RAW 9/11/15 Review

With breaking news and being not live from Manchester England its time for a very sad RAW.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Roman Reigns vs The Big Show

Kevin Owens vs Titus O’Neil

Becky Lynch vs Paige

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

Natalya vs Naomi
Winner : NATALYA

Sheamus vs Cesaro
Winner : SHEAMUS

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze

The New Day vs The Usos & Neville
Winners : NEW DAY

Triple H / Roman Reigns

So Triple H comes down to not only acknowledge Seth as a great champion (Thank You Rollins chants make me sad) but to announce what will be coming next. A tournament for the championship belt. He then called down Roman to tell him to sell out and be the next face of The Authority.

For me I thought it was a poor choice. Just after Seth’s injury it just made little sense. It was boring and it would have been more interesting if Triple H went “hunting” for a new Face instead of offering it to Roman right there.

Roman Reigns vs The Big Show
Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

The match was the ever typical Reigns/Show match. Big Show squished Reigns whilst the audience took their time to do other things… Like sleep… Chant Boring…. Eat… And generally make no noise whatsoever.

Roman Reigns isn’t a small guy and The Big Show isn’t some monster any more that we are meant to believe no one can beat so why the hell all Roman’s matches…. Actually why the hell are Romans matches ALWAYS about him coming back from a beat down to win it? Couldn’t we have had a really short match against them? A Superman Punch (hiss) and a spear before Hunter is even up the ramp, three count and he’s on his way? Instead is was continuous beat down.

The most exciting part of the match was watching the Mexican Wave.

Kevin Owens

I love Kevin Owens, I love his whole “your stupid because you worship the Monarchy” thing which was funny specially because the number of Canadians I know that like the Queen more then me and are consistantley shocked when I declare I want the Monachary to be disbanded is very high.

Kevin Owens vs Titus O’Neil
Kevin Owens wins by pin fall

The match was really good, I felt like they could have done something a little different here and when O’Neil had the upper hand to have him win the match instead.

It was a great match for Titus as we don’t really get to see him as a singles wrestler any more but like Cesaro and a few others he’s good enough to be main eventing and just needs to be pushed, not that I’d like to see the Prime Time Players split up of course.

The thing with Owens is that you can literally run into the pop up Powerbomb at any point in the match and it kind of felt like a bit of a anti-climax to see him win from it. A interesting pair up though.


Nothing interesting was said other then to call Becky a rat.

Becky Lynch vs Paige
Becky Lynch wins by pin fall

Well they started by grabbing hold of each others heads and rolling around together. I don’t get why Michael Cole is so surprised by the betrayal of Paige it was Alicia or Summer Rae who refused to join her in her “revolution” because all she does is stab people in the back. That was WHY Team PCB was created by Stephanie McMahon BECAUSE no one trusted Paige. It was always going to be the way the whole thing ended.

Becky had the early part of the match in her hands before playing it close to the ropes and being able to grab hold of the ropes to stop both the three count off of the Rampaige and her even getting the PTO locked in.

A quick roll up and a grab of the shorts and Becky gets a three count just to be beaten up and have the PTO hooked into her on the announce table.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler win by pin fall

A interesting match. Miz went straight for Dolph but neither were able to take control of the match early on both being able to scout out moves. Obviously Miz worked on the leg that Ziggler has a giant bullseye on. I was pretty impressed with Dolph hopping around the place for the majority of the match.

I think this match kind of proved that the audience can help make a match. I thought the match was really good, well paced and fun but the audience was dead and I found myself a lot of the time trying to read a thread about Doctor Who and playing a game on my phone because it felt… Unimportant.

In the end I think it was the wrong decision, a super kick out of nowhere gave him a three count but the match had been the Miz’s and again it would of been more interesting to see him advance then Ziggler who is limping about the place. I guess we’re meant to be exited at the prospect of possibly having Breeze vs Ziggler? Like Breeze will beat Ambrose.

Alberto Del Rio / Zeb Colter

I couldn’t help but laugh at everything they said. It kind of all was true other then the fact I’d say from experience the world hate American’s more then the English, Scotland voted to STAY with us and there is nothing wrong with women STILL choosing not to shave their armpits (or any part of themselves) or use deodarant!

I love these two. Its hilarious.

