What makes YOUR Doctor THE Doctor?

Doctor Who has been going for over 50 years now and the one reason its been able to stay on our TV screens is its ability to change it up every now and again. Not only do new villains, new aliens, new planets and new companions come and go but so does the Doctor, his personality and even the interior of the TARDIS and the sonic screwdriver.

But what makes your Doctor THE Doctor in your eyes?!

Personally my Doctor is Eleven. He wasn’t my first Doctor, he obviously won’t be the last but to me he WAS the Doctor.

I loved how alien he always seemed, he looked at the world like everything was new to him. At the same time though you looked into his eyes and saw the suffering he’d been through. Matt Smith was able to portray the oldest Doctor (to that point) whilst being the youngest of them all, he made me feel like he was really a time traveler with over 900 years of experience.

Eleven also could change very suddenly. He could do big shouty speeches, he could mutter quietly to you in such a hateful way, he could tell you he’s about to kill you with a smile on his face and at all times he just sounded like the Doctor.

The eccentric hand movements and the way that he looked at the world and people. It all just shouted Doctor to me.

Now not everyone see’s him in that light and obviously everyone has their own Doctor. So the question is what makes YOUR Doctor THE Doctor?

Is the first Doctor you watched your Doctor? Or is there something else about him that makes him your Doctor?

Every time I enter a discussion about it people pull up different qualities and personality quirks to determine their Doctor so what little things does your Doctor do that makes him so Doctor-ish?

Is there even a template for THE Doctor? Would a template of Doctor-ish things ruin the future of the Doctor?

12 different men have portrayed him in 12 different ways (well more then 12 if you count all the people to ever play the Doctor!) yet we all agree very much on all of them BEING the Doctor so there must be something other then being cast and called the Doctor in a show called Doctor Who? It wouldn’t have lasted so long if there wasn’t something!


4 thoughts on “What makes YOUR Doctor THE Doctor?”

  1. The hair!

    OK so seriously. My Doctor (THE Doctor) is Sixie!

    He wasn’t the first Doctor I watched, in fact I didn’t really see any of his episodes till me mid-teens as you tended to only get Three, Four and Five shown on UKTV Gold, or at least my grandparents, mum and my darn luck only put it on when there was one of those three on. Growing up I loved Four, naturally, but after watching a lot more from all the Doctors he’s nowhere near the top of the list any more.

    So why Sixie?

    I’m not sure really. For me I liked his confidence, I liked how he knew he was the smartest person in the room but I also liked how that fell apart on him as he went for the most logical thing but forgot to factor in the “human” elements that could effect it. I didn’t find him cold I found him unable to engage without a certain amount of anxiety towards people, he treated them coldly not because he was cold but because he wanted to keep them at arms length. I wouldn’t say anything I thought of as Doctor-ish really was brought out in him though he was great at speeches! I just loved him and Peri and I love reading about them two too!

    I don’t think there is a guideline about how to be the Doctor and there shouldn’t be but that doesn’t stop people from cheery picking one scene here or there from Doctors past and comparing them to each other.

    For me the Doctor becomes the Doctor (just not MY Doctor) when they take their first real stand. I did have a “THATS the Doctor” moment for Capaldi last year, can’t quite remember when though (not that the moment wasn’t great I have a terrible memory) but I know that I had goosebumps the moment Matt walked through the projection of his other faces. I think all Doctors need to make themselves different and do something different and the only commonality they should hold to each other is being the same person therefore having the same shared history and to a point memories. Some of the best episodes are when the Doctor has to fight against his own urges to be the man he WANTS to be, he gave himself the name The Doctor to help people, that doesn’t mean that is the sole purpose of him in stories. Time Lords have been shown time and time again to be just as imperfect as humans.

    I think that is all I have to say 🙂 so SIXIE RULES!!!!

    1. Interesting! I’ve always felt online that Sixie was rather unloved though recently I’ve seen many more people Cosplaying as him and being generally nicer about his time as the Doctor! I think a lot of it is down to the Big Finish stories though, I haven’t heard any of them!

      I think you are right in what you say. All the Doctors are vastly different people. I mean you can’t really get much more different then Hartnell to Troughton! (Or Trought to Pertwee!) and they were the original regeneration! So right from the start of the show we have two vastly different Doctors who both manage to be the Doctor.

