RAW 23/11/15 Review

After a “shocking” Survivor Series that saw the MitB holder cashing in and getting the belt after Roman Reigns wins, what does The Authority have in store for us tonight?

EDIT : I have had the RAW review pretty much written since Tuesday afternoon but wanted to get the Survivor Series blog done first. Looking over it though I have to apologise if its a bit rambly, I found RAW to be pretty… Rambly itself. Plus if I’ve missed something out, I have a feeling I might have missed a match or segment (or a couple of both) but can’t be bothered to recheck. I now… Unprofessional.

For all the Paige fans who hate me go all the way down to the last paragraph for the biggest surprise of your life.

I probably won’t be watching SmackDown live due to problems with my depression right now (a blog about that is coming out soon) but I will hopefully have it all done by Friday afternoon and then I’ll do my best (depression permitted) to live blog till Pete is back.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Dudley Boys vs The Wyatts
Winners : THE WYATTS

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Mark Henry vs Neville
Winner : NEVILLE

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Goldust / Prime Time Players

Paige vs Charlotte(c)

Dean Ambrose / Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens / Tyler Breeze

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

The Authority / Roman Reigns

Well they came to brag and brag they did though it was Sheamus’s speech that made me happy. After the bragging everything became much more boring as Roman Reigns came down and there was a good three minute stare down between him and Hunter, probably to make him much more interesting then usual. It didn’t work.

After the stare down and being told he has to wait for a rematch Rusev appears with a big boot to the face to join his Eurotrash BFF before Roman gets told he’ll have his rematch at TLC.

Soooo…. Sheamus is only going to hold the belt for a month then? I can’t see them having Roman lose out AGAIN.

The Dudley Boys vs Luke Harper / Bray Wyatt
Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt win by pin fall

So apparently the Dudleys are next up on Brays radar after the Brothers of Destruction “escaped”. We have yet another failed feud for The Wyatts followed by them acting nonchalant about it all.

The match was apparently ran as redemption for Luke Harper for being the weak link. Unlike their usual Lose the big one to come and completely destroy someone else the next night it didn’t really happen and it summed up The Wyatts recently. We get told they are monsters but really there is nothing that special going on with them and they aren’t booked to be proper monsters.

The match was very back and forth between the two teams and ended with a distraction from Rowan giving Harper the chance to run down Bubba with his big clothesline for the three count.

It wasn’t very inspirational for Wyatt Family fans and continues this inability to do something good with Bray and let it stick. He seems to just creep around being creepy and being ignored by his “victims” just to lose and find someone else to be creepy towards whilst they largely ignore him.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks wins by pin fall

For all the “We Want Sasha” chants we’ve had the crowd were completely dead.

There was a early back and forth before Sasha threw Becky into the corner and gave her the double knees treatment, she then continued to just beat up Becky with some mean big stomps and use of the ropes. We also saw some interference from outside with a slap from Tamina in the opening moments.

It was the number game that won the match to general groans from the crowd, as Becky gets the Disarmer on Sasha just to have Tamina distract the ref and Naomi to drag Sasha under the ropes.

Kind of boring.


She has a point even if she’s annoying.Β I mean I didn’t like that the submission was so close to the ropes in their match which felt stupid and from the angle its obvious that Paige has a point but her moaning, dripping voice winds me up. I was kind of hoping we’d get something new but obviously not.

The New Day’s First Anniversary Country Music Jamboree & WWE Tag Team Championship Open Challenge

Their unicorns and their Country Music song were great. Big E lost all positivity when it came to songs about tractors. Is there anything funnier then these three guys?!

Xavier Woods is a very musical man.

No more Country Music, does this mean that Big E loses the hat? Sad times. I like Country Music. I’m letting down Magical Unicorns all over the world.

The Open Challenge of the Jamboree was cancelled after both the Lucha Dragons (Kalisto should never EVER be allowed to speak again) and the Usos (who need to learn that you don’t need to chant Woah so much) come down just for New Day to leave (well be thrown out kind of.)

Mark Henry vs Neville
Neville wins by pin fall

Ummmm OK?

This is the kind of match up I guess you have to expect with the lack of superstars right now. There was some story in there about Henry having respect for Neville and being “disappointed” in himself for some reason, Henry threw Neville about a little bit before a kick that “stunned” Henry just for him to kind of roll slowly into position for a Red Arrow.

It was all a bit…. OK.

How long has Neville been on the roster now and we’re meant to get teary eyed at Mark Henry telling the world he has respect for Neville and that Neville will be good?

Stardust / Titus O’Neil

One of the shortest yet funniest promos in a long time. Titus O’Neil is amazing and Stardust is great.

The Cosmic Wasteland vs Stardust / Prime Time Players
Stardust / Prime Time Players win by pin fall

There were three tags before anyone touched anyone else. Goldust started with Stardust who tagged in Konnor as Viktor screamed he wanted to face Goldust.

PTP and Goldust took complete control of the match with some good tags and great team work between the PTP. They kept that up for a good deal of the match with The Cosmic Wasteland only getting on the offence after a messy moment on the ring ropes were Viktor gave a mean looking kick to Darren Young but that was soon turned back to the other team.

The whole Stardust/Cesaro thing never really DID anything but already I’m loving this kind of team up of PTP and Goldust to face the Cosmic Wasteland.Β The match was a good match if a little one sided, I’d kind of like to see the Cosmic Wasteland actually dominate a little more.

