SmackDown 26/11/15 Review

So we have a Thanks Giving special of SmackDown. I told you I wouldn’t be too late with this so that is something to be Thankful for!

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Dudley Boys vs The Wyatt Family

Paige vs Becky Lynch
Winner : PAIGE

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger

Lucha Dragons vs New Day

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns / Sheamus

Roman Reigns and his talking needs to be kept to a minimum. Not only that but he CAN’T have too many moments AGAINST someone much better at it then him. Not yet. Or at least whoever writes what he says needs to stop him monologuing about boring shit or someone needs to write him something interesting. Reigns would just be better being the big silent type, he isn’t going to be the gob piece of wrestling. Rollins and Ambrose are both better at it then him.

Sheamus was hilarious. You can see they are working very hard to get the crowd behind Roman just because right now people like to boo Sheamus.

The biggest problem, again, is the WWE seems to think we’ll like Roman just because they want us too. I like him as part of a team, I think he’d make a decent champion, I just can’t listen to him on the mic. They needed to have had the segment end with Sheamus telling Roman he’ll see him later Fella but instead they then had a rather boring “I’m gonna hit you with a chair…” bit with Roman AGAIN to get extremely cheap cheers as fans will cheer for anyone who is going to hit someone with a chair. Roman doesn’t need that, if there is negative feedback on Reigns its because people don’t appreciate being told so blatantly who “the man” is and they haven’t put Roman somewhere with a character to make you care enough.

The Dudley Boys vs The Wyatt Family
The Dudley Boys win by DQ

So on RAW we saw Harper and Wyatt fighting the Dudleys now its Strowman and Rowan.

Again the booking was a bit weird for the Wyatts. Rowan didn’t get his own way to begin with and within seconds they put Strowman in against Bubba. After months of seeing him being “untouchable” Bubba Ray was able to out do him in the strength department and even put him in Β a headlock for way too long.

THEN they start doing the too strong to be beaten stuff having Bubba of all people using SPEED to take down Strowman. A kick to the arm by Luke Harper once more took the mystique away from the Wyatts. The domination didn’t last long as the Dudleys used their own strength to isolate Rowan in the ring long enough to scream GET THE TABLES and bring a table into the ring. We knew a Wyatt wouldn’t go through a table because there were still two more outside.

Another strange and unneeded story for the Wyatt family.

Paige vs Becky Lynch
Paige wins by pin fall

Becky hasn’t been out since that attack…. She was on RAW or are we meant to forget that? I’m a bit lost to be honest at what the commentators were trying to make out.


The match was decent, Becky kind of dominated the majority of it with Paige taking control in the middle of the match. I prefer Paige when she’s a all out heel (and prefer Charlotte when she’s all out face) and Becky played it great getting frustrated with her crawling to the ropes and running out of the ring to get away from her.

Ending of the match could have been cleaner, it looked like Paige was meant to go and put her feet on the ropes (maybe starting a “you call me a cheater look at you” thing) but in the end couldn’t reach and ended up just winning from a clean roll up. Good match.

New Day Pot Luck Dinner

So New Day once more is celebrating but thisΒ time they are with Team BAD holding a Thanks Giving dinner. Which basically means a bunch of dancing, Heath Slater screaming and making yucky food, Adam Rose spilling rabbit stew all over Kofi, The Ascension scaring everyone and a Turkey…. Or Xavier Woods as The Goobledy Gooker.

Really funny.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger wins by DQ


The match didn’t really get started and then it ended. Both Del Rio and Swagger didn’t really dominate and I really had only just got into the match when it was over.

In fact I think the excitement of seeing Swagger again just means I want to see this feud more then anything else.

Swagger won after Del Rio hit him with a chair after Swagger sent him flying into the time keepers area with a big clothesline but then got distracted with Colter. It ended with Swagger standing tall in the centre of the ring after getting a few chair shots of his own on Del Rio, first time Del Rio hasn’t been left standing after a match since his return right?

This is what I’m looking forward to most this month.

Lucha Dragons vs New Day
Lucha Dragons wins by pin fall


Before the match you saw Jey and Jimmy hatch a plan.

The Dragons had their way for Β a good portion of the match, Kalisto is once more getting a lot of the attention and their team work really shone through.

New Day did take control in the middle of the match and nearly won with Kofi’s feet on the ropes but the Gobbledy Gooker Β pushed them off giving Kalisto (or Sin Cara I was a bit lost on who it was that got the pin) the distraction he needed for a roll up.

After the match Jimmy brings out Xavier in his underpants and the Turkey is actually Jey. Cue the Usos and Dragons having their way with New Day. I’m kind of meh about the whole thing but Jey as a Turkey is something I wish we’d see every week.

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

With Kevin Owens on commentary? Yes please.


Brilliant match to end SmackDown with. Whenever you have Owens on commentary its going to be extra fun. Loved how he had decided to keep the hoodie that Dean threw at him.

Actually I thought I’d be a bit bored by it and annoyed at the thought of Dean winning but the match was so good I kind of wish they’d just had a Fatal Fourway at TLC between the four of them. It would be interesting.

The Tyler Breeze sandwich was unfair on him and I’m not sure why after the Beauty Shot he had to go for his other move (which left him open for a Dirty Deeds…. Well obviously other then the obvious that, that was the point of course) mainly because I love the Beauty Shot so much that I don’t see why he needs anything but the Beauty Shot.

Nah it was a brilliant match with great commentary. And Kevin Owens is as gawjus as Breeze.

My Thoughts :

Well much better then SmackDown though I feel like we didn’t need to have the opening segment with Reigns/Sheamus. It didn’t do either any good and I think after a week or two it might serve Reigns worse then Sheamus. You see people love a good heel, whatever they are doing, but people need a bit more to a moralistic face and Reigns is no Cena.

Good ending though and some great matches. Happy to see some guys that we hadn’t seen for a while and a good match for Swagger, kind of hoping that he gets a few clean wins on Del Rio.

New Day are just way too funny.

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