SmackDown 5/11/15 Review

I really enjoyed RAW this week so its up to SmackDown to keep the good feelings going.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Alberto Del Rio vs Neville

The Ascenion vs The Usos
Winners : THE USOS

The Wyatts vs PTP & Lucha Dragons

King Barrett vs Ryback
Winner : RYBACK

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka
Winner : NATALYA

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

Alberto Del Rio / Zeb Colter

We get a speech on how haters aren’t allowed in the new and greatest nation, MexAmerica, and learn that they are going to eradicate hate.

King is right this is confusing but happy confusing!

Alberto Del Rio vs Neville
Alberto Del Rio wins by pin fall

Didn’t these two fight each other the other week? Why not someone new?!

Del Rio took control of the match early on once more stopping Neville from upping the tempo.

Neville is one of those guys who appeared and had so much fan interest in him yet they let it die a death and now just have nothing to do with him. He got a few big moves on Del Rio but was always stopped in his tracks.

In then end it was the double stomp in the corner that put Neville out.  Why do people even lift their bodies in that way knowing Del Rio is going to stomp you. Hold yourself against the corner and he has nothing to stomp.

After the match he decides to put Neville in his arm breaker just got Swagger to come and stare him down. A confusing end to a boring match and the fans gave a uninterested boo when Swagger,  in full wrestling gear to-boot, did fuck all.

The Ascension vs The Usos
The Usos win by pin fall

I must be the only person that doesn’t find the Usos interesting whatsoever?

Why the hell did Viktor stand there and let Jimmy dance? What makes the Usos so interesting that Booker wants us to believe they are the most exciting tag team ever?  The Ascension has both better team work and just better matches in general. The most exciting thing the Usos have is their entrance and even then that annoys me too!

The Ascension grounded Jimmy. When the hot tag got to Jay the normal Usos fare began.

I would like to point out I’ve always felt the reason the Usos are so popular is PURELY because when they debut they were one of the only tag teams we had. The Lucha Dragons are much more exciting, The Ascension can be much more interesting. New Day dance much better. The Euro Ultras are much better looking. Everything the Usos had going for them there are teams doing it much better now.

I’m sorry. I sulked through the match.

The Wyatt Family vs The Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons
The Wyatt Family win by surviving


I’m sorry but just why?

You see this is the stupid stuff that I don’t get with WWE. Out of ALL the guys they have and ALL the things they could do with their talent their big Survivor Series styled match for SmackDown pits the “unstoppable” (only to people not named Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose) Wyatt Family against two tag teams, two tag teams that aren’t even a “threat” in the tag team world at the moment and one that we have hardly seen for weeks and kind of just completely disappeared off the face of the earth after losing their titles. The only guy in the match that would look good fighting the Wyatts is Titus. That is it.

Titus and Darren work well together to keep Harper in their corner before Strowman gets involved distracting Darren long enough for Harper to get a tag to Bray who kind of hit and run to remind the audience he does also wrestle but to make sure he doesn’t actually have to fight anyone. I was happy to hear Booker talk highly about Harper.

It ended up being a count out for the first elimination.

ELIMINATED : Darren Young (Count out)

Next up is Titus to be beaten down.

I actually lost interest in the match in the next part. There was a lot of The Wyatts taking complete control of the match and the next thing I know the Lucha Dragons are in the ring and we’re meant to believe that Luke Harper doesn’t just pick both up in one arm and snap them in half? Sometimes David vs Golaith works. Sometimes it really shouldn’t be attempted. As a Harper fan don’t give me that shit. Thankfully it lasted seconds.

ELIMINATED : Sin Cara (Pin fall)

Kalisto didn’t have a chance. He ran right into Harper. He reversed one of Rowan’s moves into a DDT which was pretty impressive and managed to grab the ring ropes and send Rowan outside to hopefully get himself a tag but having all four members of the Wyatt family at ring side meant that Wyatt was able to orchestrate it so that Titus O’Neil was just once more put out by his family.

The ref didn’t even bother to keep control of the match after that as Kalisto cleared the ring of everyone except Strowman who just circled Titus, whilst that was going on the actual legal man came in and just ran over Kalisto.

ELIMINATED : Kalisto (Pin fall)

There isn’t even any point in Titus getting into the ring. From the moment you looked at the match you knew it was going to be a attempt to repair the damage that the feud with Roman did to the Wyatt’s. We’re told over and over that these four guys are unstoppable just for Roman and Dean to beat them all the time so now they had to come down and squash a few guys half their size and dominate a match full of people that fans love but also don’t care about at the moment because we’re never given a reason TO care as we know they are there to lose 90% of the time.

O’Neil did good. I love the PTP, I really love them but Titus should be main eventing, he’s way too good to be doing nothing and would be a great champion. He made beating up the Wyatts look so easy and you just wanted to be behind him.

Sister Abigail hits O’Neil for the three count.