Really happy to see Goldie back though.

MexAmerica / Jack Swagger

So this has been brewing since their return but we finally see Swagger confronting Del Rio.

MexAmerica have officially closed their borders which means that Alberto is going to have to start popping out babies to make it a productive nation but first off he’ll have to get through Jack Swagger.

Its kind of good to have it “official” now as its been bugging me that its just been hinted. I guess the tournament for the title pushed it back a little. Its sad that MexAmerica has shut its borders though! I know I wasn’t allowed in being one of those terrible English people they were talking about the other week but I kind of wanted to go visit at least once!

Paige vs Charlotte
Double Count Out

Since coming to the main roster I’ve kind of fallen in love with Charlotte. I couldn’t stand her in NXT but she’s really been great in the last couple months and really taken over the division. I still want her to come out with a new better looking belt.

The match was really good. Charlotte dominated until a mistimed moment in the corner let Paige take out Charlotte’s legs and wind her. Then it turned into a lot of submission moves (which Paige IS good at) and posing to camera (which she is also the Queen of.) I loved some of the positions Paige stuck Charlotte in. By the end it was more a thing of beating Charlotte up, the match ended in a double count out and Paige putting Charlotte into a PTO on the announce table.

Seriously I don’t get the PTO on the announce table. Why is it making a statement doing it on the announce table and not in the ring? I don’t know if its that they don’t want to put women through tables or something but it would be much more impressive to do something different. I always have liked the PTO though.

Heath Slater / Ryback

Came out doing what New Day did earlier. We never got to hear him sing though. For some reason Ryback came down and beat up Slater. It wasn’t a match, there was no ref or anything. Why Ryback even came down to the ring is besides me. Pointless.

Dean Ambrose / Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens / Tyler Breeze
Dean Ambrose / Dolph Ziggler win by pin fall

A really good match, I was surprised at Breeze and Owens working so well as a team but they did work well, Owens getting annoyed at Breeze getting beat up was hilarious.

Owens and Breeze took the early part of the match but after getting too cocky with Ziggler, Tyler Breeze just got his ass handed to him by Ambrose and when he hit Dirty Deeds Owens didn’t even attempt to break up the three count giving the win to his opponents.

The thing is I love all four of these guys but when the match started I was already kind of meh about it. It was good, probably one of the best matches of the night, but it just felt meh.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev
Roman Reigns wins by DQ

This was a better match then I thought it would be.

Both Rusev and Reigns kicked some ass, neither were made to look weak or likely to lose really. Even with shenanigans with Rusev and Sheamus I would have kind of liked to see Rusev win after Sheamus was ejected from ring side.

It goes back to this whole feeling that right now WWE are too scared to have Roman lose or not be the last man standing. Don’t even bother pointing to the Sheamus beating him crap because the whole episode of RAW was designed to show that it was a obvious (and cruel) fluke, a part of the cruel CRUEL world of Roman Reigns this year but he still managed to basically fight off Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett and was left standing in the ring.

It was a fun match though and the new improved Authority will be much more fun to see up against Reigns then the dwindling Authority that Rollins was part of. They just need to, at some points, not have Reigns standing at the end of the match. If they want to book him to be sympathetic then you don’t have him standing at the end of the match. You have the three other guys beat him so badly he can’t be standing. Its one reason I went off Reigns a little (the major part being his boring promos) and after the initial poor Roman good feels wear off people will feel the same way if he beats Sheamus and co constantly up until TLC.

I don’t really get why WWE creative don’t see this. With all the people saying that Reigns isn’t getting over and they need to make him more sympathetic I don’t get why they seem to be decided on doing the same old same old with Roman that didn’t make him over in the first place?

My Thoughts :

Goodness was it bad.

With all the injuries and people out it felt hollow. Honestly when Mark Henry came out to face NEVILLE of all people I kind of scratched my head and knew that the rest of the night was going to be OK at best.

The thing is it was lovely to see Henry, Swagger and Slater. It’ll be lovely to see Axel, Sandow, Rose and some others hopefully in the coming week. You kind of want them to be doing something with them though. They are here, now, they are the talent they have NOW so do something with them. They might be the jobbers of today but you don’t have the depth of talent anywhere to be so selective. People like these guys as well, it isn’t like any of them are uber unpopular, fans react well to them and like to see them. Give them something to do instead of being beaten up for no reason.

I feel I need to ban my thoughts on Ryback ever being mentioned online else I might have angry Ryback fans arriving at my doorstep (word of warning there is road works so if you are coming by car you need to show up BEFORE 6pm.)

Survivor Series felt meh and RAW felt hollow. Way too much talking (Dean should have been made champion……) and matches that just didn’t need to be.

I know its a bit of a all over the place review but I just kind of gave up thinking half way through. I think I’ve missed half of what happened out but when the New Day segment went on for so long I just gave up thinking. I mean I liked the New Day stuff but it felt overly long, and then to have Slater come out and do the same thing basically later on…

Man am I a grumpy asshole.

But, and these are golden words you’ll never hear again, PAIGE and Charlotte stole the show. I can’t WAIT to see PAIGE and Charlotte and their feud. But only Paige and Charlotte, I love Charlotte now, I don’t think I can deal with Paige against many other people. Chris if you are still out there, I might still dislike her character more then any other female wrestler in the history of wrestling but right now she’s about the only watchable part (as well as Charlotte.)


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