Mixed Nuts (1994)

Mixed Nuts is a comedy Christmas film starring Steve Martin as the owner of a Crisis hotline team.

With a brilliant cast the film managed in its own strange way to celebrate Christmas and bring good will. It also managed to be extremely funny if extremely crazy.

Everything about it was strange and ridiculous in every which way. Martin was brilliant as the lovable Philip, bumbling through situations trying to do what is best and never quite doing it. His office consists of Mrs Munchnik (Madeline Kahn) trying to get home to her ex-husbands family for Christmas and having everything go wrong (from being stuck in a elevator to having a fruit cake fall and break her windscreen.) Then you have Catherine (Rita Wilson) who is in love with Philip and spends most of the film being dragged from situation to situation by everyone else. Catherine’s pregnant friend Gracie (Juliette Lewis) and her partner Felix (Anthony LaPaglia) running amok and causing troubles.

With both Liev Schreiber and Adam Sandler also showing up the movie goes from sad Christmas tale to crazy in a matter of moments.

Set on Christmas Eve they are all a bunch of nobodies with nothing to look forward too and nowhere to really go. Philip and his crew are being evicted in the New Year, Gracie and Felix have no money, Chris (Schreiber) isn’t really wanted by her family and Louie (Sandler) just kind of shows up wanting some company.

There is no way to really describe the film as things just happen, the longer it goes on the more strange the situation is and the more people are involved. In the end they end up accidentally killing a serial killer, who just so happens to be the owner of the building, and the pregnant girl gets rich from the reward and everything ends on a happy note.

I said it at the beginning but it has its own version of Christmas cheer. Of course you could set it at any time, it doesn’t really need to be a Christmas movie, but it works all the same. Then again you’d be missing out on the great scene were Gracie gives birth under the Christmas tree all nativity like.

Whether you like the film or not will probably be down to whether you like Steve Martin films or not. He really truly leads it and its his humour that makes it so great. The rest of the cast are funny and lead to some extremely strange situations but the core of the film really revolves around Martin and he makes the film better. It also manages to be the only film I can watch with Adam Sandler in more then once.

I think its a great film to watch over the Christmas period. Real fun.

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