photo for the month is very obviously my Trafalgar Law Transponder Snail. Look at this little guy! Can’t believe I drew him! (It was actually my photo layout thing for Instagram of Eddie Ryan’s boots but I don’t seem to have put it in my folder and can’t be bothered to upload another photo…. Bummer!)

So other photos? Other photos….

Its getting darker at nights so it means when I get home its usually pitch black. If I get the 27 and get off at Deer Park it means going over the overhang which always means lots of pretty lights below…

I said above that I walked my 6 year old niece home in the dark the day after Bonfire Night. I had to go out to Southway to pick her up and then walk the long way home. She had her little torch and it took a few hours as she stopped whenever she heard a bang.

The fireworks weren’t that impressive until we started walking down Eggbuckland Road closer to home where you could look out over Eggbuckland, as far as Plympton and obviously had Deer Park, Leigham etc to stare at too.

They were very pretty and my Samsung S6 did a much better job of taking photos of them then my iPhones ever did (Starting to get why Rich always called them iSucks!)

I was impressed that our neighbours all seemed to be setting them off. Though I don’t think Scooby Doo liked it much!

It was rather obvious to anyone that knew me that I was going to be buying FallOut 4… And look! Before I saw the Coca Cola truck I saw the Nuka Cola truck. Obviously the Holidays are coming!

The Christmas light switch on  was fun! I went with Ros-a-doz! The Christmas lights in Plymouth are much prettier this year then they have been in years!

There were songs being sang by Princesses…. I tried to get Ros to sing along but she wouldn’t. Bad Ros-a-Doz.

The moment the plunger was plunged…

It set off fake snow everywhere which was a lovely effect!

As I said I’m really impressed with this years lights. Very pretty all over!

I was also impressed with star shaped doughnuts I brought from Tesco’s for me and Ros!  Loved them!

Which we ate under this pretty light!

Before going shopping in Drakes Circus which has its usual pretty decorations up.

That Sunday I went to the Toby Carvery with my family and as I love me some food have a photo of my lovely plate of food! (It looks like there is more then there is because I pile everything in the middle so I don’t get my pudding soaked before I eat it! 90% of this plate is stuffing!!)

I walked home from the Carvery on the way I walked past this area in Eggbuckland. Funny story… They knocked down all the trees on this bank, no idea why but they did (council) and got so many complaints that they’d a. cut down our trees and b. didn’t realise half the reason the trees had been left there was because it drowned out the noise of the main road behind. Therefore the council had to come put up a fench and then start to regrow trees there. Eggbuckland is too pretty for them to be cutting down trees!

There were apparently flood warnings in the UK at some point. I missed them until I went out to walk the dog and literally ended up walking up hill in ankle deep water!

If you know how steep the hills are in Eggbuckland you’d know its impressive to see so much standing water! Though the big problem is the leaves getting into the drains it wasn’t really so much to do with the rain itself.

I watch the best TV…..

And also find the best Legendary weapons in FallOut!

I ended up spending a day on the sofa being sick, thankfully it was the Saturday and not the Sunday else I wouldn’t have gone to see the wrestling! My dog turned into a giant nose…

Talking of the wrestling I had to decide what to wear! Too many wrestling t-shirts!

I left my house in my brand new New Day t-shirt (WOOHOO MAGICAL UNICORN POWERS!)

And… Came back in a Lionhearts t-shirt. As you do. Its now my favourite t-shirt and will be coming with me to Exeter this week for the wrestling in Exeter.

I posted a lot of wrestling photos anyway but I thought I’d just re-show you how biased I was with even more photos of PJ Jones and Eddie Ryan….

You can even have one of Danny who was simply amazing in his match against Tyler Hawke.

The day after my dog was not impressed that I’d then stayed up after leaving him at home all day.

I got meself a brand new member of my Funko family.

Then I started to draw as I found myself spending longer day dreaming then I did doing anything else. Its always good at these points in time to then either write what I’m day dreaming (and as it was about Ryan Dunn and therefore making me sad not the best idea to be writing about it) or drawing something. So I drew snails!

And various other One Piece things…

OK so a boat load of Zoro…

Now though we look forward to Christmas and as all adults know ADVENT CALENDARS AREN’T JUST FOR CHILDREN AND I’VE GOT TWO SO HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Also on Sunday I put the tree up and my contribution to tree decorations are these three guys!

But it does look magnificent!

Phonewise and I have a new background! The Boyfriends *sigh*…

I found a new game!!!

Its called One Piece Treasure Cruise and its the greatest thing ever!

It follows the story of One Piece which I love!

When I got Zoro OBVIOUSLY I just… Put him straight as my captain and cried.

I want Buggy though (hehehehehe….)

That is it for November. It felt really Christmas-y for some reason so obviously will be even more Christmas-y (or not at all) in December!

Some exciting things in December!! OK not really. I’m working a lot but I am going to Exeter this weekend to see the Pride Promotions Christmas show and… Well… Its Christmas!


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