Plymouth Wrestling Association : November Nightmare

After the fun of last month it was never in doubt that we were going to be coming to see PWA’s November show. This time out I put on my brand new New Day t-shirt, got enough money out of my bank to buy myself a Lionhearts t-shirt (which I changed into during the interval… A little bit because I had a minor nosebleed and got a little bit of blood over my New Day one) and went to see my favourite wrestlers in the world.

Max Alexander & Grayson Reeves vs Jason King & Mark Walsh (The Elite)
Winners : The Elite

A great opening match, everyone knows I love my tag teams and these two were pretty great.

Jason King is one of the most hilarious guys I’ve ever seen (I will also be saying this later on about PJ Jones) and his squeaky little voice punctuated the match perfectly every three to four seconds. His reactions to everything were hilarious and his constant claim of having “got this” sounded more like he was trying to convince himself then us.

Alexander and Reeves took the early part of the match with some really fast team work and a lot of good tags keeping Mark Walsh cornered, it took some dirty double teaming from Walsh and King to get the momentum to swing but when it did it stayed with them two.

I really felt the star power of the match came from Mark, no matter what he was doing you felt drawn to him. It was very easy to support The Elite who had bags of charisma. That isn’t to say Alexander and Reeves were terrible but you just got drawn in by Walsh and King was so funny that you just never felt like Alexander and Reeves would win, if they did you’d have felt slightly underwhelmed, which is strange because the early part of the match and their work as a team was something to be seen.

Perfect way to start off the night though.


Krieger vs John Harding
Winner : John Harding (DQ)

The match was a re-match of last months bout, Johnny Sicko had vacated the championship and left the company so both Harding and Krieger were left to fight over who got the vacated belt.

There is always something about Krieger, probably because he’s so tall and has one of those kinds of beards, that makes me think he’s going to kill someone. Funny fact, I saw a photo of Erick Rowan online the other day and it took me a good minute to realise it was Erick Rowan and not Krieger!

John tried to, right off the bell, take Krieger down with some fast moving action. Its the way to go with a giant, keep him moving and run rings around him. Unfortunately it lasted for only a few moments before Krieger completely took control of the match. Out of the three times I’ve seen Krieger it was possibly the best I’ve seen him. He dominated and he made it look easy.

Again anyone who reads anything I write about wrestling knows that I like big guys that make it look good, its why I detest (or did detest) Baron Corbin and why I love Titus O’Neil. Krieger is getting there, he lets his personality shine through (has Baron Corbin managed to buy a personality yet? I haven’t watched NXT since Brooklyn) and when he’s being cocky in the ring it works. But he backs that up with some good wrestling.

There wasn’t much to say about John during the match which was a shame, the last chokeslam looking insane move from the top rope seemed to hurt Harding and I hope he’s OK, he was down and Krieger got impatient, putting his hands on the ref and ignoring his warnings and therefore getting Disqualified (today they announced that after last night he won’t get to fight Harding again whilst Harding holds the championship!) it was kind of a sad ending but let Krieger carry on with the bad guy stuff (my mum cheered so hard when he chokeslammed the ref and was upset he didn’t chokeslam the other ref and the ring announcer as well! )

Another great match between the two though, great match for Krieger, can’t wait to see what the both go on to do now seeing they are no longer going to be allowed to fight each other.


Josh Knott & PJ Jones & UK Dominator vs Eddie Ryan & Joel Redman
Winners : Josh Knott & PJ Jones & UK Dominator

OK so pre-match rambling from me. PJ Jones and Eddie Ryan are my favs. I was so happy to see them wrestling against each other. Never heard of Joel Redman before tonight and was sad that Eddie’s tag team partner wasn’t there. I had by now brought my Lionhearts t-shirt but due to not wanting to stand up after my friend brought it back for me to go and put it on it was currently residing in my bag. Apparently I have a extremely gormless look on my face every time Eddie Ryan steps out to wrestle and my friend thought I was going to cry.

Officially in any kind of top 5 favourite wrestlers in the world right now Eddie Ryan is in that top 5 (and no that isn’t me saying he’s number 5 he’s probably third after Barrett and Sheamus… Or second if you count the boyfriends as one.)

The match took forever and a day to get started as it took Knott, Jones and the UK Dominator forever to even get into the ring. I literally have about 50 photos of them BEFORE the UK Dominator even gave us his little speech (and man do I love his little speeches!) There were many Right Said Fred chants (directed at the UK Dominator), Loser chants (directed at the WINNER PJ Jones) and sadly fat chants (directed at Josh Knott.) This is also when we learnt that it would also be a three against two match.

