Goberilla’s November in Pictures

Unfortunately for Gobirella there hasn’t been much her time this month as I just haven’t had the time to visit her. Thankfully she did do some pretty things and make some good memories.

Her favourite as always is flying. Even though it might take forever to get anywhere far away its always pretty.

The same with any kind of travel though as riding our firey horse proved.

You always need a little time to sit and relax though and where better then somewhere in a red foggy mist?

The views from up there are spectacular! Worth stopping and taking a look.

Gobirella is happy with this months spoils! Some good gear and very pretty looking too! She is rather happy to be in green which is obviously her favourite colour!

This was the month where we were allowed to stuff our faces at the end of it. What better way to end a month then to sit and stuff your face?

Being a warlock there is always some kind of magic to be getting at.

Some jobs though you just need to grab that axe and get on with because no amount of magic is going to help!

She was blinded by Blingatron’s bling-y-ness.

Just when you thought it was OK to do a quest for a geezer in a mine he turns you into a little demon pixie! The nerve of some people!

In general though November has just been a pretty month. No doubt December is going to be just as good as long as I get some time to go visit her! I’m hoping we get to see more of her anyway!

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