One Piece : At the Fort on the Right Belly

Chapter 806

We’ve all been sat waiting for the news on whether or not the Strawhats that split up from the Dressrosa crew are actually dead or not. Can we handle the truth?

For what its worth it looks like we’ll be drip fed everything.

The beginning of the chapter just worked towards getting the now two other separate groups joined back together whilst giving us a half hearted reason why Law’s group can’t join with him just yet. Half hearted in that I’m not sure why they can’t go just Beppo won’t go, I get that this is where he’s from and all that but I kind of wanted a true reunion. Thought if I read it correctly then maybe the Heart Pirates are just unwelcome to the Mink tribe so they need to stay with the Guardians?

With the help of the Mink Tribe Luffy and the rest get to meet up with two of their crew who are certainly not dead. Those two being Chopper and Nami and we’re left with them in tears apologising for whatever has happened to Sanji.

Yes you read it another week, another cliffhanger and this time its with Sanji’s name being thrown around.

In amongst all this we get to see a bit of what life is like on the back of the elephant as he floods himself, this is all alright though as the Mink tribe are used to it and have drainage systems in place so that they can use this water and the fish that come with it to life off of.

I do like that we always get to know more and more about the actual places we meet, it isn’t just about the people but you could write a whole book on the geology of the all the places we’ve been too. So much detail that you possibly would never have noticed before going into these. I mean if we never heard anything about what it is like to live on a back of a giant Elephant then we really would be missing out! I like how the “Volcanic” rain was basically just the elephant squirting water on his back twice a day. Nicely realistic and makes the place even more mysterious.

The reunion was short and sweet. There was only Nami and Chopper there so there are so many things that COULD have happened. The person we saw going to free Doffy was the guy that ravished the place so seeing that Sanji and co had Caesar with them it could all boil down to him. Chopper and Nami are looking really cool.

So Sanji?

Well my first reaction was WHY THE HELL YOU DO THAT TO SANJI?! Then I realised that so many things could have happened.

As I said he had Caesar and is part of the Strawhats so if Jack is involved then surely he could have been captured? You capture one of us we’ll take one of you? Then again we haven’t got Brook or Momo there either so it could be that they are captured. There was a flashback of someone being tortured, Sanji is the kind of guy that would take complete control of things so there is a possibility that he has been tortured to death. There were three crosses in the town centre so one of them could be Sanji.

I’m not sure how well it will work having the first Strawhat death “off screen” as it were.

Positivity though means that Sanji is alive and well.

Knowing One Piece he’s probably in a coma after having the nosebleed from hell after seeing the Minx tribe. I’m not sure whether I’ll be happy or pissed off if that were the case!

Who thinks Sanji is dead? What do you think happened to the other Strawhats here on the back of the Elephant?


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