By this time I was dead from laughter as all three of these were hilarious. The whole attempt at them coming to the ring and giving this speech was hilarious, I’ve already wrote more about this match and I haven’t even gotten started on the action!

If I’m honest I wasn’t really impressed with Redman, I know its shocking. He wasn’t bad but I didn’t think he was better then Ryan and obviously when he was in the ring Eddie wasn’t which made me sad. I did, as announced on Instagram, fall in love with Eddie Ryan’s boots but I kind of wanted to see them in action a little more. Yes I get that my bias is showing, I kind of love that man though and can never get enough of his wrestling.

Redman took control of most of the match which really played on the comedy aspect. Knott was a good sport getting some flack for being a bit podgy (I feel bad saying that seeing compared to him I look like Jabba the hut) but he reacted brilliantly to everything that was thrown at him. PJ Jones and the UK Dominator were their usual selves. Again like the other match though even when Redman and (very rarely) Ryan were in charge of the match (which was a great majority of it) you kind of felt like you just KNEW that the others were going to win and the amount of fun you had boo-ing or cheering them you kind of just wanted them to win anyway. I loved the unique tag between Jones and the Dominator when Jones hugged his legs and the ref classed it as a tag, and still the throw into a kick to the private areas by Jones and the Dominator is the best double team move ever even though it happened to poor Eddie and I did nearly cry when it happened.

It was very funny.



I gave Ros my last £5 to go and get her picture taken with Redman and Ryan. I’m impressed with how brave she was, I wouldn’t in my life be able to go anywhere near Eddie Ryan yet she, even with the same social anxiety as me, jumped into the ring for a photo like it didn’t bother her at all. I’m now so jelly of her as she got to stand next to Eddie Ryan. To be honest though my friend Ros has a pretty piss poor life, her family take advantage of her a little bit and I like to treat her, I pay for her to come to see the wrestling (she’s never seen any American wrestling and only has ever seen PWA and Pride Promotions) and I didn’t mind treating her. Next time though she’s going to have to steal Eddie Ryan’s boots for me.

In the interval I changed into my Lionhearts t-shirt as I had a small nose problem. When I got back my chair had been moved so I was sat at a funny angle and didn’t realise till the wrestling started again when I didn’t want to move it just in case I whacked the guy behind me with the chair, and my anxiety started to play up. So it was good that I could hardly see any of the next match really….

JD Knight vs Justin Sysum
Winner : JD Knight

Honestly I didn’t see a whole lot of it. I managed to be sat at such a angle that Sysum’s cape (which is nowhere near as cool as Eddie Ryan’s) was completely in my way. From what I did see it was a very technical match, JD Knights voice came echoing from the mat a lot as he told people to shut up as JD Suck chants continued.

The last couple moments of the match I got to see as someone took the cape off the ring ropes and it was mainly all Knight really.

Unfortunately I didn’t really see much of it to comment on it. Sad times.


Tyler Hawke vs Danny Walsh(c)
Winner : Danny Walsh


There are no words to describe how amazing this match was.

This time for GOOD reason I didn’t see a whole lot of the action. The good reason was half the crowd were on their feet and the action took place on the floor and not really in the ring.

They threw everything into the match. Danny kicked ass but he got just as much back from Hawke who had won the right to face him last month. Hawke had his manager at ring side meaning that most of the time Danny was facing two people instead of one but it was just amazing. Even the shitty tables weren’t too bad.

Hawke gave some bloody hard blows to Danny with chairs, a baking tray and a wet weather sign. I don’t actually know what happened to the first table, they seemed to just push Danny though it (like literally Danny was on top of it and they just pushed down and it collapsed) but it was just great.

Personally I loved the ref who kept screaming at them “it doesn’t have to be this way” which was highly amusing to me.

The last little segment in the corner with Hawke going to put Danny through another table from the corner was great and a brilliant show of strength from Danny to pick Hawke up and put him through the table instead.

No word of a lie the conversation all the way home for me and my mum was basically that there was no way that the WWE Title match at Survivor Series was going to even touch what we’d just seen (and it didn’t…..)

It was just a phenomenal match all round. Danny gave a little speech afterwards and wished everyone a happy holidays and that was it.


