WWE Survivor Series 2015

I had to kind of give up on the blog last night as I didn’t really have my heart in it (though I did tweet along) so here is the 2015 Survivor Series Review.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Miz / Bo Dallas / The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville / The Dudley Boys / Titus O’Neil / Goldust

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Ryback / The Lucha Dragons / The Usos vs New Day / King Barrett / Sheamus

Paige vs Charlotte(c)

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

The Wyatt Family vs The Brothers of Destruction

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns(c) vs Sheamus
Winner : SHEAMUS

The Miz / Bo Dallas / The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville / The Dudley Boys / Titus O’Neil / Goldust

So I don’t feel like I’m the only person really happy to see Goldust back? Everyone seemed happy that Goldie was back! One problem I had with this match last night was that the Network kept stopping.

Goldust and Stardust started the match off but within seconds Stardust was rolling over to Viktor who got pinned pretty much the second he entered the ring.


In comes Konnor and in also comes Titus O’Neil. Actually these two were a pretty interesting matching. Titus obviously still was able to pick Konnor up and throw him about like he weighed nothing. He kept Konnor in his corner for a few fast tags between the Dudleys.

Neville, who was sporting a lovely black eye, got to do his jumping about before we go to a ad for upcoming network shows and when we return Konnor has actually taken charge. One reversal though and Bubba gets Konnor for a three count.


Suddenly the tides turn and we get D’von thrown into the opposite corner and lots of… Well not why gentlemanly behaviour. I still managed to lose my attention during the next part of the match which was actually the longest rally between the two sides with a lot of tags and back and forth. Suddenly everyone is tagging themselves in with hidden tags to take the glory of pinning Neville. It ended up with The Miz getting the last say (it should have been Bo!)


Whilst he gloated though Goldie came up behind him and rolled him up for a pin fall.


Another ad for upcoming Network shows. The SAME advert. I’m already fed up by this time of Mojo, I mean honestly. We come back with Bo and Goldie in the ring.

Stardust and Bo actually worked really well together to survive, they kept Goldust in the ring and down, whenever Goldie started to fight back they grounded him. The problem for them is they couldn’t keep Titus O’Neil out of the match for long and when the tag came to Titus he just broke all his toys. There were some really cool throwing around, a nice tribute to Dusty and then suddenly there were four of them and one of Stardust.


Stardust tried to walk away but there were too many people for him to escape from, though his biggest fear seemed to be big brother. In the end he ran right into a 3D.

SURVIVORS : The Dudley Boys / Titus O’Neil / Goldust

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

There could have been so many ways to get Roman a chance at the belt without it being a tournament that everyone knew he’d win. Especially knowing he’d be meeting his “brother” in the final.

For a very small time in this match they made me believe that they might not be as obvious as they always are and might have Reigns lose to Del Rio who, as I’ve said has been patchy at best since returning, had another of his better matches tonight.

By about the halfway point I was fed up already of hearing about how injuring Roman Reigns arm will prevent him from hitting a Superman Punch (REALLY?!) and the spear. It hadn’t worked in the last two matches so just stop bleating on about it. The match was good but sometimes the commentators make it hard to like Roman Reigns. Or at least to remember that you like him. Β Also the reminder that some of the GREATS have never been champion that prevailed through all three of the matches did my head in.

I really enjoyed Del Rio, and I was REALLY happy he missed a Superman Punch because I don’t think I could survive seeing it too often. He kicked Romans ass. I also have to give it to Roman for being the first person since Del Rio has returned to not hang at a 90 degree angle and just let Del Rio stomp on him.

It was a bit too early to have this kind of narrative going on and so many close calls, reversals, near misses of moves and pin falls etc etc.

I’ll give them that the ending was good though. I prefer a spear without all the roaring beforehand.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

This match was great. Its one of those matches were something was constantly happening and you couldn’t really catch your breath. Neither of them got the upper hand as both of them just gave it everything. There were some great reversals and some great scouting of moves (I hate the clothesline from the middle rope nearly as much as the Superman Punch now) plus two great non-Pop up Powerbombs.

