One Punch Man : The Deep Sea King

Episode 8

“Shinkai no ō” (深海の王)

So my biggest question was answered last week. With the devestating powers that Saitama actually has how would the world react now that they can pin point just who it was that causes the destruction of their city whilst fighting “bad guys.”

As I said it was something that TV shows and movies have slightly tackled usually with flashes of interviews with normal people complaining about the destruction of their homes (kind of sometimes missing the point that they’d be dead if they hadn’t done something.) We saw how jealous heroes or even just rival heroes can use that to sway a group of people who should be grateful that they are alive (even without their brand new car) to hate the person that saved them and sow the seed of doubt that they even did what they were being credit for doing.

So where does Saitama go from here?

Well he just carries on. Its the thing I love most about Saitama is that he just doesn’t care. He said it himself, he wants to be a hero because he wants to be a hero, he doesn’t do it for thanks or gratitude, though he does seem to like to hear it now and again, but does it because its the right thing to do. He’s selfish, he does it for the rush of beating things and he’s searching for something bigger and better whilst selfishly wanting the praise that goes with it but also not caring about anyone’s opinion of him or how he does it.

So in this episode it isn’t surprising to see him just chilaxing until something big comes his way. He’s almost in Rank B and if he makes it to Rank B he no longer needs to fill a weekly quota of random do-gooding to stay a hero.

Cue the Deep Sea King and his clan of Octopus faced monster mates.

Before the emergence of the Sea King the threat level was only that of Tiger but slowly escalated as heroes started to fall. We met new heroes, got to see them fight, got to see them naked and even got to see Sonic escape and run off at top speed…. Naked.

Pri-Pri Prisoner adds to a long list of random gay characters in anime’s that have seem to have to be drawn in a grotesque way. I don’t get why that is but its like Bon Clay (Bon Kurei, whatever) in One Piece and its kind of annoying. I kind of found him funny and his power of bulking up to beat things was interesting, mainly because I felt it parodied the Hulk rather well. You know the whole “don’t make me angry” – Hulks out and always has enough shreds of clothing to cover his manly Hulkness, just in this case Pri-Pri Prisoner just goes total naked on us all.

It was all setting up just how dangerous this opponent is, I mean they can look as dangerous as they want but we know that Saitama is going to take him out with one punch, the problem is then it becomes much less about the threat so you have to have the threat become A threat in some way. Gobbling through heroes of all classes is one way of doing it, having the people in trouble because Saitama isn’t anywhere close is still a way to make you feel unsafe, you don’t know how many of the people, including Murman Rider, are going to leave there alive because Saitama still needs to run to the evacuation shelter. Of course Genos is there but I have a feeling that they aren’t going to build something up that much just to have Genos destroy it before Saitama is there. Saitama for all his flaws is still stronger then Genos because he has nothing else really behind his need to be strong to hold him back.

Its one of the most interesting episodes to date!

I really liked the Deep Sea King to, the fact that he was pretty creepy and pretty strong was great. The biggest threat so far has been the meteor which couldn’t talk back to the people failing to stop it, so having to have conversations with this unstoppable force which then got even more creepy, big and unstoppable as it started to rain (the most dramatic weather you could possibly have!) just worked well in contrast to the rest of the season so far.

It also gave you some more insight into heroes in general.

You have the Murman Rider who when we saw him the last time was a bit of a joke but now we’ve seen how he really feels and the fact that whilst other Rank C heroes fled he carried on was great. You kind of really got behind him because he just wanted to do what was right. You had the dude in the evacuation shelter who kind of knew that he was useless and even pissed himself but actually WAS kind of brave by speaking up, it also showed that people in Rank A could be just as scared of unstoppable forces as people in Rank C and just normal people, reaffirming that the majority of these heroes are just normal people.

Also the great depth of heroes is interesting. They all have something different, vastly different personalities and reasons for doing what they do. It doesn’t shy away from throwing three or four new characters your way and never does it feel like a information overload even with only a 25 minute limit. I liked the introduction of all the heroes this time out, I liked learning their different strengths and weaknesses, I liked seeing them scared and seeing ones that don’t care if they are scared. You can see which ones are true heroes, which ones are everyday heroes and which ones are just pains in the asses. I mean a Rank A was sat on TV and didn’t want to talk about being a hero because he was there to promote a single? Its the same with the last one where only three Rank S superheroes showed up, one was ready to die, the other sent a drone to test a weapon and only Genos wanted to save the city. If more had shown up and worked together before Saitama appeared then they would have done something before it was too late.

The same applies here, so many of them were running away because THEY couldn’t defeat it therefore THEY couldn’t get the credit that a enemy that would have been easier for them as a group to defeat before the rain because near on unstoppable during the rain. Pri-Pri Prisoner might be Rank S but he only accidentally showed up meaning that the only Rank S hero to attend to the call is Genos.

I find it a interesting contrast to nearly every other hero based story I’ve seen so far in my life.

So what do you think? Will Genos beat the Sea King (no manga spoilers please!) or will Saitama save the day?

And what do you think of the depth of heroes so far in the anime? Do you like how they are portrayed or do you prefer the American Comic Book heroes with their do-gooding and so on?


2 thoughts on “One Punch Man : The Deep Sea King”

  1. There are two things in regards to pri-pri-prisoner and the likes i want to say.
    First off, characters like these and Bon Clay from One Piece are not just gay, they are Okama. Okama are more along the lines of drag queens, but even more on the “manly” side. Meaning, they still have manly features and don’t try to surgery or drug them away, but still wear pretty dresses and makeup. They are also not shy about their sexuality, not afraid to out themselves and make a move on a cute guy. BUT REMEMBER, just like drag queens, they do not present gay people in japanese culture, no one thinks this is how all gay people are.(If they would, yaoi doujins would look quite differently). You can actually see these type of people in MANY manga and anime, sometimes specifically called okama, sometimes just hinted at.

    And while it’s true they are often a source for comedy, from my experience almost everyone writes them as nice and/or heroic people.

    Many translator translate Okama as gay or transvestite or drag queens, while in reality they are their own category. This is why you sometimes see these “grotesque” gay people in anime.

    Second thing, A TINY spoiler ahead regarding a minor side character that will be introduced much much later(certainly not in the anime episodes):

    In fact another okama appears later on in the story, who looks a lot prettier(despite still having something odd of his appearance) and also isn’t like pri pri a molester/or rapist, but just another nice hero with a bit of quirky personality(like every character in OPM)
    if you’re interested in how he looks, here is his only appearance in the remake manga yet: (of course there are some spoilers in this manga page)

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      You know I don’t know why I never thought of it that way, the majority of the things you said I’ve read before but I never put it into context with Drag Queens which makes so much more sense (I am a little thick though!!)

      Again thank you for the comment, I didn’t mean offence to those characters by the way as they are all some of my favourite characters.

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