Final Thoughts :

There will never be enough Eddie Ryan in my life from this day forward. I will never take off my Lionhearts t-shirt other then to wash it.

With my Eddie Ryan fan girl hat firmly tucked away until next time (is he going to the Pride Promotions show in December? Because I am. I have loved Rhyno since I was like tiny but if Eddie is there I might not notice that Rhyno is there at all!) I only have this to say.

There is nothing better then supporting your local wrestling company, no word of a lie these guys shine every single time I see them wrestle. They put everything into it and deserve the love they get from the crowd. I plan on going to every PWA show next year (health allowing) and I can not recommend them highly enough.

I felt very ill emotionally and in general on Sunday morning coming after a really bad Saturday were I spent most of the day asleep or crying about the smallest of things (mainly in Fallout) and the most heartbreaking thought of all was that I might not make it to the wrestling. Somehow I managed to grit my teeth and within seconds of walking into the venue it was like I hadn’t been ill at all. They are the friendliest people I have ever seen and the wrestlers are just better then you’ll ever imagine.

And none of that made any sense whatsoever. I apologise. They are awesome though, they have a great roster and a brilliant champion. You should come to Plymouth just to see them. Everyone come to Plymouth. Don’t worry about our “sights to see” or any of that garbage, come to Plymouth and see a PWA show.

Their next event is in January and this is the link to the event page :

As always follow them on….

Twitter : @PlymWrestling
Facebook :  Plymouth Wrestling Association 

I am going to change up their section a little in the next day or so. I will now leave you with the best of the worst of my photos (I promised not to post more photos of PJ Jones and Eddie Ryan on Instagram, nothing about on here…)

A final apology for the rambling. I don’t know why today I am finding it hard to find words to match the craziness inside my head.

7 thoughts on “Plymouth Wrestling Association : November Nightmare”

  1. I showed Pete the article yesterday when I visited him and he wanted me to let you know that he was very happy that you seem to be having a good time going to see them and when he gets out of hospital he wants a full report over Skype.

    He also said as long as he doesn’t have problems getting the all clear to travel next year he’d like to come and see a show. Though whether with his latest operation he’ll be cleared to fly on such a long flight is dodgy at best. Will keep you updated though and he can’t wait to read about the next event you go to.

    Plus your photos are better then anything I take when we go to our local event (I say local its not really) and there is only ever about three people in the audience so its nice to see UK Wrestling getting a good amount of support. I’ll speak to you on Skype later today (I have a client to talk to in about a hour and will be online in about three hours.)

    1. Tell Pete its all thanks to him badgering me to go! I wouldn’t have found the inner strength to go to a event if it hadn’t been for him! Hope he’s better! Tell him at this rate he won’t have any stomach left 😦 .

      They deserve the support they get, they always put on a good show and all the wrestlers there are great guys. Its only a small venue but its usually pretty packed and everyone has a great time! It was a standing ovation for the main event and well deserved too!

      How do you not have a local wrestling show? You live in Canada?! I thought Canada was just full of wrestlers?!?! I thought you were a wrestler! (Its a joke… Its a joke. I know you are a lawyer… Don’t sue me for slander!)

      I’m going to another event on December 6th, not PWA and its up in Exeter (not that you know where that is) Rhyno is going to be there as it Eddie Ryan and the UK Dominator apparently! Looking forward to it! The next PWA event is in January then in February I’m going to see both the companies again (in Plymouth) and the other one has a great line up! I’ll tell you who is there when we Skype! Though I’m trying to get Amanda down for it too!

      1. He doesn’t have much of a stomach left but I think seeing he always has problems with his stomach he’s happy with that.

        Its just that the place we’re in right now is a little small. We used to go wrestling all the time back in Detroit, haven’t been more then three or four times since moving out this way. Not sure if its where we are or Pete being ill all the time, that never stopped him back then though. He only really has wrestling in his life to be honest.

    2. I keep saying I should go down and see it and I’m only in Manchester! If you manage to make it to a show from Canada before me I probably should just give up.

      I also like her photos 🙂 even the blurry ones! Though they do seem to be biased, just a little bit. I mean I counted just how many in the album are of each individual wrestler and I think I’ve found her three, shall we say, favourites.

      Seeing I’ve seen Anna’s new top ten fav current wrestlers (and Cesaro was missed out?!) and Eddie Ryan, PJ Jones and the UK Dominator are all in the top ten I really need to see them soon, I’ve got my OH keeping me informed of any events their name pops up in that we can go see as I want to see for myself if they are as good as she says or if she’s just biased to boots.

