One Piece : 10 Days Ago

Chapter 807

We were left in chapter 806 with a lot of questions, mainly about Sanji, that you’d hope would get answered sooner then later.

I read Chapter 807 when it was released but its taken me nearly a week to review it and here is why.

I felt like it was a little too all over the place. I’ve read the chapter now about three or four times and I think it leaves you with many more questions that you didn’t even knew you wanted then it gave you answers to the ONE question left last time.

Its trying to build up tension but at the same time defuses most of the panic over Sanji.

For the vast majority of the chapter I felt like screaming at Nami and the rest of them to just get on with it and tell us what happened, there seemed to be a lot of beating around the bushes or else someone interrupting for the maximum dramatic tension.

Tension that was defused by :

1. Starting us off at a feast where everyone was happy and eating – Luffy wouldn’t be doing that if Sanji was dead/in danger

2. Getting told that Sanji had left a note before whatever it was he did, therefore defusing the situation completely of any drama.

3. Having the majority of characters disinterested in the story and messing about.

In the end you were left with bits and pieces of how Nami and Co escaped Big Mom (all rather jumbled up as well) and flashes of other things like Law returning to his crew and learning about the Princes and so on and so forth but not learning enough that you understand what is going on.

I kind of hoped that I was just reading the whole chapter wrong and the more I read it the more I’d see the point of it but it felt like something that just didn’t deserve its own chapter. You kind of felt like it would be a throw away three or four lines at the beginning of a chapter REALLY telling you what happened.

Which basically means it was just there. You read it and then thought and?

Its job I guess is therefore to make us crave whatever explanation we’re going to get in the next chapter more. If that was its job then its done it well as I can’t wait for the chapter tomorrow. I was rather disappointed though. Nice to see Brook again, I don’t think the throw away line about him being the body that the Minks told the Strawhats to go find was translated well. Never mind.

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