Natalya vs Naomi
Natalya wins by pin fall

I know that Nattie is using the We Want Sasha chants to make her point but I really am getting fed up of We Want Sasha chants from everyone whilst other Divas are working.

It wasn’t a bad match and I’m really happy to see Nattie getting some good matches AND getting to beat up everyone. Again though the audience kind of took me out of it. They didn’t seem to care or know who they were cheering for. Nattie gets the pin but after the match she gets triple teamed. Sadly she was booed whilst putting the sharpshooter on Sasha but then it wasn’t like Sasha was cheered putting her in the bank statement either… It was strange.

Sheamus vs Cesaro
Cesaro wins by pin fall

OMG I’d heard rumours that Sheamus and Barrett had fallen out or their team were splitting up but Sheamus and Barrett came down to the ring together all cheerful and hugging each other. THE BROMANCE CONTINUES!!!!!

The match was the best of the night, mainly because I’m completely biased when it comes to all three of these guys. Sheamus used his brute strength to get the upper hand the whole match long, there were flutters here and there from Cesaro as he used his athleticism and speed to his advantage but there was always a stomp, or a slap, or a punch, or a clothesline waiting for him. Honestly though this is the kind of Cesaro we need to see more of because its too often the case now that we just see him upper cutting people and not enough of his fast paced, cruiserrweight-esque manuvours.

A move over the top rope looked like it could have very easily injured both of them in real life let alone as a part of the story, seeing this tournament is being held BECAUSE of a injury it kind of made me cringe.

I really loved the reverse of the Brogue into the Sharpshooter. I really love the use of the Sharpshooter by Cesaro.

In fact there are a lot of reversals and so on that I just think were perfect from Cesaro. Sending Sheamus to the top rope before drop kicking him? These are the moments that made fans fall in love with him he’s just awesome.

Sheamus and Barrett gobbing off to Wayne Rooney is the most hilarious thing in the world, the fact that the slap completely grounded Barrett was even more funny, poor Sheamus getting distracted by his boyfriend being beaten up.

Kind of annoyed that is the way that the match ended but still these two are cute as hell.

Sad for Cesaro though as who really believes that Cesaro is going to beat Roman?

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze
Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

Before the match we get a quick interview with Breeze where he called Renee ugly. The horrible thing is no one ever believes that Dean Ambrose OR Roman Reigns WON’T advance, come off it Survivor Series title match Dean vs Roman? Yeah I don’t see any shocks happening here.

The match was really fun, I liked that we saw Breeze getting to show off a little bit but I always felt like there was little point to it as it was obvious that Ambrose was going to go through. As such it was just another match that I didn’t spend much time or effort in watching. Which is strange as a fan of both Ambrose and Breeze.

New Day vs The Usos & Neville
New Day win by pin fall

I am no fan of the Usos and their return hasn’t filled me with the joy that it has the others. The match felt all over the place and I couldn’t really enjoy it. Also I’m confused as hell as what Xavier Woods is? I mean when he DOES get involved in matches like this he tends to be in the match for a short while, doesn’t really do anything then rolls out to play the trombone some more.

Big E, Kofi and Neville carried the match which wasn’t really anything special.

It also was rather strange how Neville did a over the top wipe out move that only really effected the Usos. I mean he landed on Jimmy and Jay and not New Day.

A real strange match.

The Wyatt Family

Bray has been in his element recently and it was great to see yet another strong performance from him. The funny thing is I don’t actually listen to a word he says most of the time but its impressive just HEARING him speak.

The difference this time is that Kane and the Undertaker came down and took care of business as it were. I’m not sure whether I’m happy with that ending to RAW or not.

My Thoughts :

I’m actually writing my thoughts a week after it happened due to buying Fallout 4 and losing track of everything else.

From memory though I can tell you that it had such promise and then I realised that it was just a longer winded way to make sure that either Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose becomes champion.

I can see it going either way, one of them turning on the other or just having a good match and one becoming a little bitter at the other beating them or just have a match and walk off with the championship.

I felt like there was no need for the Reigns/Hunter bit and the tournament would have been served better not to have it at all.

One reason Fallout 4 become a top priority wasn’t because it was Fallout it was because by the midway point I was a bit bored. Still they left a few of the better segments to the end so it wasn’t all bad.

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