WoW Diary Entry #3 : Interaction is kind of a bitch!

I promised a big panic attack about joining Guilds and so on so beware! Gobirella gets panicky about invitations and being in crowds.

Don’t worry it also has a load of hand waving away what we’ve been doing in the last week but it’ll mainly be about interaction.

So what have we done?

First off back to Darkmoon. I finally went to the Tauren Cheiftains concert, on my own obviously, and it was actually quite fun. I learnt that typing in /dance made me dance… I knew that already but I had to relearn it myself and it was quite fun to see Gobirella rock out whilst watching a rock band. There were plenty of other players who came over as the band started and rocked out as well. It was good fun, I’m happy I made the decision to go on my own! It was fun. Next time I’m going to have a friend to go with.

Gobirella has been on a levelling and Quest finishing spree. We spent pretty much 12 hours on WoW on Saturday just going around doing the quests that we had filling up our quest log. It wasn’t a particularly fun day but it got the most important things out of the way. We’d actually maxed out our quest log at one point, I did not know that we could only have 25 quests on at a time, I seemed to have picked up a load for no real reason and was just running around picking up more. Add to that the fact that if you start a quest during a event you can’t finish it after the event but it’ll remain in your quest log and I spent a good deal of the day running towards people who had disappeared a week prior to me finishing the quest.

I managed to get out to Ashenvale though this time out which is pretty. The reason I mention this is because I started the “Gorat’s Vengance” quest by finding his dying body and wanted to give people a heads up. When you take his blood back to camp and they do their voodoo bring back to life for a small period magic stuff on it the quest pointer just takes you to the middle of a lake where the quest ends. If you go to the middle of the lake then walk off to the left of that area (West) then you’ll get to a clearing with his body and he’ll walk you there. I spent a load of time just sat in the middle trying to figure out what was going on.

I got a whole host of achievements during the day including one for exploring the Northern Barrens, one for doing 75 quests within the Northern Barrens and one for doing 250 quests overall.

Plus I started collecting pets. I already have a few but since playing Gobirella haven’t really done anything with them. I managed to catch a Roach and a Rat. Yep. Success! I also got a few achievements unlocked for them too.

The most important part of the day (well not just the day because I played over the week too) was getting up to level 23. After learning how to fish the fishing was more important then the rest of the game so I must admit to being below where I thought I’d be right now because I ignored the rest of the game to fish away to my hearts content. I do still like to sit and fish for a good 10 – 20 minutes whenever I come across a body of water. Even if I’m sat fishing in the middle of a place where people are running around trying to finish off quests… It isn’t my fault I just like to fish! I apologise to everyone!

Then on to the panicking.

At level 20 you can join a Guild and whilst running around you’ll get random invites, sometimes just the invite, sometimes with a Whisper telling you about the Guild. The thing is how do you choose?

I really want to join a Guild. That is the big thing for me. I really honestly want to be part of a Guild, a friendly one that doesn’t pressurize people into doing things… So a social Guild. I’m not really that good at anything, I mean you’ll learn very fast that no matter how long I play WoW or any other game I just never get much better then a newbie. I’ve only done about five or six dungeon runs in my life and each time felt like the most stressful thing I’d ever done. I did join a Guild which was semi-Social the last time I played it but they’d have moments when they were busy and talking and then most of the time no one was talking.

My big goal for this year on WoW is to make friends and the first start for that would be joining a Guild but you don’t know what you are getting before you join it so how do you make a split decision? People say you can just Whisper back whoever invited you but what do you say? “Oh by the way I’m terrible at everything even though I’ve played the game on and off for about three or four years… I just want a social Guild so I can get to know people but I also have the big problem that I possibly won’t ever talk because I’m anxious anyway…”

People have told me online gaming is the best place to meet people if you are nervous because its all on the computer and you don’t have to talk to them face to face. Its the same with Amanda telling me to stream because I don’t have to worry about talking to people, and Vlogs and the same. So why do I still feel anxious about it all? When someone challenges me to a duel why do I decline and run off in fear that they might want to talk to me or I might do something wrong? When someone asks to team up why do I decline and run off because what if they realise I’m shit?

Battling anxiety is bad enough in real life but when you then carry that over to something like a online game where you should in theory be able to turn off the social anxiety part of your brain and just imagine you are talking to a bunch of NPC’s and go from there its horrible. I don’t get how people think that its easy to make friends or meet people on these games.

Back to Guilds I was once told never to join Guilds just to leave them if you don’t like them is that right? Do people actually know if you join a Guild and leave it because it wasn’t right for you? I know people take everything about the game really seriously at times but I would love a more active version of the Guild I was in, I did start to get a little more interactive with them when they were busy but I’d love to be like the people I met in them. They were all friends, they talked to each other outside of the game, they followed each other on Twitter and talked all over the place.

So how do I do this? How do I find a Guild right for me?

Next week we’ll be talking about dungeons, raids and the unknown that comes with them. This week the questions are all about how do you find a Guild? How do you interact with people? Is there any way that you can point out that you don’t know what you are doing but want to be as helpful as you can without people thinking you are a idiot?

All comments and help are appreciated! Just leave me a message in the comments!


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