You can’t really fault either of them for anything. It was good enough to have been the main event. I have nothing else to say, it was just a great match. Watch it and you’ll understand.

Ryback / Lucha Dragons / The Usos vs New Day / King Barrett / Sheamus

New Days usual crap talk was way too funny with Barrett and Sheamus with them. Barrett continues to be the most happiest man on the planet and even gave us a bit of a dance and Sheamus kind of… Scared the world. Barrett and Sheamus are gorgeous.

Xavier starts the match against t-shirted Uso. His biggest concern was that no one touch his lovely head of hair. It didn’t take long for him to get really upset and tag in Kofi who ended up in the ring with un-t-shirted Uso who I believe they said was Jay.

Suddenly there were people on the floor outside, people jumping around the place, and a rather scary flying Ryback.

Whilst everyone was down and out Barrett and Sheamus took advantage of it all to bring the momentum back to their side.

I honestly never want to see Barrett wiggling again. Please. Please. No.

In the end though Barrett got what he deserved after the scary dancing and was the first person eliminated. Poor Barrett. Sheamus looked so sad at ring side.

ELIMINATED : King Barrett

The next couple seconds proved why the Usos are going to have to up their game as the Lucha Dragons actually managed to WRESTLE and be INTERESTING instead of doing the same few moves and being classed as high flyers.

I have to say I’m impressed that soon there was another elimination and it came at the hands of Xavier Woods!


Team New Day then took control having Big E flatten Sin Cara before Sheamus Brogue Kicked him to hell.


Big E wasn’t happy that Sheamus tagged himself in so Sheamus told Big E to get in and do it himself, with a few fast tags and a quick exchanged Big E was eliminated.


And that meant that all of New Day were eliminated as they “take Big E for help”. Leaving Sheamus on his own.

I honestly think they did the wrong thing here, I think they could have let Sheamus eliminate at least the Dragon, maybe Jay as well. I mean the first person he was in the ring with was Kalisto who started off by just out pacing him, when Sheamus finally got his bearings he grounded Kalisto and started stomping the crap out of him but Sheamus is good enough that he could EASILY have taken out two of them maybe all three. To be fair Sheamus held his own and took on all three of them pretty well it would have just been nice to see him eliminate one of them instead of fight so well and not get anything for it.

SURVIVORS : Ryback / Kalisto / Jimmy Uso

Paige vs Charlotte
Charlotte wins by submission

Actually one of the most enjoyable Divas match on the main roster in a long time. There is a part of me that wants to know why Charlotte always has to kind of be on the back foot in EVERY match but it didn’t bother me this time out as much as it usually does. Paige did what Paige does best (no I don’t mean finding the right camera to pose at, though she does do that well) and that was try to beat Charlotte in 101 submissions.

When the action got more action-y Charlotte had the upper hand slightly.

Its the commentators that kind of let this match down as they kind of brushed over the badly thought out contract signing stuff and didn’t really have much more to say about it all then Paige and Charlotte used to be friends, Paige is this, Charlotte is that… It was like the commentary was being played on repeat. Its the biggest problem with the Divas still, they don’t seem to know how to present their stories in a believable way and seem to be trying hard not to just label Paige as a bitch (which this time out it would be 100% accurate to describe her actions.)

One of the best matches of the night though.

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler
Tyler Breeze wins by pin fall

It started off quite slowly and saw Ziggler in control early on whilst Breeze tried to avoid fighting him.

I really didn’t like the match though which is a complete shame as I love Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler. It just didn’t seem to go anywhere. The whole Ziggler/Breeze feud is kind of meh which is so bloody annoying because I was hoping they’d bring Breeze up at least a little bit as well as they brought up Owens and Neville but no.

Breeze getting the win didn’t do much for the feud which looks to continue. I don’t see why Breeze all of a sudden needs to be paired with a Diva or why Summer Rae just wasn’t thrown back into the Divas to help make up the numbers. The whole thing has baffled me.

