One Punch Man : The Ultimate Disciple

Episode 7

“Shikō no Deshi” (至高の弟子)

I’m proud of Saitama for starting to make a name for himself, everyone around him is still oblivious to just how strong he is though which is hilarious in itself.

What did I say in the last review?

In this episode a meteor is about to hit and only three Class S heroes show up to do anything. Bang, who basically shows up to tell Genos to evacuate, Genos himself and Metal Knight who sent a drone just to test a weapon.

Safe to say the three of them do nothing other then to make pretty displays in the sky. Its up to Saitama, who didn’t get the call and therefore appeared just as the meteor was about to hit, to smash the thing up causing devastation to the City but meaning no one died and the whole of City Z and the surrounding Cities weren’t destroyed.

What happened next was a little different from what I thought would happen.

People were annoyed but they didn’t go out of their way to throw accusations or things around until Tank Top Tiger calls in his brother Tank Top Black Hole. They call Saitama a cheater and starts planting seeds of doubt it peoples heads as Saitama’s rank has gone up to Class C 5 but beating him up won’t do anything for the Tank Top brothers. Like all good mobs its Tank Top Black Holes big mouth and the fact he won’t let Saitama react to what he’s saying that gets the crowd going, not happy with just that they go in for the final humiliation of beating up Saitama just to be beaten soundly and Saitama losing his cool with the people.

I’m kind of upset with how he reacted to the dude about the car. I liked the whole “I do this for me” speech because that is what he does and its good he points that out but I kind of wanted him to point out to the guy who complained about him destroying his new car that cars come and go but he’s still alive thanks to Saitama.

Just as his speech was getting good Genos tells him its home time and Saitama gives up and carries on home.

I mean normal people don’t really know how strong Saitama is, its why its easy to listen to the Tank Top brothers, they weren’t there and didn’t know what had happened or realise that if it wasn’t for Saitama destroying the meteor they would all be dead, they didn’t see the Class S ranked heroes fail.

The rank increase was interesting and it’ll be interesting to see if they skip him past Rank B or A at any point, Genos was saying that if it hadn’t been for the fact that there were three Rank S heroes there and it was easy to think they might have something to do with it then he would have jumped to Rank S so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes for Saitama.

I was so angry at the Tank Top brothers. One was bad enough, two is terrible.


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