One Piece : Duke Inuarashi

Chapter 808

I wasn’t a fan of the last chapter. I feel like this time out though the answers we want will start to come.

The majority of the chapter told us what happened to the Minks city. It introduced us to Jack, the right hand man of Kaido and Zoan Devil Fruit user who can turn himself into a Mammoth.  It showed us the power of Jacks crew, that apparently has fallen to some of the ships in the Doffy convoy, whilst also giving us some important things about the Minks.

I liked it. I loved Jack and his group, they were kind of scary! I mean I can’t think of something more terrifying then coming face to face with a mammoth and I already know how scary Kaido seemed to be. This is his left hand man.

Plus the Minks Duke and Musketeers all look awesome. Inuarashi himself seems to be a great Mink and the Musketeer Sicilian is so awesome!

Still don’t know what all this has to do with the Strawhats, especially the ones that have only just arrived, not sure what it all has to do with Sanji leaving but I can’t wait to see what it DOES have to do with them. Inuarashi thanks Luffy and seems to be real beat down, but when we saw Jack for the first time it wasn’t like he didn’t look like he’d taken some damage, it turns out that the problems for Inuarashi was Caesars gas weapon so maybe that explains something.

Still there were three crosses in the town that looked like they’d been used to torture people into telling Jack were this Ninja/Samurai they are looking for is, if Inuarashi was one it still could mean that Sanji was another. But what actually happened?

It started to tell us and now I just can’t wait to see what we get told next time out.

I’m getting slowly more scared of Kaido with everything we learn of him. Big Mom not so much, Shanks I know isn’t all bad (pfft yeah, who cares about Red Hair? pfft…..) and Blackbeard I just HATE. Kaido though is scary! His crew are flippin’ scary!

Anyone else super impressed with the Mammoth form of Jack? What for you would be the scariest Zoan type you could think of?

I loved Pell before now, I think him and Rob Lucci were my favourite Zoan types. Obviously Chopper too! I can’t think of any that would terrify me like Jack though. I mean a MAMMOTH?!

Anyone have a favourite Zoan user?


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