      You could say its just down to us having to believe he’s the Doctor. He’s written as being the Doctor. I know some people say they don’t see this person or that person as being a real Doctor but I never have felt that way and for some strange reason that I can’t figure out I find them all Doctorish.

      They aren’t all kind, in fact all of them have really unkind moments, they aren’t all good, in fact some of them can be downright nasty, they aren’t all out for the greater good and sometimes fail on the fact that they have a God complex. They might save people but they also don’t save everyone, they can’t save everyone and sometimes they don’t even know the names of the people they’ve left behind. Look at the fate of some of the companions! One of them is DEAD! It isn’t like he’s the beacon of hope and calm that some fans make him out to be, in fact Moffatt even has had that as a theme running through his seasons with people already knowing who the Doctor is and thinking of him as a great warrior not a healer.

      Time Lords seem to be pompous regardless and the Doctor is no exception. He’s not that much different from the world he “ran away” from in the first place.

      Yet people seem to think there are a set of rules that make him the Doctor. If you had enough time you’d probably find out that every single Doctor from Hartnell to Capaldi will fail at that list in one episode or another.

      I also never see anyone state that all Doctors should be like the original Doctor. Hartnell was the first so surely THE Doctor and the qualities every Doctor should have should come from Hartnell?!

      1. So grumpy old man who hits cavemen over the heads with rocks it is?!

        I agree fully with what you say.Though I think they all have done one thing right. They are all eccentric in their way, they are strange. All of them have been eccentric and strange. They manage to get over the air of being from somewhere else and they all like to let us know that they know more then we do but also forget that the majority of the time they are talking about and to humans who never act/react the way they think we should.

        With One it was just his attitude, I couldn’t describe to you what I meant because it was all in the way he moved and talked. With Two it was his prancing and comedy. Three his velvet suits and his speeches on why he hates war and shooting things. Four… Well Four was Tom Baker. Five is a bit harder but the dude had celery on his cricket whites, I mean who admits to liking cricket and then pins celery to his clothes!? Six is Six. Seven had that kind of mischievous little pixie thing going on. Eight had a terrible movie and the hair was enough to class him as eccentric (I’ve seen them movie twice…. Never again) Nine was much more normal but it was more in the dialogue. Ten and Eleven were much more aimed I think to show Geeks in a better light showing that both had a Geeky side to them. Their eccentricities were in their clothing (Eleven) and their actions. Twelve is having a midlife crisis.

        Though reading that back it makes no sense so ignore me….

  2. I haven’t seen much of One or Two.

    Three had his Judo/Karate thing going on. Plus the clothing. He was also the one that was stuck on Earth so a lot of his stories ended with him fighting for science over military.

    Four as you said was Tom “You have a Woman’s hands” Baker (I love that line!) and everything from the scarf, the jelly babies and his ability to just be crazy at any given second.

    Five was pretty much a normal guy. Yeah he had a strange bit of celery and I don’t get why he was wearing a cricket outfit but for the majority of his stories he was like some kind of superhero (British superhero naturally, like James Bond without the sex appeal.)

    Six was very shouty and again had his outfit. He was much more pompous then the others.

    Seven I haven’t seen much of but yeah I’d say he had a mischievous little look most of the time that I can remember.

    Eight was pretty normal I thought, I’ve seen the movie more then you but I can’t say I can really remember it that well. I try to block anything with Eric Roberts out of my head.

    Nine didn’t really do much I’d say was eccentric, but he only had one season and I only remember parts of it.

    Ten was the cool guy but in being the cool guy he was also a massive dork. It was all in his look and the way he spoke. I always thought 10s era was more like CBBC does Doctor Who.

    Eleven had his outfit, stupid dance, obsession with hats and the fact he couldn’t stop moving his hands. As I said I found him the most alien in all ways.

    Twelve as you said seems to have been having a midlife crisis. Sonic Glasses are so midlife crisis.

    Thats kind of what sticks out for me for all of them and they are all so different. I wouldn’t say that all their outfits were that out there and plus we have to factor in the decades they were filmed in. I also don’t actually see what the problem with Sixies outfit really was, yes it was a bit eccentric but I always thought it looked rather dashing.

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