      1. Well it is and isn’t a bias really. At the end of the day to declare oneself a fan of something fills you with a bias but to become a fan of a wrestler said wrestler has to do something to deserve that support.

        For example if I was going purely on the wrestling content I’ve seen in the year, even though through the TV I’ve seen 100s more matches with Barrett/Sheamus the quality of said matches would probably have them below Eddie Ryan who I’ve only seen wrestle four times but each time I watch him you just don’t take your eyes off him.

        Its the difference between WWE (TNA and the rest) and things like the small British Indie companies though.

        For example Barrett and Sheamus have been two of my favourites for years and years. They are two great wrestlers but more then anything they ENTERTAIN me. WWE is kind of a 50/50 thing, you don’t really get the time or the swing of fate sometimes to have fans base their like/dislike of you purely on your wrestling and as Cesaro proves if you can’t match up your wrestling skills with your mic skills then higher ups won’t care how damned popular your in ring capabilities are they just won’t use you. I think with Sheamus winning the title at SS you can see that WWE know they can relay on Sheamus to entertain and get over whichever way he needs to on the 50/50 balance. Sheamus is funny, his heel is funny, he could go real serious though. In ring its all business and I LOVE watching Sheamus wrestle.

        In contrast I have NEVER heard Eddie Ryan speak. I don’t know what he sounds like. I don’t know if he’s interesting or if he’d send me to sleep like Roman Reigns does. He doesn’t come down to the ring and talk, he doesn’t scream or really do anything other then come down and wrestle. Yet in the ring he’s better then most of the wrestling you’ll see on TV and usually steals the show. I mean for other promotions he might cut a promo or two, I’ve never gone looking to find out, but personally he’s jumped to just behind two very entertaining guys purely on his wrestling ability because I know shit all about the rest of the guy.

        It isn’t that the indies can’t have a slight split but for example Krieger (who also popped into my updated top 10 current wrestlers) could come down and give a 10 minute speech on how he’s going to crush John Harding and blah blah blah. He could be good at it or he could be bad at it but PWA can’t manipulate a match the way WWE does if you watch it at home, it can’t play with the fans the same way as something like WWE does so if Krieger had come down, gobbed off and then had a piss poor match (like the Wyatts tend to) he wouldn’t have gotten over and the match would have been a let down.

        Again The UK Dominator I’ve seen probably four times this year (I think he’s been at all the shows!) and yeah twice he’s got on the mic and he’s hilarious but if he then had a poor showing in the ring it didn’t matter about the speeches beforehand because when you are watching live with no commentators and no long spin from week in week out promos/storylining etc the promos don’t matter.

        If I went to the October show and all they did was talk and had poor matches I wouldn’t have gone to the November show pure and simple. With WWE if they don’t entertain me over three hours for RAW I won’t tune into SmackDown – but it usually has little to do with wrestling content whereas with PWA it is ALL to do with the wrestling.

        I don’t know if I really had a point other then I really wanted to combat anyone thinking I just had a biased view on certain people. Unlike other “sports” I think your favourite line up of wrestlers can change quite a lot when it comes to the American televised stuff because (taking Reigns as a example) you only get to see a heavily censored version of THAT wrestler that the company wants you to see. They’ll manipulate it to sell t-shirts and get bums on seats but most of them have a loyal following anyway. Personally I’m a huge Ambrose/Reigns fan but that amount of wrestling per match I see week in and out from them has dwindled during the year. When it comes to things like PWA you’ll respect them that little bit more because they put that extra content into the matches because they don’t have the big stage to perform on so it doesn’t matter if they are weak at promos and stuff as long as they put on a good match people are going to want to see them.

        Its why my Survivor Series blog and my RAW one is sat in my drafts yet I’ve been texting my friends non-stop about the November Nightmare show (still) as well as getting hyped for the Pride Promotions Christmas show next week I’m going to see (my train tickets arrived today!)

        I am completely biased towards Eddie Ryan’s ring gear but any biased to him as a wrestler is simply down to the fact that he is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen. Period. I grew up on wrestling, my mum was a fan before I was born so I watched it as a little kid, I went to wrestling shows when I was younger (I’ve seen the Bushwhackers live so there!) I love wrestling and I can’t remember any wrestler either from British wrestling or American wrestling that I’ve enjoyed watching more then Ryan.

