One Punch Man : The Terrifying City

Episode 6

“Saikyō no Toshi” (最恐の都市)

Saitama and Genos are now both heroes. Saitama a Class C and Genos a Class S.

How will both react to their new found jobs?

Well… Badly.

Saitama’s inability to listen means he didn’t realise that if he didn’t do SOMETHING within 7 days he’d be dropped entirely, therefore he ends up running around town for two days upsetting people before taking down Sonic who shows up and causes havok in the belief that he can beat Saitama.

It was a funny start to the beginning of the show.

The second half was extremely light on both Saitama and Genos instead following Class A Heroes Golden Ball and Spring Moustachio. They are there to discover if the rumours of strong monsters living in City Zs “Ghost Town” are real and stumble upon a seaweedy monster who just arrived to see if the rumours of strong Monsters living there was true himself.

Unfortunately the Seaweed monster overpowers Golden Ball and Spring Moustachio but then wanders into Saitama who had forgotten to pick up Seaweed in his shopping so defeats the monster not because his life was in danger but to…. eat it….

The damage caused by his punch and the “defeat” of the monster leaves the Heroes agency wondering what kind of monsters actually live in the Ghost Town whilst at all times completely oblivious of Saitama and his ability.

I do love how Saitama is slowly going up the ranks of Class C and not really impressing the people he’s meant to be impressing when he’s probably the best hero there is. Its funny. Its a great way of doing it as well. I mean his ability is boring as hell if you think about it so having him BORED of lack of challenges and then having to work his way up to be a top class hero because he’s a bit thick is great. Then again the power of his attacks and the amount of damage he causes he’s not going to endear himself to people in my opinion, there is something real about the reactions of all the people to the “heroes” and I don’t think they’d be so happy to see Saitama destroy buildings even to save them.

The Avengers did that a little bit but I feel One Punch Man will make it brilliant.

The episode was great, I love meeting new heroes because they are all so stupid. Tank Top Tiger? Spring Moustachio? I like how anyone with either brains or brawn can become a hero without second thoughts.

Watching Saitama improve his rank every week is what I’m looking forward to!

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