Doctor Who : The Zygon Inversion

Last week we were left spellbound by a struggle between the Zygons and Humans for their places on Earth. This week the action comes to a head.

There feels like there is so much to talk about not only for this story but for the whole story as well.

I’m not sure how I felt about the ending of the story, the overall message I understood and thought was a great message, especially on Remembrance Weekend. At the same time I felt like they missed the most important part of that message.

We’ll start from the beginning though shall we?

I personally did not like any of the Clara stuff. I don’t get why Clara is so super powered, or at least I know people will point to Name of the Doctor and her splintering herself to why she’s so super powered as well as other occasions but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Slowly through the years she went from a normal person with normal reactions to what we have now. Someone who is just there. Nothing effects her, she always knows what is happening and she’s always right. Gone are the days where she’s so terrified of a Ice Warrior attacking that she has to be sang too for her to end a panic attack and here are the days where she just knows how to turn her mind off to a Zygon.

Jenna was brilliant throughout the episode keeping up the back and forth between her human and Zygon selves. Unfortunately I am past caring about Clara and her leaving is far overdue. With every smirk, smug come back and uncaring hand waving away of danger I hope the villain of the piece blasts her to smithereens. Bonnie came close a few times but never quite got there. Shame.

Osgood was brilliant though and I can not be the only person that when the Doctor asked her to join him on adventures in the TARDIS was screaming YES at the TV?

Just to be disappointed moments later not only by her saying no but with how easily it seems she forgives?

The story was all about forgiveness. The final nails of the story that the Zygon’s just want to be themselves were hammered home before the Doctor basically brings us back to where we started. In the Black Archive and him ranting about peace.

For a start I was really disappointed with the speech. As you can tell I didn’t watch the episode live so all I’d heard was that he’d had a speech and it was really good, I thought it was over acted and made him sound like a hypocritical asshole if I’m honest with you.

Again I got the message and I thought it was a good message.

My question is though why did the writer think it was the Doctors place to forgive Bonnie? Why was it the Doctors place to decide that Kate had her memory wiped but Bonnie didn’t?

The Doctor has put the Zygons on Earth, and yes they are working on peace, but more then once now they haven’t wanted peace and they have killed along the way yet Kate Stewart isn’t trusted to know the full details of (possibly 15 other times too) what happened and be peaceful EVEN THOUGH she was the FIRST to close the box AND the one that WASN’T a threat?

We were missing something in the episode that made you really care for the Zygons cause. You could have had one little thing. It came more down to me of someone screaming “I want to be part of your group but I don’t want to play by the rules therefore I’M GOING TO KILL YOUR GROUP!!!” then some sad story of abuse of a group of people that just wanted to be left alone. YES there were peaceful Zygons, I’m not lumping them all together, but the pain the Zygons AND humans went through THAT WE KNOW OF therefore what we can only make our mind up on, was down to Bonnie and her splinter group. No humans, not the majority of Zygons.

So why then was it the Doctors place to forgive Bonnie?

And why is he allowed to decide that because she, after finding out that the boxes were empty and harmless anyway, decided on peace she’s allowed to run off into the distance as Osgood III and eat ice cream?

One tiny little difference would have made the world of difference for me.

It should have been Kate.

It should have been Kate that told Bonnie she forgave her. It should have been Kate that told the Doctor to back off and let the humans and Zygons work it out. It should have been Kate that decided the only way forward was for Bonnie to work with UNIT to keep the peace.

I loved the episode, I loved how it made me think about these kind of things. Would I be decent enough to forgive someone like Bonnie? Could I be that good?

I just feel like taking that step out of the humans hands and in actual fact completely removing the event itself as well as that step from the human side is kind of against the whole point of the message. Surely the bond between the two would be stronger if Kate was in on the whole story?

Or does he hope to implant Clara, his beacon of wonder, into UNIT and have her teach the world proper peace the Doctors way?

You know the peace in which no matter how much he learns about the Daleks he still doesn’t seem to understand them? Or would in a blink of a eye kill the whole race? The Doctor isn’t perfect but he’s so uptight about everyone else being so perfect. The mother in Hungry Earth/Cold Blood? All his companions? Kate herself? He can’t really hold onto that belief that they should all be perfect, peace loving people when he lets mass murderers of a Zygon splinter group run off and have ice cream with no consequence whatsoever. All anyone now has to do is repent in front of him and they should be forgiven.

In fact they don’t even have to repent. Bonnie didn’t. She had no other choice. She didn’t ever really look like she would choose anything else there just wasn’t anything else to choose.

Still. Great episode.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who : The Zygon Inversion”

  1. You know that was my one thing too that the Doctor forgave Bonnie.

    I was just sat there listening to him thinking who cares who you forgive and don’t forgive? I wanted to hear Kate say it. In fact I’m fed up of episodes involving UNIT where the Doctor rants at them for being the “bad guys” for not living up to some stupid standard that not even HE lives up to. Its why I LOVE characters like Rory who doesn’t always listen to his BS. Rory always used to call him out on his shit, Clara used to.

    I wanted Kate to take charge, forgive Bonnie and move on together. Instead the Doctor told everyone to be better then himself and then wipes the memory of the one character who probably deserved to be part of this exclusive “club” he’s got running.

    1. The more I think about it the more I realise just how weak a episode it was! I was hoping for so much more from it but in the end it was all a bit soppy really! I watched about 10 minutes of last weeks episode and got bored! Not finished watching it yet to write the review! Haven’t even attempted this weeks.

      This season has been pretty dire!

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