        Well…. Owen Hart naturally who was the clincer on making me a lifetime fan.

        And Danny Walsh who I’ve seen in one less show then Ryan this year, who had a brilliant match against Ryan in April and who along with Tyler Hawke stole the night wrestling wise during this one.

        But now I’m not sure I’ve made my point at all so I’ll give up and leave you with that rant.

        1. No I think I understand what you are saying. I know you know I was joking and that you wanted to get that through thanks to fans in the past claiming you were blinded by bias whilst writing about F1. So don’t worry!

          I think it is a interesting way to look at it.

          I guess my question for you (and Alexx and Pete) is as you’ve been to see TNA live and live indie shows does a show like TNA come across as good live as it does on the TV?

          You say about the promos and stuff but do you in the crowd see the backstage stuff when they film or do you just see the wrestling? And does it feel as short and lackluster as it can come across on TV?

          Plus I am so behind you on the favourites being easy to change compared to other things. It isn’t even down to whether they are good guys or bad guys, if the company decides that they are going to corner one wrestler into a corner its easy to go off said wrestler even though you know its not their fault and like how (we learnt first hand) fandom can sometimes zap your love for something it can become the defining moment. I guess with the indies they have it easier as they aren’t being stylised into what they think will sell and get to focus on the wrestling?

          I always enjoy your rants 🙂 used to love them on the Bruno Senna website! As I said I remember some of the headbutting you got on there and the forum so understand why its important for you to butt it in the head (I also remember dear little Chris and his hatred for you for daring to not like Paige!!!!)

          1. Hahaha I think it was Chris that makes me slightly touchy when it comes to being called biased when talking about wrestling! The F1 stuff was different because they were coming to a Bruno Senna website hoping for reviews that talked about how wonderful THEIR driver was. I was writing about Bruno Senna so the reviews were skewered in nature towards his race though I was always fair (specially come the end when fandom had made me start to dislike supporting Bruno!)

            I guess the only point I’m trying to make is that unlike WWE blogs when I review the local companies I go to see you really are reviewing wrestling content over everything else. Guys like the UK Dominator, PJ Jones and Jason King are all really funny and sure I love watching them half because they make me laugh (man UK Dominator and PJ Jones are a joy to watch before they even get into the ring! Let alone when they GET into the ring!) but mainly because like ALL the guys it just feels they put so much passion into it. Something you don’t always see on telly for a number of reasons.

            That isn’t to say if I went to a event and was disappointed with something I wouldn’t say so, as you know I would! Hell I can be the biggest critic of people I support! The most heartbreaking F1 moments I’ve had is when I’ve been pissed off at Fisichella for something that was his fault! Its why I get wound up by F1 fans who want to paint their favs as whiter then white because its natural for sometimes people to make mistakes or do wrong things.

            As for your questions I don’t really have a answer! I’ve only seen TNA live once and I think they taped two Impact episodes during the taping. I remember a lot of in ring promos which bored me to hell, I remember a few OKish matches, I remember sitting behind two seven foot tall Germans and being hit in the face by James Storms hat and having someone snatch it out of my hand as I searched for a tissue to stop the bleeding! I remember being pissed off at the meet and great and not even watching the shows on TV (in fact the shows just before that were the last shows I watched with any real love for the company) so I’m not sure Im the best person to answer that! Pete probably is the best as he used to travel to see TNA whenever he could! Then again it was a lot of Hulk Hogan and Gareth Bischoff…………. It was back in like 2012 or something haha!

            You’ve mentioned Bruno too many times in one post though Amanda, I’m sad now because I’m remembering all the good times.Remember when I did the “Off Season Special News” every weekend? The Strictly Come Dancing News section was brilliant! I did love that website. Sad times remembering it. It is very different though, you can love a wrestler and they drop up and down your list depending on when you saw them last and their overall impact on TV etc. For F1 you kind of like someone for one reason or don’t but the person you see is the person they are.

            Now if there was someone I was ever biased about it was Fisichella. I still think he’s the greatest driver never to win a F1 Championship! Him or Mark Webber! With wrestling I kind of have a shelf of favourite wrestlers of all time (Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Billy Kidman, The Hurricane and Chris Jericho) and then a ever changing top ten.

            I am hardly the kind of person that would not say I disliked something if I disliked it though!

            Still not sure what my point is!

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