Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck’s Revenge Part 2

So we’ve explored Scabb Island’s major village, we’ve stolen a load of things including hair and spit and we’ve been really cruel to the Mighty Cartographer Wally B. Feed.

The question now is are we a Mighty Pirate? Or just a Mighty Bully?

We’ll get to that question later in life.

There are a few places you can go now. Down to t’Swamp where you can ride the coffin over to the lair of the Voodoo lady who actually now quests you to go find something of the Thread, something of the Head, something of the Body and something of the Dead of Largo to make a Voodoo dolly. You can either hand over the stuff you have (toupee and spit) or just leave and do it in one go. There is no need to keep it though so might as well just hand it all over.

Next to t’Cemetary! Its the graves at the top of the hill you are heading for and the topmost grave is that of Marco Largo LeGrande. “The Good news is he’s dead. The bad news is he bred.” Don’t we just know it?!

So now not only do we steal from poor little Cartographers, go around stealing bodily fluid and toupees from bullies and just generally walk around picking up everyone’s stuff we are now grave robbers too. I guess Pirates really are the most despicable gits on the planet. We even get a lightening storm to make the point that hat we’re doing is creepy. “I’d swear on my grandfathers grave that something weird is going on” is a complete understatement from Largo.

Now the next bit took me a while to figure out. You see I’d missed the point that you got a bucket from the three idiots on their perch, or you do and you don’t. Its hanging under the one on the end, if you go and pick it up he’ll stop you. Either ask if its his (it isn’t so you just take it) or go through the long assed pleading (which is funny) then leave the conversation and do step one. Fill t’bucket with t’swamp mud and head back to t’room of Largo (I’ll stop with the t’ now) and make a trap for the frumpy git.

Its obvious ain’t it? We need his clothes! So go to his room and close the door which doesn’t shut properly, quickly use the bucket of swamp mud with the door and BAM when he walks in he gets a bucket of mud all over him.

Its funny how picking on a bully on a point-and-click game can make your week ain’t it? Well it ain’t over!

Follow him to the one place a mud soaked pirate would head for, the laundry ship, and watch as he has a wonderful conversation with Mad Marty (better him then me!) when he sods off you need to return to his bedroom and close his door as he’s put the ticket for his laundry on the door. Tadah! You have the key to his clothing. Go back to Mad Marty who gives you his laundry….

A lovely white bra!

It truly suits him. Honestly. It was only a few paragraphs ago I was calling him frumpy. Well yes. Frumpy. And now braless.

With all this done we can go make a Voodoo doll that looks like the fat, bald bully. Go back to Voodoo lady and give her the stuff.

You know I really honestly love the fact you have to row to the Voodoo shack, its a little touch that I think was wonderful, as is the Voodoo chant “Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who do we assassinate?”

Before you leave there is some string by the skull in the room with the coffin and you can attempt to pick up a jar of something on the back shelf but she won’t let you.

With Voodoo doll in hand we have to go back to the hotel room as it only works at close range so we need to be next to the little pain in the ass to use it.

“Stumpy little dimwitted toad.”

That is pretty much it for Largo and his Emargo. Just we can’t help bragging about being the one to defeat LeChuck and we end up losing LeChuck’s wiggling, living beard to Largo, who I might not have mentioned was LeChuck’s first mate or something. You automatically appear back with the Voodoo lady where I decided to be a wimp and tell her to kill me now but she doesn’t. Bitch. She instead gives you a book (and library overdue fee) on Big Whoop and tells you that finding Big Whoop is the ultimate protection against rottening, disgusting Pirates.

Some time later after walking about a bit and getting lost I found a stick on the beach and a box with Mad Marty.

BASICALLY you wanna make yourself a rat trap by opening the flap in the box, using the stick to prop it open, using the string on the stick and filling the box with cheese squiggles. Stand back, wait for the prey to hit the box and pull the string and there you go! You don’t really get a idea of what exactly is happening next so I was just wandering and clicking on everything when I figured out about the box and found the stick and remembered the rat it just kind of fell together for me.

Where is the best place to use a rat?

The only clue as to what to do next is one of the four pirates who took a piece of the map to Big Whoop was a cook and opened a restaurant on Scabb Island.

We have a bar, with a cook and a rat which never goes well with a kitchen.

Honestly it took a while for me to piece these pieces together but I got there. I got there.

After sticking the rat in (cold) soup you go back into the bar and ask for some soup and get the chef fired which gives you a job as cook AND 400 odd Pieces o’ Eight as well as free reign in the kitchen.
After this I had no idea what I was doing until I amazingly realised there was another part of the map that I hadn’t explored yet which was the Pennisula where Cap’n Dread lives. He’s the friend of the navigator from the game before, you know the shrunken head with the eyeballs. He won’t leave as he’s lost his lucky eyeball. I’m so happy I’m the Grand Thief of Scabb Island because you need to give him the monocle that we stole off poor Wally. After giving him your monocle and 20 Pieces o’Eight you get to charter his…. Ship?

This is where we end it once more for today.

Lets be honest here, Guybrush, who for some odd reason I want to call Rincewind, is a asshole. He goes about ruining people’s lives, stealing and being rude. He’s a proper Pirate. On the other hand you have LeChuck who we’ve not seen do too many terrible things other then fall in love and kidnap the woman of his dreams as well as upsetting the Local Cannibal population) but he’s the bad guy and we’re the good guy?

Well Guybrush will be lucky to get out of this one without looking like a bigger dick!

Sometimes with these games its frustrating to figure out exactly what it is that we’re meant to be doing. You just have to keep running about and hoping that you find the area you are meant to be going to and the items that you are meant to be picking up. Also like the first game it isn’t like the areas of the map are well documented so you are just weaving the mouse across the screen hoping against hope you find a part of the map you didn’t see before.

Either way next week we move away from Scabb Island! Where too no one knows!

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