One Punch Man : Unyielding Justice

Episode 9

“Fukutsu no seigi” (不屈の正義)

There was a lot of dramatic build up last week to this fight with the Deep Sea King, he went through heroes left, right and centre and now he’s facing Genos.

How will Genos fair? Will Saitama even be needed?

This episode for me personally was hard to watch.

For a start I got overly emotional when Genos got smashed to pieces and then it followed up with a emotional speech by Mumen Rider which got me crying a little. The kids all cheering on the heroes was another thing that made me emotional.

The thing is this is the kind of thing they have to do to make it dramatic. Done well and it doesn’t seem a waste of time.

That’s because this whole story is about Saitama not caring about what people think of him. Thanks to the Tank Tops and their barrage of insults people now have it in their heads that he’s a cheater, that he takes credit for other heroes work. After seeing all the Class S/A/B/C heroes being beaten it only takes one person to get gobby to start turning people on heroes in general, and because Saitama doesn’t really care (or he does and he doesn’t) he doesn’t mind letting the other heroes get the credit and have the rest of the crowd carry on believing he’s a cheater as long as they don’t turn their backs on the other heroes.

It was so sweet it was unbelievable.

I had kind of hoped that this would be the episode where people saw that Saitama was the real deal, that he wasn’t just some guy that stole other people’s credit and that he’s a hero they could really believe in. To see him give that up so that people just carried on believing in heroes was brilliant. It showed what kind of hero he is, he doesn’t do it so that people will praise him (though I think he’d like that) or so that he can be called a hero. In fact the only reason he worked hard to progress out of Class C was so that he didn’t have a weekly quota to live by. He knows that the other heroes are different though and he’d rather they hate him then turn their backs on them.

But really that dude in the crowd?

I mean unless he was a plant (which would be strange but not unheard of in any kind of program) the dude was about to be killed and therefore should be grateful. I’m sorry, Saitama didn’t beat the big bad monster up enough for you? Saving your life in ONE FUCKING PUNCH wasn’t good enough?

As for the Hero Association what a bunch of assholes! They call Saitama in and then sit there hmming and ahhing about whether he IS a cheat or not? Did they not talk to the other heroes? Or did the other heroes need to save face and not bother telling the association just how hard they got beat down by the Sea King? Seeing they are the ones that make the tests up surely they realise that the only reason he wasn’t Rank S was because he is a bit on the brainless side? If they think he cheated the tests why not have him retake them?

I mean I get normal everyday humans being unsure. Even that bastard in the crowd possibly doesn’t know that they have exams and get ranked based on that one exam. They don’t know that Saitama has actually saved them a bunch of times already but got no credit for it. I think only a real stupid person could look at the damage the Sea King caused and all those bodies lying on the ground and believe a word that Saitama said, I also think you’d have to be thicker then two short planks not to realise that all the heroes have their strengths and weaknesses and that none of those normal people, who yes you bastard COULD fight and lose, did ATTEMPT to do it.

One thing I love is Genos and his reactions because they match my own real well. Because he, like us, knows that Saitama is as strong as people think he’s cheating to be and because, like us, he knows that Saitama does these things and in actual fact the others around him are stealing HIS credit, he gets protective.

I don’t like seeing it. It makes me angry but I think its meant to make you angry. I like how it makes me uncomfortable too.The fact that so many can be swayed by one person who wasn’t brave enough to fight. In hindsight after being safe, one person can “speak out” and a whole bunch of people turn their back on other people who were brave enough to stand up to try and protect them. Its uncomfortable because you know its realistic. For every great deed done in the world there are plenty of people behind them, usually saved by them in some form, decrying how terrible they are. The fact that those people could see one thing and then be convinced of another thing altogether is worrying.

Saitama has gone up to Class B though, he’s made a friend in Mumen Rider (I love Mumen Rider!) and will carry on to just do his stuff regardless of what people think.

Interesting to see what that moment will be or whether he’ll rise up the ranks classified as a cheater the whole time. Its hard to imagine him getting to Class S and have no one realise that he’s actually a good guy!

So this week I guess the question is would you believe what you saw or believe what you are told? Do you find the reaction of the crowd realistic or do you think it was hard to swallow?

At the end of the day they saw Genos attack the Sea King and the Sea King regenerate before their very eyes, they saw him DESTROY Mumen Rider and the others before Genos yet Saitama hits him with one punch, saves the day, and they believe what Saitama tells them?

Or a more interesting question… Do you think the crowd REALLY believed what Saitama said? Do you think it’ll open a debate about whether or not Saitama IS a cheat? Do you think (again no spoilers for the manga please!) there will become two sides to the thinking of Saitama? One that believes what they see and one that believes what they hear?

One thing is for sure….

Man I love this show! I might even do a catch up with the manga series!

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