The Wyatts vs The Brothers of Destruction
The Brothers of Destruction win by pin fall

See this is a match that is hard to talk about.

I’m a fan of the Wyatts, I like them, but I know that all stories with them are going to turn into “…and then the Wyatts got beat up.”

Its happened CONSTANTLY with Bray ALL YEAR. He starts a feud, the person he’s feuding with hardly acknowledges him and is never fearful of him, they finally get a match and then he loses. Next night he picks a new “victim” without really pointing out the point that he lost or anything.

What really winds me up though is the “final” matches to these feuds usually are completely one sided as well.

This time I guess I understand because it was Takers anniversary and all but it just kind of ended up being a bit of a let down. The match felt a good 10 minutes too short, when the Wyatts used their number advantage (bearing in mind Taker and Kane took out Rowan before the match) it only took as long as it takes Kane to tag in Taker for them to turn the tables again. It wasn’t a bad match but I’m kind of fed up of both Wyatt and Harper being hyped up to be “monsters” and “scary” but being written like jokes.

On the other hand I loved the match completely and even watching it for the fourth time (I like to take my time writing these reviews you know!) it just gives me goosebumps because to be honest you didn’t really want to see anything other then what you got. Well… Selfishly a little more Taker would have been nice but that isn’t the point.

So the match worked, it also didn’t work, and I’d have kind of liked it to have been a Survivor Series Elimination match with Taker and Bray being the last two standing. You’d only need to find two more people to join Taker and Kane…. OK with the amount of injuries going around that might have been difficult but it might have worked better if it had been.

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

What a boring match.

I was a bit upset about it really. At no point did I really feel interested in the match. The problem was the build up, with Reigns being the number one contender anyway before Rollins got injured, and people saying he was lined up to beat Rollins at SS, and the brackets working out that Ambrose and Reigns would meet in the Final and not before as well as the fact that they’ve hardly lost matches in recent months you knew they were going to be there.

You wanted to hope SOMETHING different would happen. Reigns being knocked out at some point and turning to Hunter to get the championship (or vice versa with Ambrose) whoever lost getting angry and breaking their team up. ANYTHING.

As it is when Reigns won I kind of just felt like shouting FINALLY now DO SOMETHING WITH HIM.

Unfortunately we then got the stupid confetti and all that….

Then Hunter came down and he speared Hunter…

And then….

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
Sheamus wins by pin fall

A Brogue Kick and a contract. The one thing that saved the end of the PPV was a MITB cash in. The amount of time it took them to signal the beginning of the match it didn’t surprise me that Reigns didn’t lay down for the three count originally, at first I thought that we’d had a wasted contract cash in but it was over in mere seconds with a NEW champion.

Just five minutes after another NEW champion.

My Thoughts :

I felt like Survivor Series summed up the last couple months. Rumours that Cesaro was out with injury, matches that seemed to be cobbled together, matches not really doing anything for the stories they were part of….

There was a feeling of “is that it?” all night long. I mean even when RAW and SmackDown have been pretty meh I’ve found a lot to love about the PPVs at the end of the month but Survivor Series just kind of felt like a extra RAW for the week. They focused on Taker just for Taker’s match to be short lived and Kane doing most of the work in it but even that kind of was a anticlimax to the build up over the whole month.

The matches didn’t feel like they were that important in the grand scheme of things. The title tournament was obvious from the beginning and the other matches just didn’t seem to warrant being on the PPV other then the Divas match which was the only one with a half decent build up either!

I love Sheamus and happy he’s champion but at the same time I kind of wish we’d just had Reigns as the champion even if for a short period of time. If he doesn’t win it in December at TLC then I can see a whole repeat of this year (winning the Rumble, going to Wrestlemania and FINALLY winning there) which I just can’t be bothered with. I kind of want to see a different side to Reigns but I know that WWE are just going to push him down our throats as this unstoppable force that we MUST support.

Sheamus might have been nowhere coming into the PPV but he’s good enough that given time he’ll be fine. I can’t help feeling he’s only going to hold the belt a month though.


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