ELIMINATED : Titus O’Neil (Pin fall)
SURVIVORS : The Wyatt Family

Dean Ambrose / Kevin Owens

You see when Ambrose starts talking its all happy times. Then he gets into the ring and its just the same old same old. Complete opposite of Kevin Owens who is always delightful.

King Barrett vs Ryback
Ryback wins by pin fall

So King Barrett now has more of his Kingly regalia with him and no Sheamus.

Barrett completely dominates off the bell in a attack that should probably see him DQ’d but doesn’t. Just when you think maybe WWE are going to make Barrett more aggressive and squash Ryback it doesn’t happen. The match was completely Barretts for quite a while. Then Ryback manages to reverse a headlock into a Shellshock and get a win.

What a ridiculous thing to have Barrett doing. Why are we even seeing Ryback winning? Its stupid. I’m angry.

Team BAD

I like Team BAD but surely this is the wrong person. Nattie has done everything other then trying to get attention. Out of the two people they could have been saying that to last week surely it would have been Paige?  I loved the jokey boss thing too. Love Team BAD. Always have.

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka
Natalya wins by pin fall

As you’d expect with Tamina being the “muscle” she dominated the match by stopping any momentum Nattie could muster. You also have to remember that there are two more distractions at ring side so whenever she did do anything someone was pawing at her feet or jumping up on the apron.

The match was actually really fun and if this is setting up for a secondary Divas story away from the championship I’ll be extremely happy.

After one of the most stupid looking attempts at a frog splash that saw Tamina land on her feet just to be kicked in the face by Nattie we got a surprise victory and a angry Team BAD.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens wins by DQ

The commentators did their best to big both Owens and Ambrose up. It was just a fight between the two best fighters in the business right now.

For me though the problem is we’re meant to believe that its hard to prepare for Ambrose because he doesn’t know what he’s doing so how will Owens be able to prepare for him? Well to be honest they are both much the same. The crazy “unpredictable” moves that used to define Ambrose’s style have now become so common that if Owens can’t prepare for them its his own problem. I wish the commentators would just shut up about all of that. Called the Lunatic Fringe because he’ll do anything to win after a pretty common move off the top rope? Its just silly and one thing that has slowly turned me off watching his matches (not him) during the year.

Their styles are pretty similar though and that is that they both do what they have to do to win. It never has to look pretty or conventional and they don’t have to live to anyone’s view of them they just do whatever needs to be done and it made for one of the most fun matches we’ve had for a while.

Owens wins the match after playing the victim to a boot to the stomach and the fight turned into a beat down on Owens until he could get away from a rather angry Ambrose. By far the best fight of the night.

My Thoughts :

I think there were a few problems here.

Number one is that they shouldn’t bother trying to put the Wyatt’s into Survivor Series styled matches in the lead up to Survivor Series, especially not on SmackDown and ESPECIALLY not up against teams like PTP/Lucha Dragons. This is where a team like Barrett/Sheamus come in useful, have Rowan/Harper taking out teams like PTP/Barrett&Sheamus/New Day etc but don’t give away what their strategy is going to look like when they GET to Survivor Series. It was a long old match, predictable and just slightly boring. It also takes away a lot of the mystery (not that there is a true mystery really) around them leading up to Survivor Series because you’ll see what they do as a team weekly being told “look how dominant they are” whilst trying to understand why no one realises that YES they SHOULD be dominant against men half their bloody size!

The good thing about this match was the majority of it was just Rowan/Harper and they two just work so well together. It really showed off how good Harper is, another guy they just don’t know what to do with but could be a huge help in plugging the hole at the top of the shows now that most of their major players are out injured.

I weep at the fall of Barrett. When he returned with just his crown, the cheerful attitude and then tagging with Sheamus I thought they actually had something going. I thought they’d stir it all up in the tag team division. No Sheamus this week, he brings more of his King Barrett get up to the ring and then dominates a match completely, showing why he should be main event or at least being taken seriously, then gets shell shocked out of nowhere to let a wrestler not even half as good in the ring or on the mic as him take the win to build momentum for what? What are they going to do with Ryback? His IC run was boring (not really his fault) his re-matches with Owens were lackluster so what the hell are they going to do with Ryback that has him beat someone like Barrett the way he did? There was NO fight back in the match it was a Shell shock and that was it. Please tell me Barrett/Sheamus isn’t over and please don’t tell me they are bringing Barrett back to full King Barrett?

Team BAD and Nattie were brilliant. Much better then anything the others are doing at the moment even if the reasons that Team BAD are after her make little sense. I just love Team BAD and I adore Nattie.

Overall it just felt about right. At the same time it just wasn’t that brilliant. SmackDown should be the show that highlights the secondary feuds leaving RAW to focus on the major feuds but more often then not SmackDown feels like a second thought. I guess this time it might have had something to do with people travelling to get to the European tour but it still felt like a complete and utter after thought which when its on the TV it shouldn’t because that is what the audience see. If they don’t feel like time and effort has been put into thinking up a decent show then they aren’t going to put the time and effort into watching it next week. There was nothing driving SmackDown this week. Then again it did have a great main event.


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