The Walking Dead : Always Accountable

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead the focus goes to the three people who continued to walk the majority of the horde of Walkers away from Alexandria after they got split up.

Yes this means a Daryl heavy episode which made my family of Daryl’s extremely happy.

The thing is I liked and didn’t like the episode.

Or put it this way, it was another pretty slow episode and I found it difficult to concentrate on it because it bored me quite immensely. I never really cared for the people who captured Daryl, not because they captured him because once again that means nothing but because they just didn’t feel like real characters.

The stuff with Sasha and Abraham was interesting but also strange. I mean these are three of my favourite characters and three of the best actors(actress) that the show have. For me to then turn around and say I don’t know how to take the episode is strange.

Focusing on Sasha and Abraham, its interesting to see these two working their problems out together. They both have a lot of pent up anger inside them and it isn’t surprising to see that they both make sense to each other. I’m not sure about the flirting and hope its more of a joke then anything else because I like Rosita and Abraham has never, to me, come across as a jerk (unless I’ve missed something.) Its always interesting to see them two because more then anyone else they very obviously suffer from PTSD, they both seem to hide their true feelings and latch on easily, both of them had some really shitty things happen to them last season (or in general) and because they are strong characters were just meant to get over it (I mean the other characters expected them to) and then got slapped down when it got too much for them.

Its a bond that was very obviously going to appear. It kind of felt too wordy for them though. I don’t even know what I mean by that but they very much are like a Carol/Daryl Rick/Michonne type of pairing (not ship pairing just understanding each other pairing.)

Then we go to Daryl and I just don’t know really.

It had nothing to do with the character who was his usual brilliant self, it once again shows just how far the character has come from someone who doesn’t really fit in to someone who is so invested on making a “family” and keeping them safe. All the way to the end he kind of understands their motives and even at one point asks the guy the “questions” in the hope to take them with him. Unfortunately they then steal his crossbow and his bike so he won’t be very happy next time he sees them. IF he sees them.

Like a few episodes this season though it just felt slow. It plodded along at its own speed not really telling us much, not really developing a story or giving us some character development. It was just there. It happened. Now its over. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are all on their way back to Alexandria (though there was a call for help on the radio so they might not make it back) and it felt like a whole episode of things that we DIDN’T need to see. Daryl could show up back at Alexandria, explain his bike got stolen and it would have been a question that we never really needed to see the answer to. Heck it would be a question we got the answer too just never needed to see the boring story of.

The thing is I liked the episode and I’ve strangely loved the season as well so even though I find it ploddy it must be doing something right!


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